Ultimate Guide to Instagram and Followers!

Instagram is one of the most visual social media platforms out there. It's important to treat it as such. I'm sharing all of the tips, tricks, and advice to help you break into Instagram like a beast!

Building Your Profile

Are you proud of your Instagram Profile? Ok, let me put it this way are you attracting the right people based on your Instagram Profile? What does your bio tell your audience about who you are, who you serve, and why you do the thing you do? What does that profile pic say about you? Does it scream your brand or does it confuse your audience.

Believe it or not your bio can attract the audience that ultimately will make up the followers you have. So the here is what I want you to do; ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. Who you are
  2. What do you do
  3. Who is it for

People only have a small attention span. Capture them as soon as they get on your feed.
For example, your bio may look like Sassy Boss Lady. Career Strategist. Featured on Entrepreneur.com. Follow for spunky career tips and advice to spice up your career!

You see what I'm talking about?! That shows who she is, what she does, and why you need to follow her...with a touch of sass! Emojis are a sure sign to get people interested too, so add a winky emoji, a heart, or something to add a pop of color and personality into your bio!

Bio with Emojis: Sassy Boss Lady👄. Career Strategist. Featured on Entrepreneur.com😎. Follow for spunky career tips and advice to spice up your career👊!

Below your catchy bio needs to be a link to your website, youtube channel, blog, etc. Don't miss out on the chance to keep people engaged in your feed. When you post a caption tell them to head over to your link in the bio to learn more or read more.  This is your call to action section, use it! Whatever you want people to do when they finish looking through your feed put it there. A lot of people including myself use this website called, linktr.ee. It's a great website to put all of your links in one place! So add your blog or latest blog post, shop, or other social media platforms in this little place so people can check you out!

Finding Your Niche

Having a niche is what makes people stay. If your niche shares the same interest as a potential follower more than likely they will follow you. The question is, do you have a niche? What set's you apart? When you put yourself in a specific niche you need to ask yourself, how can you contribute something even greater in this niche. I say this because when people are interested in something they want to follow people that are the best of the best in their niche or at least potentially the best.

Say for instance Sassy Bossy Lady from the above section has a niche in career education. How can she set herself apart. What makes her any different than other career educators out there. What would make you follow her if you were her targeted audience?

Don't know what niche you are in go and check out this article on finding your niche! If you know your niche go and follow some of the top people in your niche. See what they are doing that attracts your target audience. Ask yourself what sets them apart from you and everyone else. What posts are they posting, how are they captioning  their posts, how do they interact with their audience. What post perform the best for them and what doesn't. Then take those notes and apply them to your own Instagram. Learn what your audience want and don't want by mindfully executing some of their and your own tips.

Crafting Your Feed

Now the fun part. It's what get people excited about your Instagram. It's what get's people to follow you and leave thoughtful comments saying how much they love your feed.

There are some different types of posts you can create. Here are just a few

  • Flatlay photos: These are birds eye views of whatever you want people to see from food, to desk shots. These are very popular on Instagram and when done right can be your niche
  • Quotes: These are great for fillers or when you just don't know what to post. Make sure they relate back to your niche. 
  • Lifestyle photos: These could be anywhere from nature, events, to architecture, professional or done on your phone. Lifestyle photos add character. Showcase friends, family, your significant, heck even your dog (People love pets). Play around and see what works best for you and your audience. 
  • Selfies or professional portraits: People need to know who is the person behind the account. Don't be afraid to show what your mama gave you!

When to Outsource Your Work

Creating your feed can be daunting especially if you aren't a great photographer or even good at creating graphics like quotes. That's why you have a ton of entrepreneurs helping you out and creating stock photos and social media templates to make it easier on you. Lucky for you I do both!

Finding your theme

I spoke more on this in an article you need read here. In that article I discussed why you need a  theme, IG accounts that are killing the game and in a good way, and how to create your own theme. But Finding your theme or aesthetic will help you tremendously when branding your account.

When I re-branded to She Bold, I knew I wanted my theme to be more feminine and what better color than pink. It's not only on brand but it's also my favorite color. Then I also wanted to make my theme cohesive by making all of my pictures bright and airy. So I decided to add light pinks, whites, greys to keep with the feeling of light and airy. So far I'm pretty pleased!

