25 Genius Eyeliner Tips and Tricks for Beginners!

How to Create the Perfect Eyeliner Makeup Look!

I love eyeliner its such a fun way to add a little extra to your makeup look! Winged eyeliner looks should be a staple in every girls beauty routine. You can wear it for day or switch it up for a dramatic look by night. It opens up the eyes in many different ways! I'll be sharing with you 25 genius eyeliner tips and tricks I've learned in my 25 years of living that has helped me to always get the perfect cat eye! First, you need to know there are 3 types of eyeliners: Gel, Liquid, and Pencil. Second, you need to know that not all eyeliner looks are created equally! If you would like a second part to this post let me know and I'll make 25 more eyeliner hacks you need to know!!!

eyeliner hacks for the perfect cat eye

1. Don't squint when doing eyeliner instead hold a mirror downward and look into it
eyeliner tips and tricks for the perfect winged eye

2. Less is more start with less amount of product first.
3. Apply a piece of clear tape on the outer edge to create a sharp wing tip
Eyeliner makeup look
4. Use a dampened eyeliner brush like the one from Urban Decay to intensify powder products
5. Use a concealer(like the one from mac) and a precision brush to clean up any mistakes
eyeliner trick using concealer to clean up eyeliner mistakes
6. Color Eyeliners give off different effects
Check out the eyeliners from Urban decay here
Tips for different colored eyeliners
7. Plant your elbows on a flat surface to reduce shaky hand syndrome
8. For a beginner Begin with Dots or dashes and connect with a line
dash technique for the perfect winged eye
9. Don't pull the skin on the side of your face if thing get mess just use a Q-tip to clean up
10. If things get messy try petroleum jelly to clean up with a Q-tip
Eyeliner hack use petroleum jelly to clean up eyeliner mistakes

11. Or use lip gloss to clean it up!
12. If the eyeliner isn't perfect smudge it subtly for a soft cat eye effect
Linda Hallbert makeup tutorial
13. If a cat eye is too intense try tight lining your upper and bottom water line instead
How to tightline your waterline for beginners
14. Set eyeliner from running with black eyeshadow
Linda Hallberg beauty guru eyeliner makeup look
15. Once you get the perfect cat eye reduce smudge to crease with translucent powder 
16. Make eyeshadow more pigmented with a jumbo white eyeliner from NYX across the lid
17. Line your eyes first with a pencil eyeliner and then go in with a liquid eyeliner
18. Create a custom eyeliner with a wet angle brush and eyeshadow of choice
19. If you have monolids create the perfect line by drawing a thick arch and then wing it out
monolid eyeliner tips and tricks for asian women
20. Use a white or nude eyeliner to highlight the brow bone
21. Make your own gel eyeliner by using a lighter and holding it for a few seconds
use lighter hack to turn a pencil eyeliner into a gel eyeliner
22. Create an ombre effect by fading a lighter color into a darker color
ombre eyeliner makeup tutorial
23. Use a spoon to create the perfect cat eye
Spoon eyeliner technique for the perfect cat eye
24. To prevent your eyeliner from crumbling, freeze it for a 10 minutes before applying
eyeliner tips and tricks for beginners

25. Fix smudges with a nude color or flesh color eyeliner
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Have you tried any of these?
Got any eyeliner hacks to share?

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  1. I suck at doing my liner so I'll definitely be trying some of these out!


  2. Eyeliner is difficult for me because of my eye shape. Will have to give some of these tips a go! x

    Kate Louise Blogs

  3. Great post luv,..xooxo, neha