How to Turn a Struggling Blog into a Money Making Machine!

Do you really want to know how I turned my struggling blog around and started making tons of money?

My blog from 2012 to 2013 wasn't going anywhere. I loved it don't get me wrong. I was creating content for myself  and loving every minute of it. Somewhere along the long I started to put more effort into my blog. More hours of research and blog content producing went into it and I realized that this was the time that I needed to take my efforts to the next money making level.

I wasn't getting sponsored post, no one was clicking on my pins, and no one one visiting my site through other platforms. I didn't understand why until late 2013 when I noticed a major shift. I noticed that more and more blogs were using photos for their blog. So that's what I started to do. I only had a small android pre-paid phone and a canon point and shoot that was really old lol.

Learning that visuals was important changed the course of my content...for the better.

Although the phone and camera I used wasn't the best I still was determined to get creative, no matter what. Within weeks of implementing this I started to get more traffic. Was it a whole lot, no but it was more than I had been getting prior. Late 2014, I had won my first ever DSLR camera in a twitter giveaway and was so excited to started creating better photos on my site and Instagram. I had already started researching better technique before I even received it. Then I created more fashion and beauty pictures, and playing around with this new phenomenon called flat lay photography! Now at the time, I had no clue what that was, let alone if I was even doing it right. However, when I started to experiment and create more photos for my blog I noticed the engagement started to increase. More than usual people were actual commenting!

Imagery has the ability to pull emotions out of someone and make people take a second glance.

Better photos help you get noticed by top companies in the industry!

Getting more visual with my blog I started to create graphics and even more photos, especially flat lay photography. People were taking me serious and I was taking my own self seriously. Because of that I was able to get my first ever appearance in Seventeen Magazine showcasing my nail designs! A lightbulb went off in my head...I knew I was on to something!

People were taking the time to read my blog, comment, sign up, and even more shared my photos! I got a great  surge in traffic when I upped my Pinterest game. All because I changed the look of my photos.

Using powerful visuals helped me too:
  • Gain thousands of traffic to my blog each day
  • Gain over 1,000 followers to my email list
  • Start my very own stock photo membership
  • Book out my custom stock photography service
  • Aaaaand getting me on the path of Quitting my full time job
A consistent brand makes for a stand out brand!

The Power of Visual Branding

I know the power of Visuals that's why I started creating stock photos for others! It became a great passion of mine and I wanted to share that with others and help them get the clicks and audience they deserve too!

Your brand's photography is one of the most powerful marketing tools you could ever use! Are you using yours correctly? Are your visuals connecting to your target audience? I want you to look at your blog and social media photos, your brand colors, your brand personality, your brands mission and see if it aligns with what you are trying to portray.

    Your photos is apart of your brand...don't sleep on it!

    Often times when people think about visual identity that only think about website design. They completely miss photography as being one of the top elements. Your brand is your business's identity and it's what attracts people to your website or social media. Your brand helps you interact with the right audience and gain customers in the long run. Don't think for a second that photography doesn't need to be up to par with your brand identity. THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!

    Your brand includes your voice, your message, and your values and if your visuals isn't screaming that then you need to rethink what you are doing. YOUR BRAND IS YOU!

    Think about it, what draws us to a company isn't just their products it's there images and what it makes us feel and think.

    TAKE ACTION: Are your photos consistent? Check your brand across social media and your blog and make sure that the color and vibe of your photos are all consistent.
    • Are your visuals consistent throughout your blog and social media?
    • Are your visuals attracting your ideal audience or clients?
    • Is it portraying your brand's message?
    Think of the brands that you love, close your eyes and chances are specific images will come to mind. Take mine for instance, She Bold. What images pop up? Bright, elegant, and feminine, right?! Think about if my images were dark, gloomy, or monotone. That wouldn't fit with my branding at all...nor my personality bleh! It confuses the mind and make people see your brand as unprofessional and possibly untrustworthy.  You need to be intentional with how you represent your brand through visuals.

      If you need consistent images for your brand check out the She Bold Stock for the membership or get custom images with my services!

      In the comments: 
      Pick a particular brand and tell me how does their images resonate with you?


      1. great information! I'm more of a "for fun and stress relief blogger" but someday I hope to really monetize my blog. For now I'm just loving all of the tips and information. Thanks for putting this together!

      2. I love your photos and I would love to learn tips to how to a create pretty flatlays!

      3. I totally agree with all of this! And I love your bright branding so much. Good luck with your new course!

      4. Your photos are so fun and colorful! Love

      5. I always love your Instagram! I'm still figuring out my Instagram aesthetic but I personally can't stay with once niche. xo


      6. You're right. Personally, I spend more time on blogs and social media accounts of those with gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing this. I need to up my visual game!