How to Use Instagram Stories to Your Advantage

Are you late to the Instagram Stories Bandwagon?

If you are, well, hop on and let me share with you some awesome ways to use Instagram stories for your business!

1. Share Behind the Scene Actions

People love to know what others are working on. Not only will it help to promote upcoming endeavors it will also build excitement around it.

Action Tip: Next time you are working on a blog post share with them your set up. How you create a Pinterest graphic or a sneak peek at the blog post! If you are working on a new freebie or paid product give them sneak peeks of your process.

2. Take them places

Do you have an exciting event that is business related why not share with them what's going on! Make them feel as though they are right there with ya! Take them along on a cool new opening, a conference,  a launch party and even a photoshoot! Let others feel like they were there with you experiencing the awesome moment too!

Action Tip: Document a special event with your IG squad! Show yourself getting ready, arriving, interacting, listening to speakers, chatting with influencers, dancing, etc. Then share your thoughts about the event afterwards and what you learned!

3. Create a Video/Picture Tutorial or Teach Something!

Create a quick tutorial or educate your audience. Say for instance you are a food blogger share a recipe that you are loving from your blog. If you are a beauty blogger share a quick eye make up look that anyone can do! I started a new series on Thursday called Q&A Sesh where  I answer my followers(I like to call them my squad) questions from a topic I post on my IG the previous day. Then I go in depth and help them out. Make yourself an expert in your niche as you share valuable information that people can take and use!

Action Tip: Teach your audience something. You have tons of blog post why not take one of those blog post and teach others in an Instagram Story. Then you can tell them afterwards to check out more facts when they click the link in your bio! Hello traffic!!!

Jasmine's Fearless Advice: One thing I do when creating a video tutorial about a certain topic is I write what I'm going to say down. It helps keep your IG from being mottled with fluff words and instead give valuable gold nuggets that your squad will love!

4. Give a Special Discount out to your Peeps!

This one is really fun to do because you are not only promoting on the sly but you are making them feel special! It's important to make your audience feel like they are special. Do a 24 hour discount code every now and again to make people want to watch your stories!

Action Tip: Create a discount code and post it to your IG Story and make sure this code is only exclusively for your IG peeps! Keep track of who uses the code and that will help determine how well your engagement is on IG stories and whether or not you should do more.

5. Create a Series on your IG Story

This is something I'm really having fun with! I have series like Motivational Mondays, Photo Tips Tuesdays, Wednesday Workspace, Thursday Q&A Sesh, and so many more ideas to come! These keep people coming back for more. They'll get in routine with YOUR routine! Be consistent in what you do and try to make it a point to stick with it!

Action Tip: Create at least 1 new series for your IG Story that will help provide value to your audience. Stick to it and then if you feel you can do more add more series!

Once you get in the swing of things IG stories will become so fun and it will help you gain confidence in yourself. I'm always so nervous to create videos but by using Instagram Stories its allowed me to get more comfortable with the camera.

Check out this video for 3 extra bonus tips that will help you use Instagram stories to create a more engaged audience!

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  1. So awesome! Stories is a must for blogging and biz - it takes things to a whole new level, especially since IG's algorithm sucks.

  2. These are all great tips that I definitely need to implement more! Pinned for future reference, thanks!

  3. This is great information! I'm still getting the hang of using Instagram stories. Still trying to use Instagram and Snapchat.

  4. I love Insta stories and these tips were really helpful. Thanks!

  5. These were all really helpful tips! I'm going to try implementing your first tip and showing more behind-the-scenes posts.

  6. I have been trying to come up with something simple I can do on my stories, just to maintain a presence there. These are great ideas!

  7. These are all wonderful ideas! Thank you so much for the tips. Definitely going to up my insta story game ^^.

  8. I am not as diligent with Instagram as I should be and have yet to use IG stories ...

  9. Hmmm, it's time to rethink my IG stories.
    Thanks, dear!

  10. Hey,
    Thanks a lot for this tutorial dear.
    I was getting couldn't refresh feed error in my Insta, but after a quick google search this error got fixed.