The Morning Routine that will make you Successful?!

So I've been wanting to get better at having a morning routine! If you didn't know creating a good morning ritual can greatly increase your chances of having a more productive and happier day. These are statistics is just facts lol!

Speaking of morning routines I came across an article from Career Girl Daily, one of my most favorite websites to catch up on the latest in beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and career topics! It was called  The 24 Minute Morning Routine That Will Make You Successful. I'm down for anything that says that I can be successful in a small amount of time, shout out to my impatient entrepreneurs haha. So I decided to do a whole week of this morning routine to see just how it would make me feel! Did I get more things accomplished, was I more productive, let me share my week with you!

The Backstory

Ok so I work different shifts throughout the week 7-3 and 3-11 to be exact. So my sleep schedule is a little off but none the less I was determined to do the 24 minute morning routine.

Learn how to have a more successful day by using the 24 minute morning routine!

Working 7-3 with a 24 minute morning routine

6:00- 6:02 Waking up and brush my teeth
6:02-6:03- Drink some water
6:03-6:10- Meditate
6:10-6:15- Focus
6:15-6:22- Exercise
6:22-6:24- Stretch

Waking up at 6 is tough as it is but waking up and having to do a full morning routine could be really tough too. Well, at least I thought it would. However, I was wrong! This actually helped me get on up instead of staying in bed till the last minute like I always do. I felt so much more relaxed and ready to take on the rest of the day. I usually never really drink water in the morning so this forced me to drink some which helped me drink more water through out the day. 

When it comes to meditating, I usually never do it in the morning and must admit I've been slacking so this was so helpful for me to meditate every single day. It really has improved my focus and lessened my anxiety through out the week. I used the app calm to help me meditate. Normally I'm so in a rush during the morning, also because my butt decides to  sleep till the last minute. 

The time to focus on my intentions for the day was a struggle for me I must admit. I often have a hard time deciding whats most important to do during the day. So 5 minutes was just not enough time for me to figure out what I really needed to get done during the day. However, I do feel like it really did help me to 1. Write in my planner every day 2. Do at least one thing off of that list! 

Ahhh the old exercise for 7 minutes tip! I've been in much need of some exercise lately and this energized me for the start of the morning. Exercising for at least 7 minutes made me feel more accomplished during the day since I know I wasn't really going to get anymore exercise in for the day. Afterwards it was time to stretch and to be honest this was my favorite step! Stretching is really good to do in the morning. It works out all of the kinks in your body. I took the last 2 minutes to do a little yoga as I've been majorly slacking on it! 

Working 3-11 with a 24 minute morning routine

9:00- 9:01 Waking up and brush my teeth
9:02-9:03- Drink some water
9:03-9:10- Meditate
9:10-9:15- Focus
9:15-9:22- Exercise
9:22-9:24- Stretch

Waking up at my normal time, I know I need to get better at waking up earlier lol, really inspired me to actually get on up instead of laying in bed for another whole hour scrolling through instagram. Usually when I work 3-11 at my job I am more lazier during the morning times which is something I need to work on for sure, however by doing this morning routine I did feel more energized to move around.

My final thoughts

To be honest I really feel like this is something I want to continue! Last week although I wasn't feeling my ultimate best and I was exceptionally lazy some days by doing the 24 minute morning routine I did feel way more accomplished through out the day. Although I may not have gotten everything I wanted to do during the day done I did meditate, I did exercise, I did do some yoga and those are so important to me and my mental health. Yoga and meditation really has improved my mental state and this year I'm way more relaxed and have way less anxiety. By exercising just for 7 minutes I ate a lot better that week. I was mindful of what I was eating and I drunk a lot more water than I normally do. 

My goal is to continue to try out this Morning Routine because it's simple. It only takes less than 30 minutes a day to do and it helps you set the vibe for the rest of the day. I was a lot happier and my mind was at ease. 

In the Comments
Will you be trying out this morning routine, why or why not?
 Do you have a morning routine? 


  1. Im sooo not a morning person so this was super helpfull!

  2. I'm not a morning person at all so thinking about exercising is tough, haha. I do like when I get up a little earlier and am able to get some things done though!

  3. I give you so much credit for waking up early and getting your day going! I always feel so much better when I wake up earlier :)

  4. I love that you put a 24 minute time limit on it because now I'm actually tempted to try it! I feel like waking up and doing things that calm you, really do help you get ready for the day!

  5. This is such a good idea! I am great with waking up when my alarm goes off but getting out of bed is a whole other story lol

  6. Great idea! I'm so bad about waking up at the last minute and rushing to get out the door. Today I got up an hour and a half earlier and had some coffee, did some reading, and actually took my time getting ready. I feel so refreshed! So I'm definitely a believer. Awesome post :)

  7. Yyyaaaassssss....I do have a morning routine. It majorly consists of jogging for 30 minutes, 10 press-ups and 10 emptying of my bowels, before hitting the shower and getting to work. I do all of this in an hour and a half.

    Thanks for sharing.

  8. I used to be good about doing a morning routine. Lately I have been rolling out of the bed and going straight to my computer for an hour before I go to work. I have found that it is harder for me to get into my groove this way. When I start by doing a few yoga poses, I feel much different. Thank you for the schedule which shows me that I can get everything in there and have time to get some work done before it is time to go to bed.

  9. I KNOW I should have a morning routine, but it is something I have always struggled with. Your breakdown makes it seem so do-able! Thanks for sharing your routine.