The Ultimate Tricks to Become a Successful Blogger

The secret to great success is quality content and consistent brand! 

You can have the  prettiest design, the best widgets on planet earth. However, if you're writing is lackluster, no information to give, no personality, then your blog cannot be successful! Ok that sounds harsh, but, it's the truth unfortunately.

People do not read blogs just for nothing anymore. They need a reason to read it. Do you have a point to get across? Do you have something to say that will help change someone else's life? Is your post interesting or creative? Do you provide worthwhile content that keeps your readers coming back for more.

The #1 goal of any successful blogger is questioning...How can I, the blogger, help you, the reader?

1. Treat Your Blog like a Business

If you want to turn your blog into business you need to start treating it like one! Create business days and office hours...yes literally! I'm not playing, do it haha! Its so important to have set days and hours to work on achieving goals. Commit your time to growing a blog that will rack in serious cash money! If you have any fears about starting a business with your blog check this post out!

2. Create Your Best Work before You Launch your Blog!

The first thing I suggest doing before you make your blog go live to the entire world to see as a new blogger, is to make 5-10 post that you are truly proud of. Like seriously proud of! I've seen new bloggers come out on top because of this! By creating these post before sharing it on social media it helps to set the stage for what your readers can expect from you. This also shows others what you are capable of as a writer and as a blogger. Need help on blog post ideas here's an article on generating blog post for your blog!

3. Keep a Regular Schedule!

This is something I wish I knew when I started. I would post sporadically but I did however try to post once a week. Now as you can see I'm posting every single day because it makes me happy. Pick how many days you feel you can do. It may only be 1 day a week but if it is 1 day week make it known that you will be posting on the same day at a specific time, preferably in the morning! By posting and sharing early in the morning this gives people the opportunity to see it all day. BONUS your readers will know when they can expect a great blog post from you. 

3. Plan out Your Post

If you are going to write daily or at least once a week you need to plan it out. Your readers need information that is clear, to the point, and understandable. If you are writing daily, I suggest planning out posts at least a month in advance. Now this doesn't mean you have to write 30 freaking post in a couple of days...that's madness! However take the weekends to write out your post for that week. Research, Research, and RESEARCH some more. Check out  the anatomy of a blog post to make your blog post rock!

4. Create a Killer Headline

This reels the reader in. Call it clickbait or link bait if you will. We see this a lot of the time on YouTube! You need to draw in your audience with words that shock and that evoke a response, that's usually a click to your blog! Now that they have clicked make sure to reel them in even further with an epic introduction that evokes even more of a response. These two key elements help drive traffic to your blog and keep them there to read your post. The key here is to tell people what your blog post is about without actually telling them everything! Remember to add keywords that help with SEO (These are keywords people normally search for on google). 

5. Listen to your audience!

You won't keep your audience if you aren't listening to them! In order to crate a thriving blog + business, you have to know who your target market is! When you know who you are trying to reach with your blog then you'll be able to create content, products, and services that are tailored to them. Once you listen now its time to deliver! Check out this post on finding your ideal reader!

6. They set goals and they do them!

It's so important to set goals as a blogger wanting to be successful! If you don't have goals you will just be all over the place! The best bloggers set goals for growth, projects they want to create, and so much  more! Dream big and then deliver! 

7. Plan ahead!

Planning ahead makes blogging go smooth and less stressful! Create an editorial calendar for blog posts in advance! Would you like to see a post on how I do my editorial calendar?

8. They Collaborate and Network!

It's soooo important to meet other like minded people in your niche! Collaborating includes  bloggers and brands. It's a great way to grow your audience, but also build meaningful relationships! Write guests posts team up for live chats, interview each other, or create products together! Check out this post about networking with bloggers!

9. Engage with your Audience!

Successful bloggers engage with their audience! They nourish the relationships of their loyal followers! Make time to engage and interact with them. Encourage them to leave comments, ask questions, do polls! There are so many ways to it! You can make some awesome friends!

