5 Steps You Can Take this Week to Finally Start Your Business!

Who Wants to Be a B.O.S.S?

B= Bad A$$
O= Owners
S= Succeeding 
S= Successfully

I want to be my own businesswoman and I know so many others who want to do the same thing! So why not take you on my process of becoming a Girl Boss. My journey is to help inspire you to become your own  BOSS! So I'll take you through my struggles, my setbacks, my come ups, and my accomplishments. I find that so many people have become highly successful but don't really show the full process with others starting out. It's all about "how I made such and such amount of money in this short amount of time." Which is awesome, don't get me wrong, but I also feel it sets others up for let downs! However, I want to find someone that is in the process of becoming a business owner. I haven't found one yet so that's where I come in!

I want to help you see that it isn't all puppies and rainbows for everyone. Some people have studied their whole entire life to be this highly successful person but for some that are new, like me, we are working out all of the kinks all by ourself. We didn't go to college for it or worked at all of these amazing jobs, but we are learning and researching day in and day out!

Truthful Moment! 

I can tell you this without feeling embarrassed. When I first decided to launch my stock photo shop on etsy I thought I was going to be a major success in a matter of a day haha, Heck, pinterest was telling me I could do it! I stayed up all day and all night. Thought about it in my sleep and everything! Who else thought it was going to be easy for them? Especially when you research and sign up for #allthethings you can get to learn everything you can possibly learn. However, I soon had to realize It's not as easy as Pinterest claimed...it's not microwavable success. I had to keep learning, reach out to others, and never give up! Eventually I did get my first customer, I was so happy! Now am I racking in the doe....Heck no. Am I on my way there....HECK YEAH!

But remember this, if you can make $1 then you can make $10. If you can make $10 then you can make $100 and so on!

It's all about learning, researching, and reaching out to others that's what I tell people who come to me about advice! When I do blog coaching for others I do the research for them and teach them! Researching is the best thing I could have ever did for myself! I study more than I ever did in school...and you know what I LOVE IT!

So What can you do this week to begin the process of becoming a B.O.S.S?

Step 1: Learn how to Fight the Fear of Starting Your Own Business Head On!

Read this post about How to Conquer Fear of Creating a Business. Here I give you tips on how I fought that inner fear. I provide you with a colorful, highly inspired workbook to help you get out of that fear once and for all!

Step 2: Set Goals that will Motivate You to Get Started!

Now that you have conquered that inner fear voice its time to sit down and make a plan! What is the number 1 goal you want to accomplish in 2017? Right it down and then break down the steps to accomplishing that goal! Check out this post on How to Set Goals and Be Successful At it! 

Step 3: Develop Your Inner Boss Mentality! 

The one thing stopping you from becoming highly successful is that you are not being a hustler! Girl bosses make moves! So this week develop a powerful mindset that will help you to start taking action in starting your first business! Check out this post about that gives you actionable steps to developing a mindset you'll be proud of! 

Step 4: Take that Inner Girlboss Mentality and bring it out Every Single Day!

Girl Bosses not only use their attitude for business but they also use it every single day! Check out this post on 10 Girl Power Tips to Embracing your Inner Girl Boss Every Single Day. I even give you a free phone graphic to use as your wallpaper! 

Step 5: Realize How Unique You Really Are!

This last step is highly important to me because I came a long way from where I was 5 years ago! I never thought I could do the things I've done in the matter of this year. From starting side hustles as a freelance photographer and makeup artist, making money from blog, to finally creating mini businesses within my blog with stock photos and email coaching! I truly feel blessed because I never thought I could be doing all of this. I'm not talented at just one thing but a lot of things. Take me back 5 years ago and I thought I was nothing, I thought I had no talent at all and now I'm doing so many things I've always loved and making money from it! Am I where I should be NO, but who is to say where you should be at particular age! Only you can be the master of own your destiny! You just don't know how bless I truly feel! I'm so thankful for everyone that reads my blog, messages me and tells me how I have helped them, it's inspiring! Read this post about my journey on How I found my Inner Unicorn and how you can too!

So whether you want to turn your blog into a business or create a business from scratch just know this one thing! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! My motto is and forever will be "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." It has helped me open doors to so many opportunities...literally! So whether you believe in a higher power or not remember YOU CAN DO ALL THINGS!

Check out the Roundup of blog post that has helped me and stay tuned for more strategies next week on how to actually start your business! Stay tuned for tomorrow's Blogmas where it's all about Blogging!

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Which Step do you need to work on this week?

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