The Anatomy of a Blog Post! Everything you need!

Create an epic Blog Post that gets the traffic you deserve!

Ok, so obviously you came to this post expecting to get some tips, right?! Welp you got it! I'm sharing the whole dang anatomy of a blog post and how to make it freaking epic! If you want more engaged readers well keep reading because you are gonna get it!


This 1st section is all about grabbing the reader's attention as soon as they come to the post. It's the very first impression. So how are you going to treat them, huh?! It's what makes them stay and it's what makes them leave. The Headline serves 1 main goal and that goal is to get the reader's attention...Go get'em tiger haha!


Moving on to the opening section it's all about summarizing the entire post quickly in 3-4 sentences. Tell them what the post is going to be about, get a little personal, and show your personality!  Once you get the reader's attention with the heading you now have to  reel'em in! Do you have what it takes? Of course you do, you are AWESOME!

Images and Graphics

We remember images 10x more easier than text. So images and visuals are a must for an epic blog post. Make visuals relevant to the post. Make sure you they are of great quality and include link to where visuals come from if it is not yours.

The 2 most important  blog posts elements include:

  1. A social media shareable image that will work for Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. This one can go at the top of your blog post below your opening! These are usually 800x800.
  2. Have a pinterest optimized image ready to go!Remember to have your image in original size as much as possible. It makes for a much better quality image because  if you have an image that is of low quality people most likely will not pin it. The best image size  for pinterest is 700x1200. It's ok to have a bigger image in your post so don't feel like it will annoy others just make sure it's not bleeding into your sidebar...not cute! All you need is 1 good pinterest sized image. This can go at the bottom or between subheadings OR EVEN BETTER YOU CAN HIDE IT like I did hehe! Check out this image below as well! Its an infographic perfect for Pinterest that I made...go ahead I know you want to share it ;)


Subheadings are here to let the reader scan. Let's be honest we don't read the entire post all the way through. If you read mine you are freaking trooper! It's important to help the reader as much as you can so they won't get bored and exit out. Breaking up your blog post with subheadings is a great way to break up a long winded post. Subheadings should relate to the headline.


The Ideal length of a blog post should be up to 1600 words. I know, I know it may seem like a lot and a very long post but hey that's why you have subheadings in between. But trust me you can break the rules on this one. We say the ideal length should be long mostly for pinterest because people love long post on pinterest and it's more likely to get pinned often. Also remember to show emotion and personality! People love that...Ain't that right?! I see you nodding haha ;)

Remember to break up long content with:

  • bullet points
  • lists
  • graphics
  • images
  • blocked quotes
  • subheadings
  • Bolded and Italicized sections

Call to Action (CTA)

People love to share things that they love and you know what better place to share things...twitter! Ooooh yeah baby!Btw, Have you seen this post on twitter marketing strategies? Anywho, Create a tweet for them to share and put it between subheadings and contents. I use It's super easy to create bookmark that page to keep it on hand! Btw....

Call to Action Part 2

Yep another one lol! You should include at least 2 Call to actions in each post! The first one is stated in the first CTA above. The second CTA is what you would like for your readers to do before leaving the post. Think about it, what do you want them to help you with now that you helped them. Do you want them to subscribe to your newsletter? How about asking them to reply  in the comments below or even check out your social media. Help them to engage with you too! Don't ask for too much though that's just being greedy haha!

Other Elements to include:

Social Media Sharing Buttons
This makes sharing 10x more easier for the reader and for you! People like when things are easy so make it easy for them. I use to make and customize these awesome share buttons you see around my blog! So hey if you like something share it...I won't mind ;)

So there you go the anatomy of an epic blog post! Go forth and create missy!
How did you like this post, was it helpful? Do you have anything to add leave it in the comments below! 

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Anatomy of a blog posts


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