The Sneakiest Way to Supercharge your Instagram

Did you know there are ways to automate Instagram without having to actively go on Instagram every single day?

I'm not talking about the liking and comment bots(I'll discuss that later). I'm talking about actually scheduling out post without having to manually do it. I'm talking about no notifications sent to your phone at all. I'm talking selling your products in your sleep on Instagram. I'm talking getting you likes, comments, and follows. I'm talking CONSISTENCY!!! You simply schedule it out and it does  the rest for you. It's like Buffer for your Instagram. Ok, so now that I got ya hyped let me tell you about and why I'm seriously obsessed with this new Instagram Automation Hack!

*this isn't sponsored and there is no affiliate links I just find this to be so cool :)

Favorite Apps and Learning of New Ones

Last week on my Stock photo IG account @shebold_stock I sent out an IG post about people's favorite apps to plan out instagram. One awesome girlboss let me in on one I had no clue about. She told me about and how it's the only IG scheduler that actually publishes your post to instagram without having to manually do it. I was a sceptic because I've tried Later that everyone raves about. I thought  the Later App would scheduled out post without me having to do it but uuuum when I seen a notification for me to post, I was a bit turned off. I haven't been on there since so I'm not sure if it has changed. I mainly use Plann, as a way to plan out my IG for all of my accounts.

Pros and Con of this Apps
  • Plann: Lets you plan out your IG feed and schedule and post to IG. But of course you have manually go in to your instagram to do this.

Have you tried any of these?

Learning more about 

I digress, I checked out this website (it's not an app) and was shocked at the claims. "Ok let me see what you are working with." So I tried it out for the 3 day trial and was shocked to find that it actually worked! I went into my 3 planning apps(don't judge me) and planned out my feed for 3 days. I then went to the website and wrote out the caption and scheduled the post out for my best times of the day (I used to use Prime for this). At the end of the day I went to my IG for some relaxation time and found that all 3 of my IG accounts post went out and I had tons of comments, likes, and follows like I normally would if I did it manually!

Could this last forever?

With the way Instagram is who knows how long this will stick because as you know Instagram isn't a big fan of 3rd party apps. However, isn't violating the terms of use by cleverly utilizing a clause saying that "posts must be initiated by an instagram user!"

What's the Price?

I didn't know of the pricing until after I sign up but to my surprise it really isn't that bad of a deal. It cost only $3.95/month for each instagram account you want to access AFTER THE 3 DAY TRIAL. I have 3 accounts so that will be around $16/month which still isn't that bad if you have more accounts than 1. You can schedule and publish on your phone or computer. Plan out your week or month in advance without having to manually go in to instagram. 

Was this Helpful?

I hope you found this helpful. For me I'm not much of a lover of social media to be honest, so things like this really help me stick to a plan and still get stuff done without burn out. You can sell your products literally in your sleep and also get likes, comments, and followers without having to do anything extra(although I do have another special hack for this too). Remember to still engage as much as you can but don't look at it as a chore. If you are feeling like Instagram is a chore then this may be for you.

I have a few more hacks for Instagram so if you want more blog posts on this let me know!

Let me know in the comments: Have you ever used this website? Do you think this could change the way you view Instagram?

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The best instagram app to help increase your chances to getting more followers and engagement every single day!

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    The How-to Guru

  14. I wanted to try preview, then I found out it's only for iphones and I use a samsung galaxy.

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