How to Get Amazing Blog Traffic with a Twitter Marketing Strategy!

Getting traffic to a new blog and even a seasoned blog can be hard! Trust me I know that all too well! I've learned a lot of ways, some work short term and others long term! I've found one tactic that has helped me and I've noticed others are jumping on the bandwagon too! This marketing strategy will not only help improve traffic but also increase your following and engagement on a certain social media platform….interested?!

Twitter Got me 10,000 Pageviews in a Month?!!

Yep Twitter, that fast moving tweet fest got me my first 10,000 this past January! I've learned this in my quest to getting 10,000 pageviews  that having a Twitter marketing strategy is the easiest way to get pageviews! Pinterest was the next best thing...don't worry I'll touch on that soon ;)

  • I'll let you in on a secret: I went from less than 500-3,000 pageviews in 2015 to 10,000 just in January and over 60,000 pageviews as of last month and still counting! I honestly never thought I could get that because I had been blogging for 2 years with the same consistency. Although each year I grew this year really surpassed my goals!

My Twitter Marketing Strategy

1. Scheduling post throughout the day!

I use buffer to schedule tweets out! I used to use Hootsuite and Buffer together but found that to be too much. Instead I signed up for Buffer's $10 a month investment ever!

10 minute Rule!

If you have time in your day give 10 minutes to Twitter! If you are a Twitter addict that will be easy! For 10 minutes once or twice a day, I want you to spend that time setting up a bulk schedule of post going out throughout the day! My secret is, I schedule post every hour on the hour through Buffer.
  • Once you see when you audience is most engaged based on time of the day then you can then scale back and focus on the most engaged hours!
 It saves up so much time scheduling them all at once so you can focus on other things such as twitter chats!  I go crazy with scheduling but it has been effective! As a beginner, start scheduling your post at least 1 to 2  times every hour! You can move up to 3-6 later but that's for the crazy people like me haha! I'll post for day and night so people will always see it! The good thing is even after that hour I'm still getting retweets and favorites!

  • Trust me you will not annoy people! I've been doing it for quite sometime and I've gained instead of lost!

Why is that so effective!

Like I said Twitter is fast pace. People are constantly looking and posting! Why not let them see your stuff too! But you can't just put your post up and expect people to see it without any pizzazz! I've seen this far too often!

What to include in every twitter post!

3 key items to include! I recommend having your newest post going out every hour and then an older posts going out during that hour as well. Keep your blog post constantly rotating.
1.A catchy title! This should be your blog post title add some emojis to make it stand out!
2.A picture! People are visual! I use Canva to create images specific for twitter. 
3.Hashtags and Retweet accounts! Yep it's not just for Instagram. Use at least 3-5 hashtags and retweet accounts for effective sharing and promotion.

Don't forget to share other's too!

I like to set up some other tweets not related to mine to go out on the hour at least once! It not only shows that you like other people too lol but it also helps get your face out to other bloggers as well! Schedule other tweets like quotes, pictures, and blogpost!  
Hashtags and Rt accounts I use!
These are so important and I'm gonna tell you the ones I use! Copy and paste these somewhere to always have them! Don't forget to follow those retweet links as they only tweet those that follow!
Retweet Accounts

There you go! Now I don't put all of these in every post I mix them up! 
Retweet accounts are so effective and Hashtags make it easy for people who are not following you to see your post too! BONUS!!!
When you schedule post that are attractive to the eyes visually on top of having plenty of chances for it to  go out for everyone to see and possibly be retweeted over 50-100 times a day you can see how a blog post can gain tons of traffic just through Twitter! Give it a try this month and watch your page views and followers go up!

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  1. Great article! I use Buffer too to schedule tweets but I'm still using free account but I think it's time to invest in it. Twitter can really make a difference when it comes to blogging :)

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. Yes definitely and the best part is it's not high at all!

  2. Awesome! I have only used tailwind for scheduling on pinterest. I haven't even thought about anything for twitter. Thanks so much for this!

    1. Yes its great to have different ways to promote your awesome blog post! I use boardbooster but have also been looking into Tailwind! How do you like Tailwind?

  3. Your blog and branding is so cute! I post maybe once a day on Twitter and I know it's not enough. But I wonder if tweeting the same posts multiple times a day could turn current followers off? What's your advice on that?

    xx Yasmin

    1. Awww thank you! Twitter is such a fast moving place that it really wouldn't annoy anyone at all! Actually I started to gain more followers because people were seeing me more because my followers were retweeting my tweets. But definitely start off slow and see how you feel about posting a lot and once you feel comfortable get to work haha! It literally takes me maybe 20 minutes to schedule out tweets for the whole day now.

  4. This was so helpful! I was currently putting out 6 tweets a day and felt like that was a lot (always worried about annoying people!) but after reading this I decided to push it up to 10! Baby steps until I get up to once an hour :)

    1. No you definitely want be annoying anyone lol. The way I have seen it is its putting you in front of a broader audience. People see your stuff and they retweet it. When people see your stuff and like it they start to follow you! Ever since I started this technique in January I've seen my blog grow from about 3000 pageviews to over 40,000 so its definitely doable! In the upcoming weeks I'll be sharing more strategies too!

  5. This was a great article! Twitter is one platform that I am struggling with. I feel like I can't keep my followers because people follow me but then I think they unfollow. And Twitter doesn't come as naturally for me like Instagram which I love, so sometimes I don't know what to tweet but I know I should be tweeting. I need to find a new stratgey though because I know Twitter can be great. What exactly are Twitter chats and how do you get into them? - The Mindful Rise (

    1. Yes that's the struggle seems like in 2016. My suggestion is to follow people you really like and just keep tweeting out to them, favoring, and sharing their stuff. Its all about building real relationships in order to keep people from unfollowing. When tweeting out basically tweet your posts old and new, share others content, and then every so often add in a bit of how you are feeling that day. That's my plan for twitter and it really works.

      Twitter chats are on specific days and at a specific time. Most of them are in the UK but their are some for US as well. I linked to a post from someone else that gives the run down of some twitter chats up above but here is the link here too: I hope that helps!!!

  6. Really great post!! I struggle with twitter so this definitely helps. My strong point is instagram but I know that I should be utilizing my other accounts as well. I've just started with Pinterest and will try this with twitter as well. Thanks so much for sharing!!


    1. Awesome! Yes I love Instagram is such a great way to meet new people and even get traffic to your blog too! Utilizing different social media will definitely help with traffic and engagement! Goodluck!!!

  7. GREAT post girlfriend!! I've never truly thought of Twitter as a major traffic generator, but this post changed my mind. I'll be trying some of your tips for sure!

    Coming Up Roses

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