How to Brand Your Photos for Your Blog and Social Media

Branding is the key to success in this digital world. It's the most authentic way to gain trust and credibility among your audience, potential customers, and clients. It's very easy nowadays to become like everyone else and blend in to the crowd and that is what we don't want for you! 

You deserve the success and I'm here to share with you my branding tips to help you brand your photos today so that you can stand out in the future! Let's get into!

Know Yourself

It's important to have a face behind the brand! This will differentiate you from every other brand that's out there. So show your personality. Get real, be vulnerable, share personal updates, behind the scenes projects, and for goodness sake show that personality! If you are bubbly add that to your brand. If you are conservative, show it! The people that you want to like your personality will be the very ones that will be your clients, customers, and audience if you showcase it.

Know your Audience

Speaking of your audience, do you know who your target audience is? If not, it will be very hard to brand your biz, blog, or social media because you are not catering to a certain audience. You can't relate to everyone, its a fact, and there is no way around it! So focus on the people that you want to attract. Check out this post on creating a niche and finding your audience!

Create a Brand Style

When you are finally clear on who you are and who you want to attract you can then move on over to creating your brand style! By keeping your personal branding and target audience in mind you can then create images that will cater to both sides. Come up with 3 adjective words that describe your brand and then head on over to pinterest and pick out images that cater to those three words. These will be the images that will define your stock photo search or photography style! If you need help with this I created a awesome post/video all about picking your brand colors which includes a mood board template, yes ma'am!

Be Goal Oriented

Always be purposeful with photos that you create! Think about where you are going to put your photos such as a website, a blog, social media. Create vertical images for Pinterest, horizontal images for Facebook, Twitter, and banners, and cover photos. Will you be creating photos for advertisements or printing materials. Think about the vibe you want to give off on every platform based on your personality and target audience. Figure out how your photos can coordinate together cohesively on each platform.

Stay Consistent

Last but certainty not least. Now this, my girlfriend, is what is going to keep your audience for years and years to come! Consistency from your photos, colors, fonts, graphics, voice, style of writing. People like to know what they will expect every time. Create credibility with your brand by remaining consistent. Once you have found your brand style and voice its time to stay on track. If you need consistent images for your brand check out the SHE BOLD STOCK MEMBERSHIP!

Let's Recap

Below I have a Instagram Thursday Takeover Highlight Story that I wanted to share with you to recap what we talked about! I'll be doing these a lot more often on others Instagram stories so come on over and follow me :)

Do you have trouble branding your photos?

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