How to Create Custom Pinterest Boards

Have you ever seen pinterest boards that you actually envy?

In today's Pinterest lessons it's all about creating boards, editing boards, and creating a cohesive pinterest feed that get you tons of followers every day. If you haven't seen my post about creating pinterest bios click here!

If you didn't know Pinterest boards are where you save your pins. Whether it's pins from your own blog post or pins you see while searching through Pinterest. You can add new boards, create secret boards, and even add collaborative boards where others can pin to your board. You can also edit the name or description of your board which will help with Pinterest search engines.

Why Creating a Cohesive Pinterest Profile is so important!

When it comes to creating a cohesive pinterest profile you need to make sure that what you are pinning still aligns with your brand especially if you wanting to make money via pinterest.

Here is 5 Reasons you need to create a cohesive account:

  1. It's clear and focused
  2. It looks professional
  3. You'll become recognisable
  4. It shows you know your audience well
  5. It builds trust because people know what they are getting

Create your Board!

Creating a board is super easy
  1. Go to profile
  2. Click Boards
  3. Click on "Create a board"
  4. Name it (remember keep it simple and searchable)
  5. Keep it public or secret(you decide)
  6. Edit the Description(Remember SEO and Keywords)
  7. Save

Brand Your Profile!

Figure out what you want others to see that aligns with your brand. Remember if you really love pinterest and have a lot of interest you can always changed them to secret boards or even make a separate pinterest account just for you.  Now back to creating boards that convert to followers.

Think about your blog or what you want your brand  to convey. If you are a social media blogger your boards should consist  of Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc tips and tricks! When people come to your account they will know exactly what they are getting. If you are lifestyle blogger that focuses on mental health have boards that focus on help with mental health.

Just like with any branding you need to know your why for creating each board, know your audience, and have a cohesive color theme that makes sense to you!

How to Create a Custom Pinterest Board Cover in Canva

It took so much time trying to figure out the right size but for you I got you covered. No one should go through that haha!  Once I figured out the correct sizing and cropping, I made a template using my favorite app ever Canva! You can use any editing app.  Here's how to create your own!

STEP 1: Get the Right Size
Choose from Social Media Template or Choose Custom Dimensions and go with 800x800

STEP 2: Choose your background
This is where you can get funky! Choose a solid background or photos! If you chose the social media template you can also play with their templates if you can't decide on a cool background.

 STEP 3: Choose Your Font
Make your font easy to read and keep them all consistent. If you have branded fonts that's even better! Make sure the font size is big enough but not to big!  This may require downloading and uploading to pinterest to see how well it looks as a cover!

STEP 4: Download 
I always use png my own personal preference!


Step 5: Go to your Pinterest profile
 Click boards if it's not already set, here you can see all of your boards together

Step 6: Upload from device!

Step 7: Choose the board to add your cover to.

 Step 8: Go to Your Board you uploaded your cover and Edit Board
Go down to "cover" and click "change the image." The image should be the first one you see.

Step 9: Save Changes and You are Done!
You now have your first custom board cover now lets make the rest!

**Side Note**
The problem with creating custom pinterest boards is that pinterest seems to always change the sizing of it so I'll regularly be updating this post when I learn of new changes. As of April 2017 these are the current custom sizes for custom covers. Follow me on pinterest and learn more about how to create a profitable and successful blog and social media

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how to create custom pinterest boards for pinterest to develop a consistent brand
Do you like the look of a cohesive pinterest account? Who are your favorites accounts to follow?


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  4. Thank you, I just recently started using Canva even though I am pretty good at Photoshop but Canva is a piece of cake to use. Good tip about making some of my boards secret.

  5. This is SO smart - I literally never thought of doing this before, but it makes so much sense! Bookmarking this to try when I have some extra time to clean up my Pinterest profile!

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