What the Heck is an Instagram Pod?!

Instagram Pods have been taking over the blogging world. With every new trend it's hard to understand it at first but once you do, you are hooked! I'm going to be sharing with you what an instagram pod is, how to join, how to create one, and how to make it successful for everyone!

What the Heck is an Instagram Pod?
An instagram pod is essentially a group of people who take part in liking AND commenting on every post within the pod. We are like cheerleaders rooting each other on!

Why just why!!!!
With every new update to a social platform comes these stinky algorithms that limit how people view post. The goal is to showcase popular post first, while limiting the things that social media deems less relevant and less popular to the person viewing them...so shady right?! 

Why Does this Instagram Trend Work?

Instagram Pods work by showing higher engagement on your profile. Instagram sees higher engagement on your posts so they think "hey this girl is popular let's, share it!" Little do they know we have a secret weapon, muhahahaha!

On average I have gotten 20-40 new comments and over 200 likes on every single picture! Compared to 1-5 new comments and less than 70 likes before I started Instagram pods FYI!

So how does it Exactly Work?

Whenever you post you will send that post to your instagram pods via direct message(that little curved arrow right below your picture) You then go into the direct message and like and comment on everyone elses post. Make sure you are leaving genuine comments with at least  4-5 words and refrain from just using emojis...hello bot alert. I say that because Instagram likes to see engagement and if they only see emojis they'll just think it's a instagram bot...aka not true engagement!

How to create an instagram pod

How to Create an Instagram Pod

On to the juicy stuff! To create an instagram group pod, first round up your girls or guys! Next figure out where you will be communicating about your new post whether it be a text message app like Whatsapp or a regular social platform like facebook or instagram. In instagram DM's you are limited to 15 people per group message.  If you want to go hard and add more people, get a text message app or hit up another platform. However,  I highly recommend sticking to no more than 15 people and Instagram DMs making it much easier to engage with everyone! Create rules that all agree to and start engaging.

Things to Consider

 1. Make sure they are all in your niche. Because having people in your niche will bring more engagement outside of just instagram pods! Good example is, I have a pod group that full of bright colored creatives that love to create and we have already started up some cool projects like takeovers and giveaways! So find people you can connect with on a more fun personal level!

2. Limit your group to 15 or less per pod because it makes it easier to handle. Plus you won't have to constantly say "Sorry I haven't been on here as much, been super busy, I'll catch up today." Limiting it to a few people won't stress you out as much and you connect better and leave genuine comments and not emoji bots haha!

3. You can have multiple Instagram Pods! Yep that's right, you can totally do it like that while increasing engagement! As I mentioned in my How to get More Engagement on Instagram and Facebook I had gotten into several pods and didn't even realize it haha! I'm sticking with 3 for now for my Color U Bold Account as that way it won't get to hectic for me. But I'm always looking for new IG Pods for my Hunt 4 Fashion Account!

Instagram Pods are really fun and I highly recommend them. Beforehand I honestly wasn't that engaged but now I'm learning to engage more not just in pods but also as a whole. I go through my feed, ask questions, comment genuinely, find new brands, bloggers,  and companies through my pod group and finally feel like I'm apart of something on IG! I have seen a much greater success this way and I have increased my Instagram following and engagement count by more than 100-200 followers a week more on that in a later post! It doesn't have to be a hassle. You just need to take 5 minutes out of your day maybe at the end of the day and respond and like! Engage with them more outside of the pods, find new blogs you'll love. It's almost like another tribe but for Instagram!

If you have anymore questions feel free to leave them down below and I'll answer them!
What are your thoughts on Instagram Pods? Pros and Cons?

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  1. Pods are the best! My pod mates are so supportive and helpful!
    xo Jessica

  2. I joined a pod recently and I love it! Wish I knew about it sooner! Great tips btw!

  3. Hi Jasmine, great post about Instagram pods! I have been able to connect with some great friends via instagram direct message and support one another!


  4. Yes, Instagram pods help alot with supporting people from yoru niche. However, I do find that searching for an instagram pod to join is hard

    Shi Hui

  5. great post! I agree, by joining pods my following has grown in the matter of two months...Do you have any recommendations for beauty related pods I can join?

  6. I've never heard of an Instagram pod before but it sounds like such a useful way to grow your social media network and be noticed more, interesting post :)


  7. I have been added to two group on Instagram and had no idea what it was and what it was called. I am so behind . Thank u for the tip on emojis on Instagram comments I dint know that either . Great post. Thank you.


  8. Wow! I never even knew this existed. I'd love to get in on a pod :) xo

  9. Jasmine,

    This is a terrific, well-done post! I had heard of Instagram pods before this, but did not know the specifics. Thanks for shedding light on it.

    Beth || www.TheStyleBouquet.com

  10. Oh, yes to all these Christmas gift ideas. :)
    Honestly, I haven't visited my IG since I dropped my phone and some features are gone. I'll surely check IG pods when I got my phone fixed. Or buy another one.

  11. I've never heard of this before, it sounds so cool. I seriously need to work on my engagement at the moment. Although I wouldn't know the first thing about joining a pod haha -xo

    chloedanielle.co.uk | @chloedentonxo

  12. Excellent post Jasmine! I recently found out about pods and wanted a bit more information. I didn't know the comments should be 4-5 words.
    A tip for those asking how to join a pod - use FB groups to find bloggers in your niche, as these groups often create pods and you find support within your niche. That's how I stumbled upon them myself.

  13. Geesh, the more time I dedicate to social media the more I learn! Thanks for this insight into Pods! I just joined one and had no idea what it was. Now I know how to make it successful!