How to Change Colors in a Photo Using Pics Art

Have you ever seen a gorgeous image but it didn't go with your brand or your colors that fit your aesthetic on Instagram! Fear no more because I'm going to show you what I've been doing to brand my Website and Instagram using the stock photos from my membership!

How to Change Colors using Pics Art

Step by Step 

  1. Download PicsArt if you haven't already
  2. Click the Plus sign in the middle 
  3. Choose the Edit Icon
  4. Choose your image from your phone
  5. Click on Fx (Effects) at the bottom
  6. Scroll all the way over to Colors
  7. Choose Color Replace
  8. Pick your color with the dropper tool
  9. Choose your color by sliding the REPLACE HUE (sometimes you may not see the color show up)
  10. You'll need increase the min hue until you see the replace hue show up and no traces of the other color is seen.
  11. If a color (such as an arm) has been highlighted too and replaced as well simply decrease the max hue
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