How to Create a 30 Day Instagram Content Plan in 1 Day!!!!

Today I want to share with you how I'm going to be creating 30 days of Instagram content for this up coming month! As you know instagram is a very visual place. Being a stock photographer Instagram is where I get most of my clients and customers so I need to stay consistent, relevant, and engaging! It can be overwhelming and hard when you may not have a consistant theme or good at photograhy or creating graphics for instagram. So today I want to show you what I'm doing to create 30 days worth of content for my instagram! This is my full process so let's go through and create!

Here's a 2 minute video that basically sums up this blog post!!!

Step 1: Brainstorm Topics!

Ok I know my instagram is all about sharing my products,  showcasing inspirational quotes and motivational messages, and helping women with branding and business tips! So  I created 5 main topics that I'll focus on for next month!

  1. Motivation Quotes
  2. Branding Tips
  3. Sales and Discounts
  4. Promo products
  5. Lifestyle

Your Turn

Focus on 3-5 topics from your blog and add it to your instagram. So if you are a fashion blogger you could focus on OOTD's, flatlays of your outfits, fashion tips, sales that are going on and iconic fashion quotes for example.

Step 2: Brainstorm Ideas for each topics!

I suggest writing out your topics and then underneith it create 3-5 new ideas for them. For instances my first topic is going to be all about promoting my products.

Promo Products

  1. What's new in the shop
  2. Updates on product launches
  3. Share a testimonial from a client or customer
  4. What's new in the style stock membership
Then I'll go to the next topic and focus on that topic. I give my self about 5 minutes of writing out ideas so that I can really figure out what topics I know I'll love to create for the gram.

Step 3: Get Creative with your grid set up!

Ok this is the fun part well for me anyways lol! I have a whole pattern that I'm doing on both of my IG accounts 1 and 2. I do a photo and then I'll create a graphic for the next and then another photo. So it's photo-->graphic--->photo. Having a pattern for your grid will help to create consistency. 

You could also focus your topics as your patterns and do quotes--->products--->tips--->quotes, etc.  Another creative tips is to focus on the days of the week. Monday could be an inspirational post, Tuesday a tip of the day. Wednesday could be all about what  you are working on. Thursday a throwback selfie, and Friday a spotify playlist for example.

I also see popular instagramers using zoomed in shots--->zoomed out shots as their grid theme. So think about the colors you wan

Your turn:

 Think about the pattern you would like your grid to look like. I like to use PLANN for planning all 3 of my IG accounts (1 for my life, one for my business, and then I also do instagram for my job)! So I need an app that let's me do all three with one easy and seamless transition! Get yourself  PLANN and start planning your grid.

PLANN has a great guide in their app to help you with this. They have a tab for strategy to help you plan out how you want your feed to go...ahhhh I swear I need to be sponsored by this app or something because you are going to hear this a lot through this blog posts haha!!!

Step 4: Have a Batch day!

Sit down and create 30 posts for the following month. Figure out if you need to take some picture, buy some pictures (I have single images and bundle packs to help you) and create your graphics(not good at graphics I got you covered on that too here). 

I have over 1000 stock photos to choose for myself in the membership so its super easy for me to just simply download from dropbox on my phone!

Your turn:

 Create a library full of photos and graphics to make things easier for you. Add all of your photos to an app like PLANN so that you can see them all together and rearange them so that they look cohesive. If you need help with coming up with photos, graphics, etc. my membership has all of that and more including branding kits, quote graphics, canva templates, and of course tons of stock photos. You can learn more here. 

Step 5: Write out your captions, have your hashtags ready, and schedule them!

Now its time to get down to the nitty gritty. Writing out your captions is one of the most important things you can do to gather engagement from your audience. Create captions that interactive, gives out helpful tips, tells a story, or even share an update on life, work, or business. Remember your topics and look at how your photos and graphics look. Create captions based on those two things. 

Once you write out your captions add your hashtags. For me I have 3 different hashtag formulas for different topics. I've had these stored in my phone for easy access. I highly suggest you do that. But how do you find your hashtags if you are just starting out. Here's what I did:
  • I went to my competitors IG and checked out what type of hashtags they used
  • I didn't just go to one I went to multiple and gathered the ones that made sense to me
  • I added in hashtags that were really popular and then added in some that were smaller with like 5.000 to 500,000. 
  • I created 30 hashtags that made sense to each topic. Like i would put in #cupinhand on a quote graphic with no cup...or a hand haha! PLANN even has a section where you can add in all of your hashtags too!!!
Now schedule everything out! Think about the best times for you to post. PLANN (promise this is my last time talk about it haha) does a great job with given me the best times for each day. Do you get the most engagement in the morning on the weekdays or on certain days. Do more people see your post at night on fridays. Pay attention the first week while you are doing this so if you have to schedule the next weeks posts a little differently you'll know when the best times are for you.

Girl, let me help you out with this one:)

If you need help with planning your 30 day Instagram content plan then check out my shop where I have tons of bundle packs with over 50 images in them . I also have canva templates! Or Get all of this in the Style Stock Membership for as little as $20/month!!!

Brainstorm, Create, Batch, Schedule, and Engage!!!!

I'm here to make things easier for you so that you can focus on building engagement on Instagram. Try out this technique for a whole month and since all of your content is planned out for 30 days focus on the engagement part. Respond to your contents, comment on others, like, and follow! You got this!

Will you be trying out this 30 Day Instagram Content plan?
I would love to see what you do using the hashtag #sheplanned30 no matter where you start give your self 30 days and go for it!

💞If yo love this share with your crew!💞


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