Perfecting Your Caption

Now your caption is what get's people talking and actually engaging with you! How are you getting people to comment? Are you creating a call to action in every post. A call to action can include:

  • Telling them about a link in your bio
  • Asking them a question
  • Getting feedback on something
  • Creating a poll
  • Asking for advice on something, etc.
If you are wondering why there is no reaction to your post it's probably because you're not asking engaging and thought out questions. 

Instagram Growth Hacks 

Establish a posting pattern

Consistently posting get's your audience in a routine. They'll know right around the time you will post and when to check you out. Create a pattern that works for you whether it's posting daily, every two days, on a specific day, or just on the weekends. Being consistent is key. I took a couple months of hiatus this past year because I didn't know where Color U Bold was going but now that I re-branded to She Bold I have a purpose therefore my post are more consistent than before. However, it's taking a moment for my core audience to catch up. So be mindful of taking hiatus's and stay consistent.

Use all 30 of your Hashtags!

You are allowed to use 30 hashtags in your caption, use them! I REPEAT USE THEM! Don't try to put them in your comments and expect people to come to you! Put them in your caption at the time of post! What I like to do is find hashtags that relate to my audience and my niche and put them in my notes app so that it's easy for me to just copy and paste them into my caption. If you feel like you are "doing to much" with the hashtags simply add periods or astricks to bring the hashtags far enough down that it's not visible when people scroll down there feed!

Create  your own hashtag

Another way of getting people excited about your brand is by creating your own hashtag. That way you can also share their post making it really easy to have something to post on  your posting days. By creating your own hashtags these helps to see who your core audience is. Interact with them more often and they will share  your account with their followers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter leading to  more followers.

Find your perfect timing

I love using PRIME for finding my perfect timing! However, if you have a business account on Instagram then you can see your perfect timings and when is the best time to post if you don't do daily posting.

Geo-Tag your Instagram Photos

This is great for local businesses looking to attract local customers. By using this you can promote sales, promotions, or events.

 Tag Influencers and Brands

A great way to get more brands or influencers looking at you is by tagging them. However, don't get overboard with that and tag the same brand or influencer in every post that do not relate to them. When an influencer or brand likes your post then there audience will notice and go check you out. When an influencer or brand shares your post well get ready for a flood of comments and follows!

Shout outs and Collaborations

These two can go hand in hand together if you network correctly. You can charge for these services or you can just network and ask for a shout out or collab together. Personally I like the later because you are getting to know new people. Start low and work your way up to bigger people in your niche. Yes I said people in your niche. You need the right audience coming to you. Think about it, if you are in the food niche don't try to shout for shout of collab with a person in the harry potter niche. Just don't try it! Looking to collab find people in your niche who also lives near you. Go somewhere exciting and take pics together. It's such a great idea to meet new people from where you live. Also don't become one of those annoying people who just want shout outs and collabs. Network and show yourself friendly will go along way.

Like and Comment

No better way to get more followers than liking and commenting! Search hashtags and people in your niche and start liking and commenting thoughtful comments. When you like or comment chances are they will check their notifications and find out who that awesome girl or guy who left that cute comment! Take at least 10-30 minutes out of your day and just try it, trust me it works!

Follow People!

Follow people you love! The best rule of thumb is to like, comment, then follow! That shows you aren't a bot just waiting to unfollow them as soon as you get what you want. Btw don't do the whole follow/unfollow thing. It's annoying and more and more people are catching on to this tactic. They are more likely to unfollow you after you do it. BEWARE! However, I understand if you have a crazy following and follower ratio. Then you need to do a clear out.  Remain followed to people you genuinely care about even if they don't follow you back. I say that because you never know when they'll take notice of your likes and comments!

Wedge the gap!

Keep climbing the ladder of success! Get involved in the social media community by getting on Youtube, Twitter, be apart of podcasts or have your own podcast! Reach out to others as you build your brand and following and get featured in different place. Expand your horizons and your following will expand with you.


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Let me know in the comments: What tips do you have to share about Instagram?

Ultimate Guide to Instagram

Growing instagram followers


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