The Best App for Beginners Who Want to Learn How to Meditate!

Meditation and Relaxation for Beginners!

If you haven't already seen my lengthy blog post discussion on Silent Depression then you would already know I've been going through a hard time, mentally! So in order to give myself some peace of mind...literally! I started using a new app that I came about while searching for mediation apps. I've always wanted to learn meditation and I feel this is the best time to start now! Today I'm sharing with you the app that has been helping me so far! I'm already seeing a bit of improvement in terms of learning how to think in the now and not focus so much on the past or future. I recommend this for those dealing with depression, anxiety, OOCD, and other mental disorders that can be treated and for anyone who wants to just get out of their heads a little bit. I'm gonna be doing this every single day for the whole month at least for 10 minutes just to see how much I can improve and I want to share with you my results afterwards. I'm hoping this will give others hope and especially give myself hope in a calmer peaceful mind :)

The Calm App 
This app is a meditating and relax app that guides you in meditation! This is perfect for beginners, like myself.  With this app you can set the scenery, what type of meditation you want and so much more. It helps to find clarity, joy, and peace. I've been doing this for a couple of days and I can already sense a little more peace from within! Depression and anxiety doesn't go away overnight so don't expect this to magically erase it! However this form of meditation is giving me that peace of mind even if it is for just a few moments. I started off with 3 minute and now I'm at 10!

It has 3 different meditation options.
1. This app gives you a bunch of 7-21  days of guided meditation that you can keep track of.
2.  You can also have unguided meditation for the pros!
3.  These guided meditations can range from 3 minutes to up 20 mins!

You can upgrade your 7 day program to 21 days if you'd like for a  Monthly subscription of $3.99. I'm thinking about getting that since its so cheap...#cheapgirlproblems! Also they have one for all my insomniacs out there like me! I definitely want to try that out soon! It has a bunch of different features that I'm still looking through! I highly recommend this if you have ever wanted to try meditation but don't know how.

How I felt doing it the first time: I started with 3 minutes!
I was a bit uncomfortable to be honest as I felt like this would just make my mind ramble on endlessly but with the help of the speaker(who's a woman) it really helped me focus on her words. She doesn't talk the entire time but just every now and again just to help you focus again. After the first session the time really went by way too quickly! I felt in the now, something I've been struggling with for a while! For a quick moment in time I felt safe, peaceful, and enough!

After doing it for 4 days: I started May 30!
I was going to start June 1 just so I can have a fresh month to start but I knew another day couldn't wait! After the 1st session I started doing it for 10 minutes. When I'm not meditating, I find myself coming back to a "in the now" feeling that I get when I normally do the mediation. That surprised me as I normally have a hard time just focusing just in the present time. I still have a long way to go in terms of fully being in the moment in life but just those quick moments in time really does help me center myself. The problems that I have going on go away. My mind stops being negative and for a moment I'm in my happiest state of mind! It really is a great feeling and I'm really glad I finally found an app that I can stick too! Wish me luck!

Get the App here

This is not sponsored I stumbled on this app when I was looking for meditation apps in itunes and seriously fell in love!!!

Do You Like to Meditate? Have you always wanted to learn? Would you try this app and why?


  1. I do hope this app helps you and it sound like a really interesting app I might have to go search for it too and try it. To see if it can relax me also because honestly sometimes my brain thinks too much even when I don't want to its thinking lol. All the best on the journey hun

  2. Good resources! It's nice t have a place to start.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  3. I have never tried an app for meditation, but it does sound quite interesting and I hope it will be useful for you.Thank you so much for the nice words you left on my post!xoxo, Elena from Beauty Magic Box.

  4. I have no idea how to meditate, but perhaps it makes sense to give it a try! My life has been SO busy lately, I can definitely use some meditation to relax a bit!

  5. I've wanted to learn how to meditate but never knew what the first step would be. Thanks for the rec :)

    Mili | Sharmtoaster

  6. Interesting post ;)
    Mónica Sors