How to Deal with Comparison in Business

Have you ever wanted to be someone else or wanted to look like someones else? We have all wondered this thought at some point during our lives. We look in the magazines and see so many beautiful models displaying their equally perfect bodies, their long flowing lustrous locks, and their perfectly flawless skin. Everywhere we look we are comparing ourselves to other women.

Even in business you have to deal with the comparison game maybe even more so! So we are faced with the challenge of whether to continuing to think negative or change our mindsets so that we no longer have to deal with that look icky feeling.

You have to remember that everyone goes through this. Even successful women in your industry.  It happens and it's normal to feel that way. However, it comes a time when comparing yourself begins to be bad and here's how you will know.

How to know when the Comparison Game is getting to you!

  • When every time you see someone doing great things you get mad! This is not healthy. You should not be mad at others success, especially women. You've probably seen #womensupportingwomen over on Instagram. It's so important to root for women's success because for so long we did not have that opportunity.  
  • When you get completely down in the dumps when you see a certain girl on IG! Once again #womensupportingwomen, you need to look that up ladies! Getting mad is one thing, going into a full on depression over is another thing. You are not that woman, you don't know the struggles she's been through. You only see 20% of their life online. Take Kate Spade for example! It's so tragic to see such an amazing girl boss take her own life because she couldn't take life anymore. Don't allow that to be you and recognize that everyone is HUMAN. They go through alot of things that they don't put online. 
  • When it's stopping your own business growth. Girl, you can not allow other peoples success stop you from doing your own work. If anything that should push you to do even better, work even harder, and to not give up! Let that anxiety fuel you to work on your business. Tell yourself if she can do it, I can do it as well. However, recognize that you have your own journey and the growth of YOU BUSINESS is determined by what YOU put in and where the universe takes you.

Check out this Video where I dive a little deeper! 

Now it's time to do your part! 

It is so important for people...real people like me, like you, to go out and tell the world that everything isn't rainbows and butterflies. My favorite person to look up to is Allison Marshall from Wonderlass. She shares how long it had taken her to get to where she is today! Don't wait until you are successful to show people how far you've come. Tell us now, we need to here it now. So that people who is starting off don't feel this rush to get to a certain place at a certain time. Help them to see that running a successful business takes hard work and determination!

We are not supposed to be a duplicate copy of whoever  you are comparing yourself too! We were created to be just the way we are. God looked at you when he was done creating you, smiled, and said "This is my masterpiece, she is perfect." So go out into the world and show it what you are made of. Represent YOUR BRAND (which is yourself AND your business) in the best possible way. People will like you as you are.

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In the comments let me know what is one thing you are doing today to stop the comparison game!


  1. This is such a thoughtful post. I really love what you have to say here. You are right, society never tells us to appreciate our own bodies. It dictates what is in 'style' at the time and we are supposed to go out of our way to achieve it. It is ridiculous and really needs to stop. In the meantime, we have to keep reminding ourselves about our own beauty. Thanks for this post.

  2. Lovely post! I totally agree with you. We all are unique and shouldn't compare with others. You feel much happier when stop comparing.

    Jasmine x
    For a Real Woman
    So easy Spanish!

  3. Thank you for tackling this. Altho thinking about Kate spade wasn't a highlight I'd like to think about, judging ourselves against others isn't what God has meant for us. In Him we are totally complete, unique and useful. Just us, not in comparison to anyone.

  4. Love this post. This is something I totally struggle with. Personally, I find that I have to focus on my own business and not on other peoples in order to not get depresses. lol. I heard the advice once "don't compare your breakfast to other people's dinner'. You just never know what each person has been through or what it took to get where they are today. Great post!

  5. It is sometimes overwhelming to think we are only one person in a world population of billions, but we do have to remind ourselves that each one of us is unique in our own way. There will always be competition in any business, it is a better approach to admire other people who are leaders in their field and learn from them rather than to be jealous.

  6. This is what I've learned and shared frequently with my clients: While we're all human, if you determine what success looks like for yourself and know you own unique value, then it helps make it easier. It's Ok to see others as inspiration, trying to be the copy of someone else is much harder, it so much easier just to be you and shine in your own lane.