How to Create a Flatlay with only 5 Props!

Today I wanted to start a new series on the blog just to get back into blogging as well as get my creative juices running again! If you don't already know I launched my Stock Photography Website, She Bold Stock, this past month and I've gotten so many new members! My time was constantly over there while trying to transform this little piece of the internet too!

The Goal: 5 Props 5 Flatlays

So back to the topic at hand, the 5 prop challenge, this challenge was something that I thought about some months back but never really having the time to do. I wanted to try to play around with 5 props and see how many flatlays I could make from them. Ok, the goals was to go for 5 flatlays, you know 5 props, 5 flatlays. Super catchy right?!  Girl, uuuum, I kinda made 50 images! So you can just call this 5 Props 50 Flatlays­čśé

I couldn't believe how much I could do with a few backdrops and 5 props. Check out the process below!

Behind the Scenes

Planning Session

Thinking about the type of photos I wanted to make was important to finding the right props. I wanted props that was more on the feminine style.

  • First to match my branding 
  • Second because I haven't really done any really pretty feminine flatlays in a while!
So the first thing I had to think about when planning was what backdrops would look the best. I went with a white poster board, pink colorful paper that I can put together to create a backdrop, and marble contact paper! I was so excited when I seen this marble in walmart! Learn how to seriously up your flatlay game with these tips! 

Collecting the 5 Props

  1. I love a keyboard or laptop in flatlays because well it matches my brand and me. I'm always on my laptop. 
  2. Next I need my planner. I had just bought this planner and have been using it alot so uuuum definitely a must. Plus I love the saying on the front, hello me! It also has a cute white and black polka dot print on the inside...aka more ways to spice things up!
  3. A phone is essential and I know that it will work well in any flatlay. Plus I love using my phone as a mockup piece for flatlay images. It helps me to promote any new launches I may have.
  4. Flowers ahhh flowers are always a nice touch to any feminine flatlay. These are fake because for the life of me I can never find fresh flowers like this where I live! I always get so wary of using fake plants in my stock photos but I learned to place them in a way that they aren't the center piece and I can edit them to look real.
  5. Lastly, paper clips are a great way to fill in flatlays. So I had to get those. I decided to go with some black and some rose gold clips for versatility. Hey it's still 1 prop haha! 

Finding the perfect lighting

I don't have much lighting so it's either go out in the hot heat over direct light or go in front of my door in my family room where there's a fan and air-condition! I chose the later lol! In order to get even  light I use a white board and my white door. It's like my own little studio box lol. It creates even light and I don't have to worry about harsh light and shadows. If you want to learn more on creating bright photos check out this article!

Time to shoot

I used my Canon 70D camera to take these photos. I played around with the arrangements and switching up the backgrounds. If you want to learn more about creating flatlays check out this article! Here is 5 Flatlays that I created with my five props!

How do you think I did?! Head on over to the shop to see the other 50 images and if you are looking for feminine flatlays for your blog or social media go ahead and snag these up before they head into the membership!


  1. Oh my goodness! i love these tips. i am always trying to create flat lays and i feel that its the most difficult thing i have tried to accomplish! thank you so much for these tips!!!

  2. I really love these tips, because I am notoriously BAD at flat lays! I'd never seen anyone lay it out with such easy-to-follow tips before!

  3. Great tips! Lighting is the #1 issue and so different for everyone,, and the props are so perfect!

  4. I loved all the photography tips you have added here. Each tip is important and helpful to get great photos.