Free Stock Photos and How to Use them!

In 2012 when I first started blogging, stock photos, wasn't that enticing! I would always just take googled images and download them and they were not so much in the best quality...cringe moment! As time went by photography started to be a big thing and so did my passion for it! However, styled stock photos still was not a thing. Like, people was trying to make it happen,but it just wasn't happening kinda like fetch, ya know?!

Styled Stock photography are images you can literally use without crediting the photographer, their basically yours!

Fast forward to now and it's a big thing...we made it happen! So now I wanted to give you a bunch of ways to use your styled stock photos to up your blog, your social media, your brand, and/or your business! There are so many ways to style stock photos and if you have an eye for it you can style them in so many different ways!

Why it's important to have Styled Photos

Stock Photos make your blog or business stand out from the rest and if you have a photographers eye you can do it yourself! However there are so many stock image websites out there free or not that you can really take any image and make them your own. I've downloaded stock images and made them completely different from how it was originally styled...ITS POSSIBLE!

You can turn your regular blog or business into a Stand Out Brand!

Now days it's really important to find out what type of brand you want! You see this all over Instagram take for instance's Instagram they own the bright colors so well and this also goes over to their website!

Use Clean, Crisp, Bright Stock Photos!

Using high resolution photos are guaranteed to give you more traffic, more love, and more followers across any social media. It's just how people work these days! People want the best now and you are more likely to get pinned or shared. Back in 2012 that wasn't the case. However, I can say darker colors isn't always a failure you just have to find the right photos and let it match your brand!

Now on to the nitty gritty...HOW TO USE'EM!

1. Social Media Cover Photos will be on Point!

Customize your cover photos for facebook, twitter, or your etsy shop with high quality photos! Facebook has given Business pages a little extra incentive by letting us see the entire cover photo! So you can really customize your cover photos perfectly! I love how Brilliant Business Moms Facebook cover is, its giving you a call of action but it has an amazing cover to entice you!  Below is how I created my facebook covers in the past! Its very different but I played on fun colors and my stock photos and what makes me unique!

2.Pinterest Images will be Re-Pinned...No Lie!

There are so many articles out there about why your images for pinterest must be on point! If you are looking for repins you need crisp, bright, photos. Make sure you use good SEO for every picture and you will be sure to get repinned!

Need help with Pinterest images and other social media graphics check out this!

3.Instagram will be lit!

Ok, who just found out about the new business accounts for regular accounts! No wait just me, I'm totally new to this, I literally found out about it yesterday! I love this new update because now I'm legally  a businesswoman, WHAT! So if you are making any type of income with Instagram or have your own shop, a business account is a must! So is stock photos! If you are stump for good content stock photos will help out! Add quotes or just need a good photo make sure that its cohesive to your theme. You can also use these styled photos for promotion on Instagram ads! Below I made this for my instagram I have yet to put the ad service to good use but this will definitely stand out when I do! It also got people looking at more of my stuff! 

4.Got something to sell or opt in's for followers you are guaranteed a subscriber!

To make your free opt ins standout or if you have awesome printables, stock photos will help you out! Pretty pictures are eye catching and by adding your digital products will only make it stand out more! Think of cool fonts that align with your brand. Add call to actions if you are selling something! This is how I promoted my Free Blog Traffic Daily Printable!

5.Your Sidebar Poppin!

Stock photos are great for the sidebar too! If you have an announcement or something to promote add it and make it clickable. This is just a subtle way of self promotion.  I love how Melyssa Griffin added her Free Business Plan Workbook to her side bar! Makes for an intriguing call of action! That's how I got the idea to put my Etsy shop promo in the side bar!

6.Don't forget Email Headers

I just started making my email headers look more cohesive with photos. It really gives your readers something special that only they can have. People will clearly know who it is that they subscribed to when they open it up! The picture below is what I do for my email list for stock photos!

Don't want anyone else having your styled stock photos...GO CUSTOM! If you are looking for affordable  custom stock photos feel free to email me! I'm already working with someone on their social media stock photos and graphics for their brand! Its an amazing feeling to have something that is completely unique to your own brand and I love doing it for others! Email me at


100 FREEBIES for You!
I can't go without giving you some freebies!
Feel free to click the pink button below to grab 100 free stock photos!

Use them on your blogs, social media, and anywhere else. Crop them, add text to them, and make them completely unique to you. If anyone wants to know where you got them from don't hesitate to send them this blog post!

When did you start using stock photos?
 How has it changed your blog or social media?


  1. I love this!! I am always looking for more places to get free stock photos, they can really add a pop to an article.

  2. This might sound like a silly question but what do you mean about getting good SEO for the photo? Are you talking about alt tags?

    1. No not silly at all! I should have specified more but yes I'm talking about the alt tag here ;) putting the keyword into your alt tags aids in SEO for your blog post!

  3. These photos look so pretty. I never knew I could use them. Will have a look.

    1. Awww thank you and I hope u love them as much as I loved creating them!

  4. Nice idea! I sometimes use stock photos too, a good way to find them is to search cc0 images as that's the licence that permits full reuse with no credit. Thanks!

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