How to Design Your Own Pinterest Graphics with Stock Photos!

I'm sharing with you how to create gorgeous pins that get you noticed using the best and easy online photo editor I've used in a long time, Canva! I've had my fair share of testing out editors and this is by far the easiest, simplest, and  there are no ads making it run slow(yes Picmonkey and Fotor I'm talking about you haha)!

Why Photos Matter on Pinterest!

When it comes to Pinterest you cant just have any old photo. If the photos are low quality people will not re-pin your images! That's just a fact that a lot of people don't seem to understand. If you have all of the right things going for your pinterest but your photos are crappy, people just will not repin it :( When I go on Pinterest to repin images I try to find gorgeous photos and if I see a pin that is less than flattery I won't repin I'll scroll on pass.

What do I mean by low quality though?

  • Photos that are grainy or blurry
  • Photos that are not vibrant or bright
  • Photos with no text or understanding of what the image is about
  • Graphics that are not vertical and long
  • Photos that do not give you a clear idea about what the graphic is  about
  • Basically Photos that aren't appealing to the eye

Stock Photos have become an ever increasing presence among this social platform and  it gets you re-pins and followers a lot more often! People are visual and they love to see beautiful images!
I'll be sharing with you how to use my styled stock photos from my Styled Stock Membership  to show you how amazing stock photos can be for social media!

Check out these graphics for instance:
From my old blog
To my new blog

I created all of these using Canva! So let's get into the tutorial!

Step 1: Go to Canva and sign in!

You have the option of signing in with Google, Facebook or by email!

Step 2: Next Click the more button and click on Pinterest Graphic!

This will open up a new window. There you will see a ton of Pinterest templates that are great to use! So if you are a beginner I highly suggest starting there but remember some are FREE and some are not!

Step 3: Before you do any thing Resize that ish!

I'm not too much of a fan of the dimensions this graphic has (735x1102). I like for my pinterest Graphics to be longer plus longer graphics carry over well with Pinterest users! My favorite dimension to use is 700x1200. If I need it longer for lets say an infographic, I'll always keep  it at 700 wide but change the length between 1300-1600 to create an awesome graphic that gets noticed! Now this will take away the templates but you got this!
  1. Go to File
  2. Choose Change Dimensions
  3. Use Custom Dimension
  4. Then resize to the dimensions you want. Remember Keep it at 700 and then change the length to 1200 and above!

Step 4: Add Your Text

You now have a blank canvas to play around with. Don't let this intimidate you! What I like to do is first have a clear idea of what my title is going to be and then add the text! Since I have the paid version my branded fonts are already there for my disposal (life saver!) So I'll always use those fonts when creating my graphics. It's important to have cohesive graphics as a blogger.

When it comes to making your text stand out, you need to keep in mind what words you want to stand out the most! So for instance my title is "How to Design Your Own Pinterest Graphics using Stock Photos" The best way to figure out what should be bold and what shouldn't be is by thinking about what a person's eye would be drawn to when scrolling down pinterest. So if they are trying to figure out how to create a Pinterest graphic I'll make sure "Your Own Pinterest Graphics" will be my bold font! Then I  build around that! Play around with typography and colors to make it different and fun! I like to create the base and then come back to this step to add the colors!

Step 5: Add Your Image!

As I stated before the templates go away after you change dimensions. So you'll have to upload some photos that speaks to your blog post! I already have a ton of stock photos I've created already in this section!

You can use one of the photo grids that's already provided if you'd like however I like to manually go in and rearrange my photos so they are different and unique! If you would like a video tutorial on this let me know! Go ahead and pick your image. Make any adjustments to it, such as, brighten or contrast using the filter button when the image is selected. You can move it around so that your text will be more visible by double clicking on the image and moving it.

Step 6: Get funky!

To make your image stand out more add little elements to make it unique to your brand. I like to go in elements and click on different outlines and shapes to help make my text stand out better. I'll change up the colors and add my personal touch!

 Download your image and place it in your blog post!

I hope you learned something new about designing graphics for Pinterest! Pinterest is a great place to get tons of inspiration. You want others to be able to get inspiration from you right?! So make the most of your stock photos and up your Pinterest!

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Do you like to use stock photos in your graphics?


  1. Oh, this is awesome tutorial, Jasmine. I've always wondered how to make my Pinterest better. I'll have to give this a try and focus on my Pinterest soon. Thanks!

    1. Yes Pinterest has been a life-changer for me!! You should definitely do it!

  2. I've really gotta try Canva. Thanks!

  3. I love your tips! Canva is great and I love how I can add my own photos :)

  4. I love your tips and the screenshots. I've only used Canva a few times because it seemed confusing (I am NOT good with graphics), but I'm going to try it out again. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for sharing! I got lost in Step 6. Could you do a tutorial or let me know how you created the box and changed the colors?