How to Conquer Fear of Failure when Starting a Business

 I would have never thought 3 years ago that I would be starting my own business. Before this little piece of the internet I was going to school for nursing and was so uninspired! After starting my blog I finally found an outlet that made me happy! However, I never thought I could make money on it, let alone even think about starting a business! I never thought of myself as a girl boss but to be honest I am, I am a Girl Boss and YOU ARE TOO!

If you are making money off of your blog in any way you are a Girl Boss!

If its one thing I know about success, its that it never really comes until you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone-Steve Harvey

My discomfort was when I decided to quit nursing school. My discomfort was when I stopped looking at my blog as just a hobby. My discomfort was when I started doing photography at weddings and graduation. My discomfort was when I decided to finally make an etsy shop displaying my photography. My discomfort continues everyday as I do new things to reach the success that I deserve!

We deserve all of the success we can get in this life!

Stop placing your Passions on a Shelf

Whatever you want out of life you need to make the decision to go for it! Your passions remain passions if you just leave them as items on a shelf to be adorn but not to be touched. However when you decided to take those  passions off of the shelf and use them that's when  your passions will be adorn by more than just you!

You are good Enough

It's normal to feel fearful about going after something you want. You may feel like you don't deserve it, trust me I've been there! I felt like their was so many people out there better than me! I was playing the comparison game! It's normal to feel anxious and worried about taking that leap of faith but trust me its so worth it! Since I've started my new Etsy shop I was able to do custom stock images for another blogger and I'm going to be doing another one soon! I even got my first sale in my Etsy shop! Embrace the little things because those little acts of boldness creates bigger ones!

The Difference between those who experience more success and those who don't is the willingness to move forward in spite of this feeling.-Steve Harvey

How to Overcome the Fear of Failing

 Stop Trying to Be Perfect

You do not need to be perfect or know everything to start a business. If you have an idea that's all you need! You learn by experience. I started my Etsy shop one night on a Saturday in October. I had no clue why I was doing it but I knew I wanted to do it because it had been on my mind and heart for the longest time. If you can't shake the feeling go for it! What do you have to lose!

Start Slow and Steady!

Don't feel the need to have all of your ducks lined up in a row. All will come with time and  learning. I'm constantly learning new things, new ideas, new ways to market myself, brand myself, and sell myself(ok that sounds like something bad haha)!  Find 1-3 things to do each and every day that caters to your business. Are you trying to create an eBook? Start off with researching. Next go on to writing out the contents for your book. The list goes on and on. Check out my post about How to Set Goals that will Bring You Actual Success!

Keep Going Through Your Failures

Remember you are not a failure. Your past doesn't  dictate you and neither does your future. When I
quit nursing school I felt like such a failure and up until now I would think of myself as that! This made me fearful of starting anything new but I had to get out of that mindset or else I was never going to succeed. Your past helps you to learn who you are, strengthen you, and provide the knowledge you need to push forward. If something doesn't work keep going, keep pushing, keep throwing things out there until something sticks! You have the girl boss mentality within you to succeed.

Don't Give up!
Every small win is a win!

Just because you aren't where you want to be doesn't mean you failed. Every tiny win is a win that leads to bigger wins! You have to find happiness in the little things to really appreciate the big things.

Stop Waiting until When...Just Do it!

Stop saying you'll start this business when you reach a certain amount of page views, money in the bank, or when  you have more time on your hands. If you are waiting for all these high expectations before you start something then you'll never get there!  This is a toxic mindset that leaves you at a stand still especially if you haven't received those high expectations yet. That was me until I just went for it!

success quote

What fears do you have about starting a business or breaking outside of your comfort zone?


  1. What an awesome and inspirational post! I've added to my favorites to reread again and again! Great work!

  2. This hit home on so many levels. I have been chipping away at writing and starting my own blog. The fear is a huge factor and you helped me gain some perspective. Thank you so much!

    Lindsey @ Nosto