The 5 Steps I take to Silence my Inner Critic!

So you want to start your own business, right?! You have some amazing goals, correct?!  You know you can succeed?  Uh oh you are starting to doubt yourself! Ok I need you to take a moment and breathe!

That risk of uncertainty can be a hindering feat for many. One reason you don't hear about people around your area starting their own business. Instead they go their 9-5 and just deal with it because that voice in their head just won't shut up!

When I first decided to launch my business it took me over a year to finally do it. I kept putting it off. "I'm a college drop out with no experience in business," I told myself this constantly. I kept putting myself down. The more I put myself down the further my dreams of owning my own business got. The voice inside my head was the first to start this self-doubt and I made it worse by constantly telling myself that I couldn't do it.

The battle between your head and your instincts  is constant and we go to war every single day. When I finally decided to fight the voice in my head with all my might is when I finally won the battle...well to at least start.

See the problem with that inner voice in our head...our minnie me's, well it's going to continue to pop up every single day. Every time you have to make a decision. Every time you are pushed outside of your comfort zone.

We have the best version of ourselves and we have the worst version of ourselves...our minnie me. She's the negative "insert your name here" that tells us will never be successful. She is a part of us but how did she get here?

She got here because of society, our environment, our childhood and how we grew up. Actually there are many factors that allowed her to grow up with you. You are pummeled with messages on a daily basis that can manifest this version of ourselves. As a child we are told we can achieve anything but as we grow the environment we consume and live in tell us otherwise. So how do we get past this?

How to Quiet the Voice in Our Heads to become successful!

Step 1: Realize that the voice in your head is not real.

 It's just a manifestation of what your younger self has been through over the years. It's programmed to tell you that you can't. They are not fact's only opinions.

Step 2: Use that voice to reprogram yourself. 

Whenever that voice comes into your head, remember the best version of yourself. What would she say? Then tell yourself that. If you constantly hear that your are worthless and uneducated then tell yourself that you are worthy, you are smart, you have a great purpose here on this earth!

Step 3: Every single day tell yourself "I believe in you" "You are smart" "You can do anything you put your mind to."

 Make up your own phrases if you have to but you need affirmations to tell yourself so that you will start to believe it. I have affirmations posted around my room and on my phone. The more I see it the more I believe it.

Step 4: Anytime you start to here that voice, write it down. 

Get it out on paper everything you are thinking. Then I want you to look at it. REALLY LOOK AT IT. Who's speaking here: Your best version of yourself or the worst version of yourself. Is this fear talking? Write down something the best version of yourself would say instead.

Step 5: Remember that this is a process, DON'T GIVE UP! 

Trying to reprogram your mind is one of the hardest things on planet earth however you can  do it. One day at a time try to turn that negative thought into a positive thought.

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In the Comments

What are the things that your inner voice is telling you? What would you tell her if you were the best version of yourself right now?

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  1. Good read- Point #1 about realizing the voice in our heads is just our own manifestation. So true. I think we get programmed from a young age to put that voice there, and we become our own worst critic. Once we let go of those ideas, the possibilities of what we can do are endless.