15 Productivity Tips for Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs!

If you are on the look out to improve work productivity, you've come the right place.

Here are 15 tips that any business owner can incorporate into their day to improve productivity and efficiency.

1. Plan your day the night before

You've heard it since you was little and it still applies even as a business owner. Plan out what your goals are, what you'll be doing, create a routine and stick with it.

2. Theme your Work Days

This is one of my favorite things to do. I love themes for certain days of the week. This ensures that I'm getting everything done on a specific day. Say for instance I batch my stock photography session and edit on Wednesday! I'll plan out what I'll create, get out all of the props and work for a designated amount of time. I then will go to my editing software and work on the final touches. Make a theme for each day of the week!

3. Create a Routine

Set a routine an keep to it. That means start your day at a certain time, work until a designated time and then stop. Remember if you are a small business owner (especially working from home) setting a work begin and end time will save you from feeling like you are working too much. For example, wake up at 6, start work promptly at 8am, and end by 4pm. You'll have plenty of time to get everything accomplish and back to spending time with your family and friends!

4. Review and Adjust your Schedule

Of course planning your day, theme days, and routines do not always go as plan. There are always obstacles so adjust to them instead of feeling overwhelmed. Review what is most important and do that first. During the weekend make sure to adjust your schedule based on events that come up for the following week.

5. Cover the hard stuff first

Speaking of hard stuff, do that first before anything. You'll have more focus and you'll be able to get it out of the way so you can move onto the easier tasks.

6. Batch your work

Just like theme days create batch days! Say for instance, you want to schedule out pins on board booster for the week ahead. Take out  30-60 minutes out of your day and do it. It'll save you more time than you think. Try that with  content creations for your website and social media. Create a set time to email others back or respond to comments and questions.

7. Jot down your Thoughts!

If you have an idea, inspiration, or need to remember something be sure to jot it down in a notebook or an app in your phone. This will ensure that you won't forget certain things worth remembering.

8. Turn off distractions

For meetings and time consuming task that require tons of focus just turn every distraction you can think of off! Turn off your phone app notifications, turn off the tv, music, even family members haha. Tell them you need an hour to focus on a certain task.

9. Quality over Quantity

Don't feel like you have to get everything finished. Sometimes we put more things on us as business owners so it's important to take a step back and find out what's really important! If its not moving the business forward its not necessary. If you need help auditing your day find an expert or virtual assistant.

10. Take Small Steps in Bigger Situations

If you have a really big project make sure to beat overwhelm by breaking down the project into smaller steps. Take a deep breath and start with one small step at a time. Every step is a step forward.

11. Schedule in fun time

Don't forget, you need to relax. If you enjoy watching YouTube videos (aka me) schedule that into your day. Block off 15 minutes every so many hours to release the tension. If you do that you'll be able to focus on the rest of the day more productively.

12. Have 3 things that you accomplish!

Yep, if all else fails and your routine gets completely messed up at least complete 3 task. It could be as small as answering some emails, phone calls, or meetings. This ensures that you have something to look at as accomplishments.

13. Automate Social Media

Use apps like Hoot suite and Buffer to manage your posts and create them ahead of time. Social media can be so time consuming especially if you get sucked into conversations, tweets, Facebook or Instagram feeds. This way  you want be interrupting your workflow and you can continue to do the  important things without distractions.

14. Take care of yourself

Show your body special care especially early in the morning. Take a shower, put on cute clothes for the day, put on make up if you want to, and do your hair. Make sure you are still making yourself feel good from the inside out by eating a healthy meal and exercising for at least 10-30 minutes to relieve stress. Self management is so important so get enough sleep, manage stress and anxiety and reconnect with fun activity's with family and friends.

15. Reward Yourself

At the end of the week, reward yourself. Relax a bit and do the things you enjoy. You set a great routine, you accomplished at least 3 things every day, and you planned for days that don't go too well. You absolutely deserve it more than you think!

What are some ways you like to boost productivity?


  1. Great suggestions! I find planning ahead and tackling the hard stuff first does help me get things done. I like the idea of setting out 3 things to accomplish!

  2. I get distracted so easily or I find distractions :) Thank you for your tips.

  3. Such great suggestions, I need lots of help and this is perfect for me!

  4. good question! I think for me, its about spending time on things that get the most return and then letting go of the rest.

  5. I like the idea of batching your work. Great tips.

  6. I always have to remind myself quality over quantity. Sometimes you feel the pressure to always be producing something new!

  7. Awesome post you have here! A very helpful one. I'd also like to recommend the productivity app for salespeople. Anyway, Thanks for sharing!

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