5 Steps to Getting More Stuff Done Every Single Day!

I think I've finally mastered the art of getting more things done in a day! Ooooh it just took 24 years on this earth to figure it all out but...anyhoo! If you want to be a more productive person its all about first...admitting you have a problem. So raise up your hand and say "I *your name here* am a procrastinator and I have a problem."  There you go, ahhh that feels better doesnt it!? Ok so now that we have admitted it its time to jump right in to see what we can do about it! No more missing deadlines, no more having to cancel the brunch with your girls, or that date night with your man to catch up on school/work its time to get down to business!

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1.Wake Up Earlier
You are more productive in the mornings than you may realize! So set yourself an alarm clock and wake up...noooo don't hit that snooze button! Being an early riser helps you take time out of your day for important things, read my Tips on Starting your mornings off right! Once you get your mind right then you can go on to getting your life right for the day.

2.Turn off all your electronics
But first turn off the electronics. That's right turn your phone on airplane mode and keep it off. Take a few minutes out of your day to evaluate what you will be doing for today! Schedule a "no tech time." Now you can delegate this time for organizing your day.

3.Write a Check List
Yep get out the pen and paper we are taking it back...old-school! Make a list of everything you need to do for the day. Set the major important task on top and the less important at the bottom Or you can do the easiest task first and eliminate those off your list. That way you don't be running around with your head cut off! 

4.Divide and Conquer
Split your list in half! We know what we have to do, so first do that! Need to email that company back go ahead what are you waiting for. Got to wash that load of clothes piled up in the corner of your room well if its a must I guess that should be second on your list.  Tackle each task one at a time! Don't try to multitask 2-3 projects at a time. If its something easy to do like wash those clothes do that first then you can hop on the internet to check and reply to emails. Download the Planner Printable Inserts to help you divide and conquer on purpose!

5.Give Yourself a Break
You are more productive when you take breaks. Not the "oh I'm just procrastinating" break nope take the "Organizational" break. An organizational break gives you a set limit of how long your break will be and after that set period, get back to business. For example Taking 5-10 minuites to relax will refresh your mind and give you the creative juices that you need!

All in all by giving yourself a breather in the morning, by writing down everything in your mind on a piece of paper to divide and conquer at the most opportune time will help get the stuff you need done...done! But don't forget to take a break, set a time limit, and experience the joys that come in knowing you are getting your stuff done, like a GIRL BOSS!

In the Comments 
What are you best tricks for getting more stuff done everyday?


  1. Great post. Waking up earlier or staying up late are great ways to steal extra time during the day!

  2. These are really great tips Jasmine, I will try this for sure as I admit I am a very disorganized person no matter what I do! :-/

  3. I am a very great procrastinator. haha. I needed these tips hopefully I can actually implement them.

  4. Really great tips! I, Megan, am a procrastinator and I have a problem! lol Yes I am a work in progress. Thanks for this awesome post…you are helping more people than you know :) xx #twinklytuesday

    1. haha we all are!!! Aww thank you so much this meant so much to me :)

  5. I enjoyed this post... I am such a procrastinator... I just started using the block mode on my phone to block notifications between specific hours. I love making list but sometimes get distracted easily and forget about them. I read somewhere recently that multi-tasking isn't always as productive as we think. So I guess I need to put my phone down and write out my list for today.