How to Cold-Email a Company or Influencer!

Writing an email to a company or influencer can be so nerve racking trust me I've did both!

You are worried about the no's and worried about the yes's what to do after that haha! It can be pretty intimidating, especially if your are just an unknown entrepreneur or blogger. But do not let that fear hold you back from taking action. Ask yourself this one question: What do you possibly have to lose? Nothing, nothing at all my dear! If you ever want to start making money or getting your products seen by others you have to put yourself out there! It's not gonna come to you!

Cold-Email Process!

The first step in doing a cold-email is finding the person/people you want to contact!

Here's 2 simple steps to finding their email!

  1. Make a contact list: Make a list of people in your desired profession or niche that you respect and admire. If you could get someone's time who would it be...go!
  2. Find their E-mail: Depending who is on the list, it can be either extremely easy or extremely hard. If it's a celebrity don't expect it to be a walk in the park! Make sure your contacts are relatively accessible. You can find them via google, on their website, in their social media bios, etc. Also check if they have a LinkedIn account. If you can't find anything look up people who they work with.

Who can use Cold-Emailing?

Bloggers looking to Collab with a Company
I don't do sponsored post anymore since I'm making my own passive income using custom stock photos, blog coaching, and my membership. However, when I did, I learned a couple of tricks for getting a reply back and even getting paid!

Bloggers or Entrepreneurs looking to Collab with top Influencers or potential clients
I reached out to a couple of top influencers in the blogging niche, I got a few no's but I did get my very first yes! Remember you will hear no's as you are starting out but remember for every 10 no's there is at least 1 yes coming your way! Once you make a name for yourself go back to the one's that said no, you'll be surprised at what happens!

Creating the Email 

Ask for advice or help, not money!

It's so important to not focus so much on the money in this first email (take into account I said the first email).  People are wired to want to help others. Every top brand or influencer started at the very bottom so chances are some of them want to be able to give advice.

Show your enthusiasm and know your stuff!

Have you ever seen  one of those generic, run of the mill emails that simply let's you know they definitely have not did much research on you. I literally had someone wanting me to write a review on prom dresses....uuuuuh I'm not in high school and I don't talk about prom next! This type of email doesn't even need a response. I'm freaking 25 years old and I talk about helping creatives stand out online. But they would know that if they actually looked at my blog and seen how I've rebranded my website and content. Same goes with you make sure you look around their site, find things that you really love about their site or social media and mention it in the email. You don't have to go overboard but at least show that you actually look at their stuff. Your enthusiasm showcases confidence thereby elevating your pitch!

Listen if you don't know your stuff don't expect a reply! Although I received some no's, those people that I contacted all replied back to me even extending the helping hand of letting me guest post on their site! That's because I told them what I loved about their blog, site, social media, etc. Taking time to research your subject beforehand will pay off in the long run.

Keep it Short and Concise!

No one has time to read a long short story! Show your enthusiasm, ask for help and keep it simple. These are busy people and they look through their emails quickly.  Grab their attention within the first two sentences with something that compels them to continue reading. Focus on at least 3-4 sentences at the most or short enough that the reader can respond to it in under a minute.

Make it personal

You are an awesome person let them know that! They have little to no idea who you are so make sure they do by the time they finish reading it. So to make it personal by showing kindness, using their names, and show your personality to make them smile!

Here are a few tips to make emails personal:

  1. Don't send out one standard email to a whole bunch of people. People will know that it's just another formulated template!
  2.  Make it about them not you! Now hang with me here. People are selfish they want it to be all about them so instead of "I" and "me" use more of "you" and "your." 
  3. Add their name so they will feel like they are getting a very personalized email catered to just them.

    What if they don't respond?

    Follow up! There's no other way of getting them to notice you. If you do one email and they don't respond don't give up. They are most likely getting tons of emails daily so it's most likely your email has gotten buried in the list. Email them once a week and always wait a week before following up again. So basically follow up twice a month! They will admire your persistence even if they think it's annoying! Remember cold e-mailing required persistence and patience!

    So I hope these tips will help you finally take the chance to email your favorite bloggers, influencers, or companies! Be persistent and follow up every so often. Eventually you'll get that "yes" that will make all the difference!

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    Have you ever written a cold email to a blogger or company?   What did you include  that you think made them open it? 

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    1. Love these tips! I send a lot of emails to brands but I haven't been keeping track so I could follow-up. Ugh, not my finest moment. Thanks for the advice. Now I know to keep a spreadsheet of who I have contacted and when.

    2. This just scares me to death! :) I have a ways to go before I will have anything to offer, but I love how you've broken it down step by step!

    3. This is exactly what I needed to read. I've thought about reaching out companies/businesses so many times, but never did out of fear. But you're so right. I literally have nothing to lose! So next time it comes up, I'm going to try and jump out of my comfort zone and send that email!

    4. Such good tips and great advice! I need to start cold pitching more!

    5. I haven't started cold emailing yet. We will be traveling soon, and I might have to start! Thanks for the tips.

    6. Love it! I'm all about cold emailing and pitching! I use twitter and Instagram daily to get the contact's for companies I want to work with.

    7. as a new blogger I found this very helpful! thanks for sharing :)