10. Their Brand Rocks!

Branding your blog is one of the top things you can do to make people addicted to your blog! Know why you started blogging, who you are blogging for, and what you will create for them! Then you can get to the fun stuff designing, planning, and creating a rock solid Blog that kicks butt!

I hope these tips help you as much as they are helping me. If there is anything you would like for me to touch basis on in upcoming blog tips let me know in the comments below! 

The ultimate tricks to become a successful Blogger


How to create a blog and brand that makes people subscribe, engage, and follow you. Here are tips of how successful bloggers make people addicted to their blog! Grow your blog traffic, followers, and make money now!


  1. Awesome tips! I already use some of these but I will certainly be implementing some of the others. I really need to find an editing buddy.

    1. That's so great!!! Yep having someone that can help you is really good to have and even when you don't have them around they'll always be in the back of your head making grammar corrections haha!

  2. Wow awesome post...thanks so much for sharing! I am still very new to this world as I only started a couple months ago and am struggling to see how my blog can go from where it is now to something actually successful in the future!

    1. Be patient that's the most important part! Firstly you need to know that your blog is good, you have to believe that wholeheartedly or your readers want believe in it either. Keep striving and your's will be successful ;)

  3. Thank you for sharing your expertise. There is so much to learn about blogging.

    I post once weekly - any more than this and I will feel stretched and I believe the quality in each posy would reduce.

    Grammar - check, check and check! I use an app. I type my blog on say Thursday and check again every day until I post it. I am guaranteed to find an error or tweak my sentences in one way or another.

    All the best with your blog!

    1. It's so true if you are overdoing yourself the posts will not come out good at all! What app do you use I would love to get?! Thank you so much and much success to you as well :)

  4. Thanks for sharing! I've jotted a few ideas down to explore further later!

  5. Great tips! I'm definitely going to use being consistent to let my readers know when to expect a blog post from me!


  6. Great tips! I'm definitely going to use being consistent to let my readers know when to expect a blog post from me!


  7. I love all these tips! They are all very relevant and useful!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  8. I love these tips! I need to start practising them, thanks for sharing.

  9. I like this post. It's beneficial to both newbies and established bloggers. There is always something to learn :)

  10. these are great (and very true) tips, darling!
    cute blog.

  11. Such a helpful post, Jasmine! I didn't know highlighting a word helped with SEO, great tip. I've just started planning out my posts this year and it's really helping :)

  12. Linking back to old posts is such a great tip that I always do!
    Charlotte //

  13. I still don't do the clickbait thing because I want a title that relates to the post.. anyway, I agree about the grammar/spelling thing. I get really turned off and don't bother to come back or even leave a comment when it's just horribly written.

    Arianne | Ayre

  14. Hey Jasmine, thanks for the great advice.
    Love the design of your page too. Gold Star!

  15. Wonderful tips and very informative

  16. Im really new to blogging and its so wonderful to read post like these. I'm still learning as I go but I will definitely keep these in mind. Thank you (:

  17. Nice post! I've been blogging for a long time now but it's changed and evolved a lot in those years. I still want to grow my blog, so it's nice to get other people's ideas and tips! I do think it's a good idea to plan and schedule a head because it keeps your blog up to date with information/posts, but it will hopefully relieve stress too.


  18. Great tips! I definitely need to be better at having a schedule.

    xo, Gigi

  19. Great post and tips - thanks!

    Megan -

  20. Headlines are always a bit hard for me. I'm more lifestyle, mental health aspects - but can't always come up with something that just POPS. Something I know I need to work on.

    Thanks for these tips! Really helpful. Like always!! <3
    Cheers love.

  21. Great post for beginners and experience bloggers alike! We can't forget the basics!

  22. I'm ashamed to admit this, but I've totally been doing the clickbait thing lately for YouTube. At least somewhat. I prefer to think of it as... engaging title creation. You know. Building intrigue with words. In the same way we're supposed to continue building intrigue throughout the entire post or video or whatever to keep people watching. Or so I tell myself so I can sleep at night, haha.