50 Fashion Tips and Tricks to Save Your Stylish Life!

Fashion Hacks You Should Know

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I love learning new and maybe even some old Fashion tips and tricks to save time and money! I wanted to share with you 50 fashion tips and tricks that I've scoured all over the internet to find! Taking from experts in the fashion field, pinterest (obvi), and my own little noggin you are bound to find something to add to your love of fashion! Also I have 30 More Ways to look Stylish Every day here!

1. To give the illusion of longer legs, find a nude pump that matches your skin tone. Check out these cute shoes in dusty pink, nudebrown, and dark brown.

2. Prevent faded jeans by adding 1/2 cup of distilled vinegar to your next wash cycle.

3. Need some shoes broken in? Add a bag of water to each shoe and freeze overnight. Crazy but it works!

4. Remember the next time you have laundry day, the hotter the water the cleaner your clothes will be! Delicates are meant for cold water.

5. Pile on the accessories when you are wearing a basic outfit because it'll instantly transform it! Love blanket scarves like this plaid scarf for the fall and winter months. Kate Spade Watches and Kendra Scott necklaces are perfect accessories!


6. Don't know what bra size you have? Take a bunch into the dressing room and try them all on! Something is bound to fit like a glove! I love anything from Victoria Secret!

7. Waterproof canvas shoes with beeswax to keep them dry even in the rain.

8. Restore whiteness to trainers like these Adidas Originals by cleaning them with a toothbrush and toothpaste!
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9. Air dry your shoes instead of forcing heat on them.

10. To make your legs look super long, wear high-waisted pants, shorts, and skirts.

11. V-neck shirts and sweaters gives the illusion of a longer torso.

12. Embelished or large hooped earrings looks amazing on thin faces as drop style earings look great on rounder faces.

13. Retain luster to jewelry by placing them in zip lock bags!

14. Wrap rubber hangers around hangers to prevent delicate garments from falling off.

15. If you got a closet full of neutrals brighten it up with some bright bags and shoes!Ted Baker Bright Pink Bag is so gorgeous and these Kate Spade shoes has serious shoe goals!


16. Wear clothes that fit your own style not what's on trend at the moment!

17. When you find a piece of clothes that looks great on you buy doubles in different colors! If it works why question it! Bloomingdale has the best wrap dresses perfect for every figure!

18. Replace bras ever 3 to 6 months when they start to lose elasticity.

19. Transform a simple tee with scarf. Its the perfect staple piece to have in every wardrobe.

20. Use nail polish remover to get stains off of shoes!

21. Use a paper clip to pull a bracelet together if no one else is around.

22. Looking for an outfit from tv you seen a character wear just go to Wornontv.net

23. Prevent fading of jeans by washing them inside out in the cold cycle.

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24. If you have a small closet, take your shoes out of shoe boxes and line them up on the floor.

25. Spray tights with hairspray to prevent runs.

26. To fixed scratched sunglasses, rub a paste of 1 part water and 1 part baking soda on lens with a cotton ball and rinse. You seriously wouldn't want to mess up Quay Australia Sunglasses!


27. Cinch up a puffy vest with a belt for a smaller waist.

28. When washing clothes with designs on them, wash them inside out!

29. To stretch denim, let them air dry and while wet stretch them.

30. Revamp an old coat or blazer with cool buttons.

31. Blot don't rub when you spill something on your clothes.

32. To de-fuzz a sweater, use a pumice stone.


33. Rub deodorant on your thighs when wearing shorts.

34. Don't be afraid to wear fake diamonds, its harder to spot than a fake bag.

35. Use baby wipes to remove deodorant marks.

36. Use bread clips to hold a sandal with split holes.

37. Create double clothes hangers with can tabs.

38.  Squeeze Lemon juice on sweat stains before washing to make stains disappear.

39. Hand wash your swimsuits to avoid losing its' elasticity.


40. Need to know if your cashmere is of good quality? Gently stretch the garment to see if it snaps back. A lower-quality cashmere won’t.

41. If you still want to wear your ripped up jeans in the winter, just wear cute tights with them!

42. Add nail polish to the insides of your fake rings to prevent green stains.

43. Use white wine to prevent red wine! Break out the wine glasses ;)

44. Make sure the top of a blouse fits at the bony part of your shoulders rather than drooping down the arm.

45. Wrap dresses accentuate your curves. Find one that cinches in at your waist. DVF.com is iconic for wrap dresses!

46. Tall girls don't be afraid to rock a mini skirt. Short girls don't be afraid to rock a maxi skirt!

47. Cashmere is best washed on hand and laid flat on a flat surface. Ann Taylor has the best Cashmere!

48. Stock your wardrobe with pieces that can be worn in multiple ways.

49. Maximize your wardrobe by adding a door rack to hang jewelry, scarves, and belts.

50. If you’re unsure about an impulse buy, leave it at the store(or in your cart online). If it's still on your mind when you wake up. Best bet is to buy it! No need in stressing!

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  1. These are some great tips, I love that one about vinegar to prevent jeans from fading. Great post!

    Ella xx

  2. Love your tips especially about wrap dresses and stocking your wardrobe with staples!

  3. Loved all these tips, learnt some new ones! x

    Emily | www.emilyrhodes.co.uk

  4. i love your post with advice, next time I get sweater I'm going to do that elasticity test
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  5. i like your tips its batter suggestion buy the way i love gray sweater and pink shoe

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