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01. Guest Blogging 

  • Must Align with Color U Bold Categories (Business, Blogging, Photography, Personal Growth)
  • Must be at least 1,000-2,000 words and provide value.
  • Should never be a copy of someone else's work 
  • Should be an original that no one else has seen.
  • Avoid over self-promotion in the body of the text(1-2 Links minimum in body)
  • Include one photo of yourself and a brief description of what you do. (Website and Social Media Links in bio)
  • I'll provide the Pinterest image only

Guest blogging is not paid and guest blog posts are subject to the approval of the owner, Jasmine Hunt, founder of She Bold.

02. Want Me to Review a Product or Service or host a Giveaway.

  • Must align with my brand (blogging, business, photography, social media, self care, beauty, and style)
Accepting only paid sponsorships for the time and effort it takes to review, photograph, write, and promote your product.

    03. Custom Stock Photos for your brand or products

    • Email me with the type of package you would like (you can see the packages again here)
    • If you need a payment plan, please state that in your email so that I can create a payment plan that works for you :)
    Allow 48 hours to get back in touch with you and we can discuss the custom stock photo process.

      04. Personal Message just to say hi!

      • Send kind words to share how much you are loving the blog.
      • Questions about a particular blog posts.
      • Would like to collaborate on something epic.
      Please allow a week for follow ups

      Want to get in touch?

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