5 Ways to Build a Brand on a Budget

So miss lady, you have a business. First off kudos to you for making  that massive step to owning a business with amazing adventure filled with many ups and downs. I'm happy you are on this journey with me! Owning a business is hard work but I want you to be in on a little secret.

To make any business successful you have to have a consistent brand.

You've probably heard the term branding all of the place...heck you probably about sick of hearing it lol! It's not a ploy to get you to buy what people selling. It's actually something that you need to focus on. A well branded business will win in the long run. I'm mean look at Target, Brit & Co, Melyssa Griffin! These are all very different but very successful business!

Branding is your business, perceived by people. 

Branding includes but not limited to:
  • Logo
  • Website/Blog
  • Social Media
  • Imagery
  • Graphics
  • Personality
  • Emotion
  • etc.
When it comes to branding a lot of people get overwhelmed! They don't know where to start and eventually they stop loving their business and fall short of their victory. I don't want that to happen with you. I want you to keep striving.

Back in 2012 if I would have given up on my dreams and my passions I would not be where I am today. Living stress and debt free! I'm making over $2500/month from my Stock Photo Business alone and that doesn't include my Creative Market Shop or my services! 

Once I got the correct branding for my business, my business skyrocketed! Do I have to learn so much more to become more visible...of course I do. However, branding has made finding the ideal clients and the right customers a heck of a lot more easier. 

However I want to give you a little secret of mine...I branded on a budget girl! I've learned how to create graphics from scratch, I've learned how to take photos, I've learned how to create a logo and find the perfect fonts for them.  If I simply coudn't figure something out I bought it. I found low cost items like clip arts for this website, for instance, that was made exceptionally well! So I want to encourage you to learn but also realize that their are some amazing creatives out here that want to help you out on a budget...because remember these powerhouse's have to make money too. 

Here are my top 5 ways to Create a Brand...On A Budget!

1. Create Your Ideal Person

Before you can begin literally anything you have to know your purpose and who your purpose is for! Build your ideal customer or client! What I mean by this is create a semi-fictitious person that encompasses who you are creating for.  I even created a whole story to go along with this person. I thought about their age, their sex, where they were in their business, their personality, their skills, their fears, etc. It's not all about their demographics, however, focus on their aspirations, personality, and attitudes too! Doing so helps me to focus in on issues that is surrounding my person! What keeps my person up at night? What do they struggle with? How can I help alleviate that frustration for them so that they can succeed in life! 

Create Your Ideal Person fo Free!
If you need help with building your person, I have a freebie to help you build your ideal person in the resource library sign up for free and check out this article too! 

2. Create Your Brand's Mood Board

Creating a brand mood board you are able to visually see the persona you've created in your mind. I like to start with a mood board so that I can focus on how I want my brand to feel. What emotions do I want to give off. 

I go on pinterest and create a whole secret pinterest board that focus on  who I want to cater too, my brand's colors, logos I'm in love with, fonts that speak to my brand, textures, quotes (oooh I love quotes), plus personality, and emotion I want to give off to my ideal person. 

Once I finish my pinterest board, I take a break, like a whole day break. I need time for my mind to process it all. Is this really what I want my brand to be like. Do this make sense to my ideal person. The next day I come back and I take away images and add images that fit my brand ideally. Don't feel like you need to have it all figured out in a day. Give yourself time to create a phenomenal brand your customers and clients are in awe of!

Create Your Brand's Mood Board fo Free!
Pinterest is free miss lady and so is Canva! What's better head on over to this article where I give you an in depth look at how I crate brand mood boards!

3. Design Your Logo!

Fun fact ladies, I created both my websites logos in Canva! I did spend $1 for the graphic but ladies that's $1!!! I really thought about my ideal person, my brand mood board and then I just started! It wasn't cute at first lol! However, I took my time and I really looked through different graphics, looked back at my board and definitely made sure I wasn't a replica of someone else. I wanted mine to be different but yet so me. 

A Logo helps your brand become recognizable to your ideal person!

Even when I started back in 2012, I knew that logos was something that should be thought out. I wanted it to speak to my brand and I absolutely loved my branding back in the day!

When it comes to your logo, think about where you would be putting it. 
  • Business cards
  • website
  • graphics
  • clothing
  • books
  • letterheads
  • social media
5 years from now....
Where ever you see your business going think about how your logo would look! Now I know some of you may not feel comfortable doing a logo on your own so here is 3 amazing finds from Creative Market!

Create Your Brand's Logo fo less than $30!

Create a brand style Guide once you are finish with that using my FREE style guide!

4. Design Your Website

Now it's time to get down to the nitty gritty! If you want your customers and clients to find you easier, then creating a website or blog is an awesome way to go! Keep in mind your Brand's Style Guide you created above. This will help  you to keep everything in line with your vision! Make sure your colors, fonts, visuals, and personality is incorporated all over your brand. Don't be super professional in one area of your website if that is not you. Put your personality into everything that you do. The way I write is the way I talk. I'm from the southern parts of Virginia so I don't talk proper. I say what's on my mind and I tell it like it is. But my ideal person gets me and understands me and doesn't want me to sugar coat anything! We are on the same page!

Get images  fo free or for less than $30!
I have over 100 images that's in the free resource library that you can choose from! Plus their are so many more free image sites that you can choose from too! 

I can't go by without mentioning my She Bold Stock Membership ladies!

Save up and get these amazing brand kits complete with everything you need to brand consistently too!!!

5. Create an amazing Social Media Presence!

Go right back to your brand's style guide and make sure you are incorporating everything into your social media presence. Make sure that when you are creating graphics that they speak to your brand's message, are inline with your personality, colors, and vibe! I love Canva for this because they have awesome templates and I'm always encouraging people to take this route! 

Where is your ideal person, where do they usually hang out at? Then focus on making graphics and building a good rapport on those platforms only.

Create Your Brand's Graphics fo less than $30!
I have 3 amazing social media templates in my Creative Market Shop that will help you out for only $25 a piece or get those with your stock photos plus lead magnets and more in my Membership!

By taking these steps you are able to create a budget friendly Brand that is successful! 

That's why its so important for me to create products and services that help my fellow beginners out, these are people who I cater too. I created my ideal person with you in mind! I've been where you've been. I know the struggles and now that I have the skills I want to share them with you. 

Let me know in the comments: Are you in the process of creating a brand or have you already created your brand? Do you love it or do you think a re-brand is in order?


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