Secrets to Having your Post Go Viral!

You want the step by step formula to getting viral worthy post, so I'm giving it to ya!

I've had several post go viral on pinterest and I know the feeling of having posts not go viral and actually go cricket! So how does a post go viral? I'm here to share with you my secrets to creating shareworthy, no crickets, post go viral! Are you ready to create a viral blog post that will get people clicking, reading, and sharing? Let's get into it!

The first thing you have to realize is that blog post goes viral for several reasons
  1. It's unique yet captivating!
  2. It makes you feel like you can do anything!
  3. It solves a problem that no one else may have thought about.
But how exactly does this captivating post go viral, you may ask, well it comes down to the graphic that you use. It's no secret that imagery is everything online! We are visual human beings we need to see things before we click, before we want to hear more. If an image isn't cutting it no one is going to click on it. How does articles get shared, anyway?  Guest what, blog post  graphics is the key to your a blog post going viral! 

When I was first started blogging, I didn't see the importance of having it, and that was exactly why I was speaking to crickets for a good year! But once I started seeing the importance of imagery and good graphics those crickets was starting to go away and people was actually showing up! 

It's imperative that your blog post have gorgeous graphics to back up your awesome post!

Secret 1: Size Matters!

It's no secret in order to get your blog post shared you need to be on some kind of social media! What social media platforms do you use the most often? Where do posts often go viral? Ok, now that you know that you need to know what the size of your graphic should be. We don't need your awesome graphic being cut off because you have the wrong size. If you have the wrong size and no one is able to see the title of your post let alone how gorgeous your image is then they will immediately scroll on bye Feliciađź‘‹!

When sizing your images you have to realize that people are using various different types of electronics to look at social media. From different types of phones, to tablets, to desktop computers your graphic needs to look good on all electronics and on all social media platforms that you use! 

To always keep up to date with sizing check out this post.

Secret 2: Brand your graphics

Branding is so important even in your graphics. People want to see that your brand is consistant across all social media platforms as well as  your own blog or website. Your blog post graphic should always include your brand identity. So that includes:
  1. Your brand colors
  2. Your logo
  3. Your fonts
  4. Your branded photos
Everything from your colors, your logos, fonts, even down to your branded photos is important to create a branded graphic that is recognizable. Your photos need to stay on brand whether you take your own or use stock photos. They need to compliment your graphic and brand!

Ask yourself these questions? 

  1. What's your brands vibe? Is your brand bright and airy, or moody and dark? Are you incorporating that into your photos?
  2.  What's your brand's personality? Do you incorporate your brand colors in these photos? Is it fun and colorful? Or is it minimalist and modern?
  3. What's your brand's identity? Are your props making sense to your brand like florals, desktop accessories, and who is in your photos or not in your photos?
 All of that is imperative in branding your photos correctly. This is what is going to get the right audience that will love your brand and what you have to offer. 

Secret 3: Words Matter!

Now it's time to make your words known but before they click what the heck are you even talking about? Of course you have gorgeous images and you got your size right but if you don't have a headline to get people clicking then you are on your own buddy! Here's how you can capture people's attention to click straight away!

  1. Your title needs to make sense to your blog posts. Make sure it pertains to the article and it isn't a click bait type of headline...leave that for youtubers, ladies! 
  2. Your title needs to make people think! How can this post solve a problem? How can it make them question what they are doing it and how they can possibly make it better. 

Secret 4: Variety Counts!

You need a variety of different graphics for various different social media platforms.  You need to focus on 2 things when creating graphics.
  1. Where you are putting your graphics online? 
  2. How many graphics should you make for one social media platform?
Make sure you are branding your photos consistently when you are creating multiple different graphics. Focus on your brands color palette, fonts, and imagery in every graphic. Use high quality images like stock photos like the She Bold Stock Library to make it easy for you to share easily to your social media. 

When creating graphics not only create photos for each platform but create 2-3 photos to test out easy graphic to see which one works the best. Once you see which one works best keep that as your templates for now on!  Use different graphics to promote one blog post and that doesn't have to be overwhelming at all simply use templates to easily switch out titles, images, and colors to make it easy to create multiple share-worthy content with a single click! 

It only takes a few little secret tips to help a blog post go viral! I've seen it done several times in my own brand. I challenge you to try out these tips and let me know how they have helped you! 

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How to easily crate a viral blog posts
How to easily crate a viral blog posts

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  1. Totally agree that graphics matter so much! Need to get back in the habit of making them :)