The Top 5 Ways to Make Money Blogging!

Blogging is not a get-rich-quick-skim! It takes time, patience, and passion. Do you have what it takes to do the work?

Chances are when you made your blog you wanted to make some moolah. If you didn't you wouldn't be on this blog post right?!

When I first started blogging, I blogged for fun. I didn't realize the benefits I could have attained if I really worked hard. However, now I own my own business and I do not have to stress about money like I used too. I'm able to get the things I want and be able to pay it off easily and quickly. Blogging has been a God send for me! That's why I want to let you in on some amazing ways to make money online with your blog.

The First things to always remember is....Building a fan base that love and respect you AND your work will always bring you the most success.

The rules of Blogging Life

Build your Portfolio attract your fan base

The  best thing to do when building a fan base that loves and respects is you, is to first build your portfolio. Your portfolio is your blog, your emails that you send out and your social media presence. Create content that fits with your niche and your audience. Always think about what your audience would want to see, what would help them. How can you be of service to them in a genuine way. You are building a relationship with them so keep your content content filled with your personality and your brand's vibe! Remember act as if you are talking with a good friend.

Never do anything you do not believe in

When ever you receive emails for sponsored posts or affiliate links make sure they ring true to what you believe in. I feel like honesty needs to be a key feature in anyone's core values for their brand. Choose wisely who you align yourself with when it comes to making money. Your peeps will see through that fairly quickly.

This is not going to be a Get-Rich-Quick-Scheme

Do not compare your success to others. You do not know how long someone actually worked until they seen money come through. Many of the upcoming success stories probably had multiple blogs that failed or went to school and had learned the techniques. Build your own success story, you got this!

5 Ways to Make Money online

1. Ads

A great starting place is ads.  When I first started I went through Google Adsense. Ad programs are great because they do the work for them.  I never been a fan of ads because of, ya know, aesthetics but they're are great ways to brand it to your own. Such as creating your own graphic for the ads. 

Quick Tip: Do not try to over-saturate your blog with tons of ads to avoid having a spammy website. I immediately click off if the first thing that pops up is an ad before I can actually learn something!  1 or 2 ads are good  to place on your side bar or underneath your post.

2. Affiliates

Another great way to earn money is affiliates. It's quite subtle and can easily be thrown into any blog posts or social media posts! I started off with Style Collective. Then I moved on to Amazon Associations. You can apply for both of them but remember you will have to get accepted before you can start earning money from them. You'll be surprised by how those small payouts add up. Remember to change out links from time to time. You wouldn't want to click on a link where the product is sold out would you!? ShareasaleClickbank, Commission Junction,  and CJ are great in between for affiliate programs. 

Other affiliate programs are for products you use yourself. Have you take a great course that you want to share with others? Loved a book from your favorite education blog? Part of an amazing membership that you want to shoot for the roof top! I'm a big fan of Creative Market (this is an affiliate link)and have bought some of my favorite illustrations from them as well as fonts and patterns! So I definitely had to become an affiliate as I'm always raving about them to begin with! I myself have an Affiliate program for my Stock Photo Membership where you can make up to 30% recurring commission from every sale that comes through your link! I'm always so happy when someone mentions a member that sent them my way. Partnering with other products that you love makes affiliate links seem less revolting to me! 

Quick tip: If you like a certain brand, google the brand's name plus "affiliate" to see if there is an affiliate program associated with them and see how you can sign up.

How affiliate links work: You can place links into blog articles or create a banner (sometimes they have their own banners) and place it on the side bar, footer, inline, etc. Make sure to leave a note at the bottom of any article stating they you used affiliate links in your blog posts and/or create a Terms and Conditions page if you have banners on your blog. 

3. Sponsored Posts

Thirdly we have sponsored posts! Unlike the other two you are giving a flat rate to review a product or service for a company. A great way to get started is to become part of a media company that helps find sponsored posts for you. Collective Bias was my first ever company I went through. You can also try Massive Sway or Pollinate. 

Quick Tip: If you want to work with a company directly, a simple pitch is all you need to get the ball rolling. Check out the post on cold emailing to help you get over your fear. Once you get your pitch down, emailing will become a breeze. You can also pitch via social media, however make sure you build sometime of relationship with them before going head first into the dms!

4. Products

The biggest way to make the most money without the middle man is to create products yourself! I love being able to share branding products like stock photos, graphics, and templates that help save time for my readers! 

Quick Tip: A great way to figure out what type of products to create is to simply look at what people in your niche is doing. No one has an original idea however people know how to make it their own! What's a product that can be improved on. How can you put your spin on it. What looks like something you would enjoy creating.What are you good at doing that can be created into a digital and even physical product?

5. Services

Another great way to monetize your blog without the middle man is by creating your own services! Are you good at teaching people, then you can focus on coaching. You could offer Virtual assistant to others to help them save time! What about web design or photography. For me, I have my own custom photography services where I help online entrepreneurs build a visual brand through photography and graphic design!

There will always be someone out their wanting help and you may well be the candidate that they choose to trust in. So build a reputation based on honesty and communication. The money will come when you are truly ready to receive it!

Alright girly! I sure hope this helped you out! I wanted to provide as much info as I can to help you out. Remember to focus on building a relationship through blogging, social media, and an email list first and foremost. The money will come as you gain that trust from others.

Do you have any questions on how to make money blogging? Let me know in the comments below!

Learn how to use affiliate marketing to your advantage in the next chapter of the blogging guide!

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