Entrepreneur Beginnings: How to Overcome Failure and Move on

You are going to fail!

Wow, that's a little harsh but hear me out. If you want to do anything in life especially being an entrepreneur you will have to understand this mere fact. It's a fact that we will fail at some point as entrepreneurs. Whether it's in the beginning or in the middle, failure is inevitable but I don't want you to feel discouraged by this.  I want you to feel empowered.

I don't want you feel afraid of failure. I don't want you to worry about failing. I want you to take back that word and make it your b$tch. 95% of startups fail, that's a fact. I don't want this to make you hesitate about continuing your path. What I want you to do is to accept it as a reality and learn to how to overcome it.

I've dealt with a lot of failure in life from college, to friendships, to relationships, to careers. However I'm guessing you've had similar failures that has left you feeling a bit down in the dumps and downright pessimistic. It's ok to feel that way especially if you worked really hard and persevered. Unfortunately what most of us do is we stop, we quit, we give up completely. That my friend is what separates successful entrepreneurs from people who aspire to be a successful entrepreneur.

Failure is essential for success.

Like I said previously, let failure empower you. Here are some valuable tips to help you overcome failures!

Accept failure as it is

At some point as an entrepreneur there will come a time where something just doesn't go as plan. We make a mistake, we put to much on ourselves, we underestimate our business goals or mismanage our finances. You'll get upset and you'll want to give up on it. Instead of letting failure win we have to take it back and figure out ok what is truly acceptable as failure. Honestly nothing is really a failure!

Stop looking at every failure as a setback. Most of the time failures aren't as severe as you think. If it's not causing major damage to you  and people around you then stop letting it pick at you. Instead ask yourself  what is an acceptable form of failure. It's important to redefine failure and what it means to you. There is a difference between not getting enough students enrolled in your course and not having a marketing plan. Stop getting so hard on yourself and freaking out over the least little things. *Raises hand* Uuuuh hello queen of freaking out over the least little thing right here!

If you can get back up and change your thinking you'll be able to look failure dead in it's face and not be moved by it. Of course you'll cry and throw tantrums but after all of that...get back up!

Be willing to fail over and over again.

Then learn from failure

Failure can be one of the major teachers of life. Sure failure is a harsh, mean, cruel, and sometimes a hard pill to swallow but failure want's you to learn from it. Some of the meanest teachers in school were sometimes the one's that you learned from the most. They are strict and they want you to get it right no matter how many times it takes!

Every failure is valuable opportunity to learn something. To take a step back and look at the situation at hand and figure out, ok, where did I go wrong.

Be honest with yourself and examine the failure for what it is. Getting outside of your head will help you really take a good look at the situation. Check out these 3 questions you need to ask yourself the next time you encounter failure. Just like school this is your test!
  1. Did you set your expectations too high?
  2. Did you create a concrete plan?
  3. What was in your control and what wasn't?
  4. Where could things have went wrong? (Ask others in business for their opinions)
  5. Was there any setbacks that hindered you along the way?
  6. How could you have made it better?
  7. Was you truly prepared?
  8. Did you give yourself ampule time to get it done?
  9. Did you miss key steps that should have been implemented?
  10. How was your motivation during this time?

And Finally Take Action through the Failure.

Now I know more than anything the importance of taking a step back, evaluating, taking a breather from it, and really letting the failure sink in for what it is(not the over exaggerated version of it). After you are able to do that it's time to take action! Stop stalling and hiding in a corner. Get back up and get sh*t done! Staying consumed in failure will lead to a depression spiral, I've been there, it's not a fun place.

Failure want's you find that determination that you had when you first started and take it by the horns and ride it! It aids in growth and resilience. Create a plan of action. Get excited about trying again but this time you'll be armed with essentials that you didn't have before. Write down setbacks that could happen and think about the worst cases that could hinder you. Ask others too! By planning for failure you'll actually be on the path of success. By anticipating setbacks you'll be able to work around it, take a step back, or rethink your goals.

Grab this Failure to Opportunity Workbook to take a look at why it failed and how you can renew it to succeed!

What has failure taught you? Were you able to bounce back? Did failure make you realize you need to redefine your goals? Let me know in the comments below.

how to overcome fear of failure as an entrepreneur


  1. Awesome post! These are all so important to remember when you are first starting out! For a long time I was too scared to start my blog because of failing. But what I learned was that I was failing by not starting. Once I started, my failures have transformed into my teacher and guide. Thanks for sharing your great insight!

    1. Thanks Jenna! It's so true if you don't start you'll never know where it may lead it's all about stepping out on faith and going after what you want!

      "Stay Bold"

  2. Amazing post! I really needed to read this. I'm new to your blog and I'm already in love. Can't wait to read your future posts.

  3. i have to just do it instead of doubting my abilities...

  4. Love this post! Overcoming failure can be tough.

  5. You kinda need to fail to grow. Not everything is going to work out perfectly. It's how you overcome the failure, and learn. Nice post!

  6. Failure really is how we improve and learn though. If I hadn't had failures I wouldnt have really learned how to do things better!