10 Easy Product Photography Ideas

If you didn't already know I'm a product photographer and I create custom product photos for business.

Getting in front of your audience includes more than just engaging on a regular basis it's all about the appearance of your brand that counts. Being a stock photographer AND product photographer I see the importance of having good visuals to showcase your products.

To help you out, here's a collection of product photography that I've done in the  past to help provide inspiration for your next product launch.

Add movement to your photos!

This is something I love doing to add life to any photo especially products! It's important to showcase a product in a way that is natural. Place your product in a way that it shows movement.

It's important to catch a customer's eye with unusual angles. Play with birds eye view, side angles, low angles.

Show products in use!

This works well for fashion or beauty products. Make it look natural like its a candid shot liking holding a mug or pouring tea.

Try different places to shoot the item! 

Not every photo has to be on a white background, play around with your scenery, get creative. Backgrounds don't have to break the bank!  You can also try diy'ing your backgrounds too.

A simple background like white poster boards don't always have to be consider boring. Jazz it up with confetti, add in texture, place more than one colored background down if its a flatlay photo.

Different places for product photography can be anything from tabletops, wood floors, and counters. Make sure you are around good light in order to make your products look good!

Play around with props!
This is my favorite thing to do! I think it makes a photo look so much more put together. Think of unusual placements for your props.

Show what it is made of!

I love this trick! If you can't think of anything for your product just toss in some ingredients. This is a great way to save time when listing ingredients in your captions.

Light will always be key!

Soft light is your best light especially for beginners! For me I can play with any light and half of the time my light comes when it's really harsh sometimes I can get the best and gorgeous photos like that! But for beginners practice taking photos during the early mornings or late afternoons when the sun is at it's softest.

Try using reflectors as well! I've just started adding that into my photoshoots and I feel they do make a bit of difference especially if you want more warmer tones add a gold reflector. This looks great on food photography. Brighten your photos up with a white or silver reflector. This looks great if you want to make a single product stand out.

A product never has to be boring unless you make it that way. Experiment, have fun, make it unusual! It all depends on what your brand is trying to showcase. A good photo consist of good lighting and a nice background. Your camera doesn't have to cost a fortune to make this possible.

Edit your photos in a way that makes your product stand out. I like to keep many of my edits simple by brightening it up, sharpening what needs to be sharpened, brighten areas that need to be brightened and darken areas that needs it.

When it comes to buying photography equipment stick with a 1 or 2 reflector, backgrounds, and a good camera or phone .

When it's time to outsource
If you need help getting gorgeous visuals for your site and store why not outsource this work to someone who has an eye for  photography aka me lol! All of the photos above was all by me and every client that I've worked with was extremely happy with their photos. I have definitely seen a difference and I'm so happy that I could be apart of it! Learn more here about my services!

Will you be taking your own photos for your blog or biz now?

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