6 Templates You Need to Create for Your Blog

When it comes to promoting your blog post you have to put it out there. In order for you to put it out there you need to create eye catching graphics that will get seen. PERIOD, POINT BLANK!

Look I get it, it's very time consuming after writing, possibly researching and then having to go in and create graphics, trust me I've been there, done that. But finally I have come up with a way to save time and promote faster by creating templates.

I've also helped many women and counting with these templates in the SHE BOLD STOCK MEMBERSHIP!

Today I want to share with you 5 types of templates you need to save time when promoting your blog posts on social media.

Why you need Social Media Templates

 The reasons you need social media templates is so that you can easily switch out the words, colors and pictures easily with just a few single clicks! This will help create unity in your brand and make you more recognizable on social media. By having templates ready and on hand you will save time and work on promoting more.

Where to create Social Media Templates

I may be a little bias but Canva is my go to. I've tried many different online editing platforms from Fotor to Picmonkey and Canva has always came through for me.
Canva makes it easy for you to create and save a template. If you have a business account your brand colors and fonts will automatically be saved so that you can simply switch out the colors or fonts quickly. By creating my own templates I've been able to promote more and drive traffic to my blog.

How to create Social Media Templates in Canva

Step 1: Pick your size!

  •  You can do this manually or you can choose from the templates provided.

Step 2: Name your Template

  • By naming it you will always have it on hand when you are ready to make changes!

Step 3: Save your template

  • Always have it on hand when you save, simple as that!

Optional: Literally save it as a template!

If you have a business account you can save it as template in a separate folder. 
  • Click on the Public in the Right Hand Corner
  • Turn make public off (personal preference)
  • Turn Publish as Template on 
  • Save Changes

You can find your templates from your business account on the left side under Your Brand and then click Templates.

Questions to ask yourself when creating your Templates

Do you have a clear brand vision?
The key to making templates to save time is to having a brand vision. Make sure you know your colors, fonts, patterns, photography style, etc. in order to be able to put these templates together. If not you are going to have a clear focus it will show in your templates.

Need help with your brand vision check out this posts on defining your blog's purpose and choosing your brand colors.

Where do you often promote your blog?
For me its Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter. In order for you to drive traffic you need to have places where you can promote. I like to promote on these 3 platforms the most because that is where my audience is.  I also like to create blog post graphics for my blog post thumbnails to entice people to click on another post while they are still on my blog.

Do you know what you need to include in your templates?
I like to have several different variations of my templates in order to create brand consistency but I also like to switch it up so they are different yet still recognizable.
  1. Title (something generic so all you have to do is go in a switch out the title every time)
  2. Brand Colors 
  3. Url or logo at the bottom or below your title. 
  4. Images (this is optional you don't always need images but images do help in catching the person's eye) I have over 100 FREE STOCK PHOTOS IF YOU NEED SOME😏

The following images you see are from the She Bold Membership

Templates to Create Right Now!

1. Pinterest Templates

Pinterest is by far the one that is most important to me. Pinterest is how I'm able to get the traffic that I do. With pinterest you need to consider your image sizes and how to capture people in a single glance. For me colors, fonts, and images are important to get noticed on Pinterest. 

When creating a Pinterest template make sure your graphic is tall. I try to keep my size at 700 x 1200. However I do have templates that go up to 1800 for info-graphics. So if you use info-graphics often make sure you create templates for those too to save on time. 

One tip I would definitely suggest is to create 2-3 graphics for a single blog post. I do this often when I really see potential in a post. If you already have templates you love this step will come easy for you. I use this technique to hide my pinterest graphics!

If you need help in creating pinterest graphics check out this tutorial! Need help in learning more about pinterest click here!

2. Instagram Templates

Using templates for your Instagram is a great way to add depth to your grid. I like to mix my images up between graphics and pictures. I have 3 main graphics that I go between one for testimonials, another for quotes, and another for promoting new blog posts, tips, sales!

The sizes for instagram quotes are usually 1080px x1080px. 

3. Instagram Story Templates

Creating several unique templates for instagram stories  such as sales in the shop, new arrivals to the membership, blog posts previews, and quote graphics can make it easy to use instagram stories.

 The size I use for instagram stories is 1080 px x 1920 px

Create a blank instagram story template with your brand colors in them and even add your brands patterns and textures if you have any  so all you have to do is click on it and add polls, gifs, words, etc to help interact with your audience on an even personal level. 

4. Twitter and Facebook Templates

I like to do these together because they are basically the same in size. They use horizontal styles unlike pinterest. By create templates horizontal for these platforms it makes it easier for your audience to see what exactly they are about to click on. I stick with the twitter post size for both which is 1024 x 512. 

When creating these graphics I tend to center the title just so the edges don't get cropped out. 

5. Quote Graphics 

This is my favorite to create for Instagram but I also will share them on pinterest, Facebook, and twitter. By mixing up your promotional images with quotes helps to break up the amount of time you are promoting throughout the day. 

I'm such a quote lover. I even have highlights on my Instagram dedicated to quotes that I love.  By creating a couple of quote graphics I give my readers something else to look at. Not only do I provide quotes but I also had in testimonials from my shop, membership, or my services. This always me to promote what I'm good at too by sharing what other people are loving!

You can also use quotes on your blog posts and simple share those blog post quotes to your social media and this will also get you clicks too! 

6. Blog post Templates  

For blog posts templates you'll want to stick to a specific size (this may be a trial and error if you have a different blog template). I like to go with 700 x 700 for my blog because it will show up correctly in the thumbnail but yet want over power half of the page. Keep your blog post templates cohesive and consistent by using the same colors, filters, or overlays. Branding is everything so you need to make sure that even your thumbnails are branded properly.

To conclude here is 3 Pinterest Canva Templates to help you get started creating templates! I have more in the shop with specific styles and colors whenever you need more!

😍If you enjoyed this go ahead and share this image with your audience on pinterest 😍


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