101 Ways to Make Your Blog Stand Out

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Why is standing out sooo important?

Well Imagine this...
When you first came to my blog, it captivated you, right! All the bright colors, animation, awesome in-depth content and high quality photos! You will remember this blog because it's not something you've seen before in terms of design! I mean seriously who has an animated header! You want to subscribe because of all of the awesome helpful advice and before you leave you will be hit with a pop up to see if you want a cool bloggers tool kit with tons of printables to get your blog in tip top shape!! You'll become a fan and then a customer because I have something extra special at the end of this post ;)

Look, if you have a brand (your platform such as your blog, social media, or business) that is boring and bland people will be less likely to stay! Think of all the famous brands you know what makes them so unbelievably stand outish! They do something that makes them memorable and popular!

I wanted to give you over 100 ways to really make your blog stand out from the crowd so let's get into whew...this is going to be long one! Get your coffee hehe! 

Blog Design 

1. Choose a reliable blog platform
2. Make sure your platform is branded!
3. Make sure everything on your blog has a purpose, don't clutter your blog with nonsense.
4. Make sure to have a top navigation bar with a drop down menu for categories
5. Don't make your text too small or too big.
6. Stay away from weird fonts stick to normal easy to read fonts.
7. Never have a background on light text or dark text on dark backgrounds.
8. Don't use too many fonts on your blog. Stick to 2-3 fonts max!
9. Don't have too many colors or colors that hurt the eye. Look into the psychology of color.
10. Create a visual hierarchy: titles, headings, and sub-headings.
11. Make sure you have logical size, color, font, etc changes between titles, headings, and body text
12. Make your logo stand out but let them know what your blog is about!
13. Stay away from too many pop ups! I use Mail Munch!
14. Have a single pop up that pops up at a specific time. Never when they first get to your blog.
15. Create a killer About Me Page
16. You don't have to put all of you colors in your Logo
17. Add color to your sidebar
18. Have a clear title/logo at the top of your page
19. Have a tagline to let people know what your  blog is about
20. Use consistent imagery on your sidebar
21. Improve your blog speed
22. Include a About Page, Contact Info, Privacy Policy(if needed)
23. Create a custom 404 page
24. Display your popular posts
25. Back up your blog regularly

Blog Content

26. Create a Strong Headline that hooks people before they read
27. Write what people want to read. Think what would I search for on Google
28. Add relevant tags
29. Review your content and make sure it makes sense and that it add value.
30. Add an e-signature
31. Offer freebies
32. Offer Interactions like surveys, polls, contest
33. Proofread
34. Get Personal by letting them get to know you a little more
35. Keywords is a Must for search engines
36. Make content easier to scan with bullet points, short paragraphs, and lists
37. Link out to other blogs gets you noticed by other bloggers
38. Cross link to older post from your archives
39. By the way, Update your older post
40. Keep a consistent schedule. Let people know you are alive!
41. Invite Guest Bloggers with strong writing skills and large followings to compliment your blog.
42. Be a Guest blogger on other blogs
43. Spotlight others on your blog
44. Respond to comments on your blog
45. Break up long post into series.
46. Make links a different color, bold, or underlined when using them in the body text
47. Make sure you have clear separation between each element on your page.
48. Clean up your sidebar. Think purpose and what value it adds to your readers
49. Don't use ads or at least be tasteful about it. 1-2 ads are enough if that!
50. Make sure your blog is mobile friendly. Make sure your theme is responsive.
51. Search bars are essential. Addi t to either your navigation bar, sidebar, or footer.
52. Dont have too many social share buttons. 1 to 2 max.
53. Make sure we can see your social media follow buttons!
54. Make your contact info easy to find. Use a separate page and put it in your navigation bar
55. Test your site for errors. Make sure links and pages.
56. Make sure your blog design resonate with your target audience
57. Make sure your about me section is up to date
58. Update social media links
59. Create a brand Guideline
60. Create content upgrades for old  and new blog post
61. Check for typos
62. Create Compelling Calls-to-Actions
63. Limit yourself to 1 call to action.
64. Make sure your call to action is clear and to the point.
65. Don't be afraid to use capital letters, bold, italics, underlines, and highlighters
66. Add character, your voice, to every post

Read this post on the anatomy of a blog post and how to generate tons of blog post ideas

Promotion and Social Media

67. Let readers receive your post via email to expand your reach
68. Share your post on social media
69. Add your blog URL to your social media bios
70. Create a business card and place it everywhere!
71. Add a link to your email signature
72. Have a giveaway to engage potential readers
73. Incorporate social sharing links or buttons in every post at the top and bottom
74. Comment on other blogs with genuine feedback and love!
75. Got something you want to share, advertise on social media to drive traffic to it!
76. Left align your text but you can center some paragraph text if its something important.
77. Make sure links work before you hit publish.
78. Join Facebook Groups: comment, network, and share
79. Use relevant hashtags that make sense for every blog post
80. Pass on your wealth of knowledge by sharing other posts on social media
81. Host challenges to engage old and new readers
82. Create a Newsletter
83. Collaborate with others on challenges, giveaways, webinars, services, products, etc.
84. Say thank you to your new and old audience via emails, social medias, or post.
85. Be responsive on social media.
86. Have a consistent social media presence.
87. Use Click to Tweet widgets
88. Make sure your brand is consistent across your social media
89. Have the same profile picture across your social media
90. Create compelling cover photos
91. Make different blog post graphics for your social media
92. Allow readers to subscribe to your blog. Use Feedburner
93. Participate in twitter chats

Media and Photography

94. Create a mood board for your blog, what do you want your blog to give off.
95. People are visual beings, Add visuals such as photography and graphics in every post.
96. Videos, audio, and presentations breaks you away from the pack!
97. Find stunning free or paid stock photos to add to your post...here's 100 free stock photos!
98. For graphics without photos use Canva!
99. Make sure music and videos are not on autoplay, turn it off!
100. Update old pictures that fall outside of your brand visual guidelines
101. Use a pinterest button on your images

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101 ways to make your blog stand out. Create a blog design you will love, social media that will get you raving fans, traffic, engagement and so much more!


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