28 Ways to Love Yourself this Month!

Aaaah the month of love! So if you clicked on this you obviously having some major (or minor) love thy self issues! So this month especially, I really want to help you love yourself more!

I want YOU to know how important you are! YOU DESERVE to have the best kind of love and that, girl-friend, comes from loving yourself! So I took to Facebook and Twitter to ask some gorgeous ladies what they do to practice self-love! Thank you ladies for sharing your worth, this is going to help so many ladies!

The only way to truly love yourself is by realizing how completely God loves you and that he created you with a purpose! You are exactly as you were designed to be and it is good!'
-Rachael Mariani

How to Practice Self Love the Girl Boss Way

1. A good nights rest and a proper diet(or no sleep and lots of booze, depending on the day)- Laura Mc Gowan

2. If I need a break I take it, less talking more action- Elise Ho

3. Embrace Yourself- I've gotten comfortable in my body while still being proactive on losing it! Take as many body pics as possible to embrace myself-Jennifer Henson

4. A good book- Shanda Kelly

5. After someone close to me passed away, I've slowly started to be more in the present, and began my health journey by taking care of my body by going to the gym!-Aya Khudairy

6. Meditation, ted talks, a good workout or something as simple as a bubble bath with my favorite scents.-Nadine Johnson

7. Painting my nails and toe nails even if it's just at home.  Also I keep dark chocolate squares at home so when I want a sweet treat I can grab one!-Grace Lipscomb

8. Respecting my boundaries. It makes me a more compassionate and loving person to protect my well being first. I say no when I don't want to attend, I stay home and water my plants, read a book, paint...With a job that requires immense levels of giving myself, I surve by boundaries alone- Ryan Coon

9. Silence. Just stop, breathe, enjoy- Nina Misteli

10. A nice hot bubble bath, movie on a laptop and a glass of something yummy- Jessica Chaney

11. Allowing myself some time off when I"m over-stressed or depressed. I'm constantly pushing myself to get work done, but I know I deserve a reprieve every once in a while-Emerson Meyer (Me: Me to girl, me too!)

12. I take time out of my day to decorate my planner It's really relaxing and makes me feel accomplished even if I don't get everything checked off- Meg Miller

13. Bubble Baths with candles and face mask- Rachel Allan

14. Drinking 2-3 litres of water a day- Toni Edwards

15. End self destrutive behaviors that lead to shame and guilt- Melissa Kreutz

16. Take time on sundays to do a whole pamper routine. Hair mask, face mask, glass of wine, and catching up on all my favorite blogs!- Meghan Lawson

17. Masturbation-Ashleigh Noelle (Me: That comment made me chuckle haha!)

18. Doing something you bought for fun but never have time for-Nicole Reid

19. I always celebrate any tine steps forward I take! I am my own number  one fan and my own cheer leader that roots myself on the always pat myself on the back for doing my best! My best is enough, I am enough and I am worth my own love- Leigha Benson

20. Go to the gym to relieve stress- Jae Dee

21. Feuling my body with healthy food- Alyssa Veech

22. Make time for hobbies like....Night kayakiing- Victoria Harris

23. Giving yourself a mental health day, meditation, yoga, go to the beach, a spa day pedicure and manicure, makeover, or read more. Take a no internet or no television for a day challenge, eat healthy, listen to positive music, treat yourself to lunch, dinner, or breakfast-Avio Anderson (*Me writing this* yaaaaas)

24. Put kids in childcare and then go and sit in the hot tub for the hour at the YMCA(Me: ooooh the luxury!)- Jaymi Torrez from the Salty Mamas

25. Embrace your traits!- Sarah  Caton from Space Place and Southern Grace says I love my ability to be critical in a tactful way. I feel like it's a unique trait and is so helpful in an industry where  I need to provide honest feedback to help my clients succeed. (Me: You go girl!)

26. Emily Polner from no repeats or hesitations says, I take care of my  mind and body. I like to keep my mind sharp by reading about topics I have no foundation in, and I take care of my body with my skincare regimen and staying conscious of the food I'm consuming.

27. Meditate...I always take at least a few minutes to sit, close my eyes, and go inside to find a sense of calm, I always make time-Sherry Carter

28. Morning Mantras like "I am capable of anything," and filling my instagram feed with positivity and inspiration!-Baylee Bush 

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No matter what people say or what happens to you, you have to be strong.. Either being criticized or discriminated you have to be firm. 
God create you the way you are, and whatever happens, it is meant to be!
-Angiie Ncuber

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How to practice self love


  1. I loved reading all of these pieces of self-love and advice! Thank you for doing the work and putting this together, Jasmine. What a lovely post to read and to use in our daily lives!

    Kaitlin \\ www.thecuriouslemon.com

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  3. Great tips! Life is so overwhelming sometimes. We could all do with slowing down to breathe and take care of ourselves. Putting a stop to self destructive behaviours is a biggy. Thanks for sharing!

  4. YESSSSSS! I needed to see this post, I've been feeling so overwhelmed this last week, I'm going to give some of these a try x


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