How to Be the Best Version of Yourself!

If you want to know how to edit your life to become the best version of yourself...then let's dive right in!

This past year has been  quite a memorable year for me. It made me realized how far from the best version of myself I was. I made a shift the start of the new year to finally do something about it. However, when I thought about the best version of myself I had no idea what it meant or how to begin. So I had to sit down and really think about it.

  1. The first thing I needed to ask myself was....What did the best version mean to me?
  2. Then I had to ask myself...How was I going to get there?
  3. Lastly I had to ask myself... How was I going to stay there and help others get there too?

This past 2 months I had to work on that plan and vigorously make it happen. Although its a journey I can finally say I'm on my way there. Yet I have to constantly remind myself that THIS IS A JOURNEY.  It's not going to come as quickly as I would like for it too. I have to be patient. So now that I'm working towards this version of myself I wanted to share with you how you too can unlock the key to becoming the best version of yourself!

 If you want to be smarter, more productive, consistent, happier, etc. then keep reading.

What does the Best Version of you look like?

Visualize who the best version of you is really like. How do you interact with others? How do you respond to life's struggles? Are you able to control your mood swings? Are you healthy? Do you eat and exercise properly? Are you maintaining a HEALTHY relationship with your yourself and others. 

How are you going to become the best version of yourself?

This is where you need to plan out your day to day life, your week to week, and even your year to year life. If you want to be bada$$ girl boss. You have to work hard, you have to plan, you have to take action. You need to put the work in behind the scenes to make your dreams a reality. 

Use your spare time to improve yourself. Read inspirational books like 52 Ways to have  a Kick-Ass Life by Andrea Owen or podcasts like Bruce Van Horn Life is a Marathon. Take a look at the life changing books I recommend to help inspire you.

Create a vision board. I created a secret pinterest board an added my vision to it. Each day for at least 5-10 minutes I pin to it, envisioning the things I want and who I want to become. Then I print off images and pin them to an actual board and write out my plans to get there. Get a board like this to pin images to and write out your plans. Start simple and choose images that inspire you.

Key Points:

  • Think about the things that will bring you joy.
  • What will make you better for doing it?
  • Don't just wish it, work for it.

Can you embrace the risks?

Stepping outside of your comfort zone can be extremely hard but so worth it. Far to often playing it safe will leave you in a rut, as it did for me. You need to learn to embrace the unknown.

Take  me for instance, I had no knowledge of business or marketing yet I decided to take the risk and create a whole membership for my stock photos. I had to take that risk. I'm still learning how to manage my membership, gain more members, and continually expand it. This has helped me to learn more about business, productivity, marketing, and so much more. I'm so happy that I created it because it's something that will help me become the best version of myself. Running my own successful membership!

Don't let the fear of money, lack of education, bills get in the way of your dreams. I started this membership with no money and know knowledge...take the risk ladies!

Take a chance and prepare for big or small changes to your life. I love this Action Day 2018 Planner because it utilizes the best layout to help you get more things done and too well...take action!

Key Points:

  • Take bold actions in spite of fear
  • Don't allow "lack of" to stop you from pursuing your wants and dreams.
  • Plan for your big or small changes. Then take action
  • Plan without action is just a plan wasted

Can you embrace the failures and mistakes?

Remember the only way you can learn is through failure and mistakes. The best version of yourself does not give up. She pushes through and endures till the very end! Being a Taurus, I am very hardworking and I don't give up. That's one quality that I'm so thankful for. Life can get really tough and sometimes, yes, you will want to give up. However, that is the very moment you need to push through it. Success isn't easy, it takes hard work, dedication, and determination.

We all make mistakes, do not beat yourself up about it. Find solutions to the problem, fix it, grow from it, and learn from it.

If you need motivation read inspirational books such as Fail to Success: How to embrace failure while never losing the desire for success to help you embrace those hard times and to overcome them.

Key Points:

  • Realize the failure and mistakes lead to growth and wisdom
  • Never give up even when things get tough. This is when you fight harder.
  • Find solutions through your mistakes, grow from it, learn from it. 
  • Every mistake is a lesson learned in your class of life

  • What can you do to be someone you admire?

    I often look up to other people but I have to also look up to myself. What do I see in my role models that inspire me. Is it there  kindness or how helpful they are? Be someone you would want to admire. Help others to become their best version too. Focus on giving to others, helping others, and inspiring them. Remember your best version is never selfish. She loves and gives wholeheartedly without needing anything in return.

    If you have a daughter, niece, a younger sister, or even just younger girls viewers and followers how would you go about being someone they can look up too.

    Key Points:

    • Be someone you admire
    • Help others to become their best versions too
    • Be kind and show kindness and love to all people.

    In the Comments

    What actions are you taking to become the best version of yourself? Need help in becoming the best version of yourself, then let me know in the comments. So that I can help you! 

    *This post contains affiliate links however these are books I've suggest  that will help you live a better version of yourself. :)

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    1. I agree with being able to step outside of your comfort zone and consider taking risks that perhaps you were too hesitant to take before.. the rewards can be amazing payoffs!