30 Ways to Always Look Stylish Everyday!

How to Be Stylish and Fashionable

I can never go out of the house without looking put together but I know sometimes we have those days where we could care less! However, how many times have you decided to go out of your house not looking the ultimate queen that you are and then everybody and their mama see's you! What's worse is seeing you crush....cringe moment! That's why I always have to look my best and be my best! Can't let no one see you at your worse...especially your crush haha! Here are 30 ways to always look stylish and fashionable everyday! Also have you read the 50 fashion tips and tricks to save your life?

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 10 Beneficial Habits of Stylish People!

    Adopt one or all of these  habits and I bet you'll  have remarkably covetable style all season long.
  • Always get ready the night before! Take the time to put an outfit together the night before a special event, work, or school!
  • Give yourself plenty of time to get ready! Don't keep hitting the snooze button! Instead give yourself enough time in the morning to prep.
  • Fold and Hang up your clothes! This will save on ironing. Or it you like me you just skip that step entirely and rummage through your closet to find something else haha!
  • Always have that one outfit that always work! The fit is perfect and you look bomb in it!
  • Re-wear your outfit combinations! We are not celebrites ladies so we can get away with this hehe!
  • Dress to impress...other women! If you are trying to impress someone, don't dress for men. They simply don't get it!
  • Pin outfit inspirations to a secret pin board! I do this a lot!
  • Avoid the lines and shop online! That saves time and patience.
  • Dedicate a few minutes in the morning to style your hair! Its a necessity!
  • They take time to play with outfit combinations. I love to do that what I'll do is take pictures of each combination.

    How to be stylish and fashionable
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    10  Essentials to Always Being Fashionable!


    A hat will save any bad hair day! Whether its a casual baseball hat or dressing an outfit up with a big floppy hat...hats are every girls best friend! You can keep your hair simple with a side braid for an effortless yet cute look....ahhh I wish I had long braidable hair!!!


    Oooooh has sunglasses saved me! When you simply "can not" with make up try a pair of sunnies! Find a pair that you love or check out my tips on how to find the perfect pair of glasses for your face shape!


    I'm not the biggest fan of handbags but I always have to have one handy because you know...I'm a girl lol. Find a basic handbag that will stylish and fashionable all year round! I love a cross body purse because I'm a lazy girl haha!

    4.Good Fitted Jeans

    Every girl needs that one pair of jeans that will make you feel super confident!  The fit should be perfect and hugs every curve...take that ex boyfriends and new crushes haha!

    5.The 3 "C" to shoes

    Find a pair of shoes that will always be your go to shoes on lazy days! Whether its a nice white(clean) pair of sneakers or classic black pump. Go for stand out shoes that are classic, comfortable, and clean!


    Always have a least one piece of jewelry on! I will give a classic white tee and jeans a quick me up on errand types of days!


    As it is getting chillier soon a nice fitted jacket or cardigan will make a whole outfit put together in no time! Think comfy yet chic when finding the perfect outerwear!

    8.Casual Dress

    For the days when you want to spice it up a bit! Look for a comfy loose fit that still shows your femininity!

    9.Roll on Perfume

    Make people remember on a positive note with a signature fragrance! My favorite at the moment is Ariana Grande Perfume! Get a roll on perfume bottle and fill it up with your favorite fragrance.


    A nice lipstick color will make any girl look and feel 10x better! If you are like Katya from Style Sprinter then you'll love a good red lip!!! Pick a lipstick color that makes you feel confident and rock it!

    10 Lazy Girl Hacks for Being Stylish Instantly

    1. Always add one accessory to every outfit! It instantly makes you more stylish, whether its just a watch or a statement necklace add an accessory!
      casual outfits
    2. Keep your clothes wrinkled free! Sometimes what I do is I'll put a light weight top in the dryer and let it tumble for a few minutes to get the wrinkles out...yes I'm that person haha, learned it from mom! Keeping your clothes wrinkle free will instantly make you look on point!
    3. Hair frames any outfit! Get them edges on fleek haha! Seriously hairstyles can make or break an outfit even if its just to run a small errand! Try top buns, side braids, boxer braids, or a sleek back hairstyles to make any outfit more put together!
      French braids for girls

    4. Easy Breezy makeup tutorial! For a quick and easy makeup look, I always go for big lashes, concealer, powder, brows, blush, and lipstick! Its the easiest combo and only takes like 5-7 minutes once you got the steps down...like me (I'm that last minute get ready type of girl haha!).
    5. Head accessories are always a good idea! I love a good head band for when you edges isn't so on fleek! Either I'll take a scarf and wrap it around my head or add a fashionable headband with some sparkle. Add a bit of drama with drop earrings!
    6. Cinch a dress in with a belt! That's a  great way to take a simple shirt dress in for more of an hour glass figure! Plus if that's your go to casual dress a belt can instantly make it brand new again...bonus!
      dress with belt outfit
    7. Nails always on point! I still have yet to master this one that's why I've been keeping my nails clear of nail polish! I'm lazy when it comes to taking nail polish off! So if you are like me stick to keeping your nails clean and filed! If you like to go the extra mile go to a salon and get them professionally done! I've been digging acrylic nails but I know I'm too clumsy for that haha!
    8. Posture is everything! It goes without saying but your posture can make or break how you look. If you are slouchy with an amazing outfit on that outfit will not look as good. People will only see your horrible posture and not the outfit. Plus good posture gives you confidence! Get your girl boss stance on! Fun fact I used to walk slouched over like a penguin haha!
    9. Rewear clothing and wear it proud! The best part about being a non-celebrity is that you can wear clothes twice...shocking haha!
    10. Find a favorite piece to buy and make it a signature piece! If you are a shoe, purse, sunglasses type of person embrace it and rack up on them! Nothing is wrong with getting things you know will ways be a staple in your closet.

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    What do you like to do to stay stylish everyday?
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    1. Loved this entire post!! Definitely going to start doing these. I always wake up for school and get so lazy. haha. Thinking about what to wear for tomorrow already!

      - Andrea Othela

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    3. Great tips they are completely on point. And the photos are great too !

    4. Thank you for a great list of tips! I completely agree with planning the night before and shopping online; I really dislike looking through racks to find clothing items. Saves so much time; plus ebates is great for earning a little extra during online shopping! :)

      ~Jessica | http://www.petitestylescript.com/

    5. This is such a nice & helpful post, and I really love the fact that you're giving me all these advice because I need as much help as possible when it comes to being stylish and fashionable! xx Adaleta Avdic