Where to Find Photography Props

If you didn't see my previous blog post check it out here! I share with you my rebranding process for the new year, new business ventures, and my blog schedule for this month! For Thursdays it's all about Photography Tips!

I've built up quite a lot of photography props in the course of this year, actually it may be an addiction haha! I've literally stopped buying clothes just to get a cute mug that would totally rock in a photo! Photo Props make or break a photo to be perfectly honest! It shows personality and set the tone for the overall photo! I am always on the hunt for photography props so I wanted to share my favorite places to find props for your photos!

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I'll say it until everyone hears it "The World is your Oyster!" Go searching for props everywhere! You do not always have to find expensive trendy things sometimes the little things matter most!

Know What You're Shopping For

The first thing you need to before going shopping for props is to figure out what you need first! If you know your theme and if you know your color scheme then it will be much easier to shop for what you need. You don't want to go in without a clue and find yourself getting things you really don't need, AKA ME! So make a shopping list and get ready to find cute trinkets for your flat lays.

1. After Holiday Deals

Omg this one is a big one! I found so many props after Thanksgiving this year it was redicoulus, I had to calm my ownself down haha! The same can be said for every other holiday. After every holiday wait a couple days and stores have a buttload of stuff ready to get rid of for the next holiday. I'll stock up on festive items for next year so I never have to worry about it again.

2. Thrift Shops! 

 Thrift shops have so many trinkets around, you wouldn't know what to do with yourself, literally! Thrift stores have gorgeous dishes and cups that date back to many years ago! This would go great for those that like a homey type of set up for their photos! If you are into food photography find place mats, napkins, and any utensils all for less than a 1 dollar each! You can also find pieces of fabric or sheets there that will perfect as an added detail or as the background! Go ahead and get wine glasses don't be shy! The thing about thrift shops is that you can pick and choose how many you want instead of getting a whole set when you just need one. I found some white plates with a gold rim on it, so gorgeous so I can't wait to have a little mini photo session with them. Make placemats and napkins or small blankets your  backdrops.

3. Office Supply Stores

If you love desk photos then Office supply stores are the way to go! You can find so many cute desk props like scissors, notebooks, clips, staplers, and of course notebooks.

4. Department and Home Stores 

Check the home decor section for cute lifestyle props like pillows, blankets, picture frames, globes, the list is endless!

5. Craft Stores

I love going in Craft stores. I shop here mostly for backdrops like fun craft paper and fabrics. They also have tons of flowers that I love to pick up too.

The Best Things Are Always Free

The best props are found around your house! So go on the hunt for anything and everything! It could be cute desk supplies, pieces of stationary, plants, flowers, dishes, even pieces of fruit! Your house is your oyster!!! Same goes for your background pieces. Get your comfy sheets or comforters out. If you happen to have cork boards or wooden pieces hanging around grab those too! Never forget that even the simplest things work too like your table, desk, floors, and even counters. Play around with what you have and if you find you want to add new pieces that's when it's time to shop!

Places I love to Shop

These are the places I shop the most for photography props. They are affordable yet have really expensive looking items, getting more bang for your buck!
  • Target
  • Michaels
  • Marshalls
  • Hobby Lobby 
  • Goodwills
  • TJ Maxx
  • Ross
  • Anthropology
  • Pier One
  • Amazon
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