How to Deal with Feeling Lost in Your 20's

I always thought my teen years was my most trying years yet but girl was I wrong...

Feeling Stuck
Feeling Suffocated
Feeling Confused
Feeling Insecure
Feeling Lost
You've just been dropped out into a big a$$ world without a road map insight...
welcome to your 20's!

Our 20's has to be the most toughest times yet. From figuring out whether we should go to college or not. What happens after college. What about jobs, friendships, relationships, and adult responsibilities! Yes we all make fun of ourselves when we say we are #adulting but in our 20's that's literally what we are doing. We are coming from a child like mindset to an adult mindset and sometimes even at 25(like myself) we still have that kid mindset!
5 Things that Run through our minds
 in our 20's.
 1. Can I do anything right! This goes through my mind on an everyday basis but lets be honest we are all learning, failing, trying again and failing miserably. Sometimes we get it right but most times we just have to live and learn.

2. Sometimes I just feel alone. Older adults don't get us and teenagers are into there own things. Who are we to talk to about our frustrations. I guess that's why we need our squad to pull us through!

3. What the heck do I want in life? We are constantly chasing something but don't exactly know what that something is.

4. Why do I have so much anxiety all of a sudden. Sometimes we cry way more times than the average human being at this age and our anxiety seems to make us think we are a crazy we need pills for this!

5. I wish things could just be simpler. Where is a road map to life when you need one! You have know idea where to go so you would rather just wrap yourself up in a blanket and cradle yourself.

As I stated before I'm 25 and it still feels like I'm a teen stuck inside an adult doesn't help the fact that Im so short and people still thing I'm 15! Besides that I have my loving family that still wants to leave me feeling as though I can't take care of myself because you guessed I'm the baby of the family. All of this has left me feeling a bit distant from feeling like an adult. I see everyone else who is my age and I just worry I'll never be at their level. I've always felt as though I've been a tad behind in life from everyone else. How do I transition to being an adult-Jasmine aka Me!

This new chapter that we are living, it's hella scary! We are scared of our dreams, we are confused at what path to take. We are afraid of judgement, new responsibilities and pressure. We are in, what we call, the quarter-life crisis! So how do we move passed the insecurities and make it through this confusing stage?

5 things to remember
while being in your 20's

1. We don't need to figure everything out  right now.
We are still in the growing phase. We still make mistakes because we are constantly learning. We thought school was hard, oh no, this is way worse.

2. Instead of focusing on what could go wrong, why not focus on everything that could go right. We all know what we could fail at instead lets figure out what could go right for once besides we have enough negativity in the world. I seen this quote somewhere and thought it was quite fitting: Choose to be lost in your dreams!

3. It's ok to be uncomfortable!
We don't know what we are doing. I mean sure some do (I'll forever envy you) but a lot of us don't! It's ok to not know. You'll be afraid but just do it anyways!

4. You are young there is no need to settle!
Keep figuring yourself out. Don't just settle for mediocrity. Strive for anything and everything if you fail at something get back up and do something else.

5. Lastly we are all different and we have our own paths. No need to compare yourself to others at your age. Compare yourself to your younger you. What can you do for yourself that will make you better than you was before.

I know our 20's is hard and I'm still trying to learn this concept. Life can't be easy for eveyone. For those that have a harder life just think of it this must really have an amazing adventure ahead of you to be going through so much crap now. Keep your head up and keep striving never settling for greatness! 

Remember to take a moment out of your day to relax, breath, and live in the moment. Your 20' is only here for a second make it, succeed, lose, win...It's ok to be lost in your 20's!

Are you feeling this way now?
How are you helping yourself cope with realities of being in your 20's?


  1. I'm 22 and I can relate, when people call me an adult now I'm always thinking "who, me?!" No way does it feel like that. It's nice to know that others out there are feeling the same way though, we're all in it together I guess!

  2. Funny that some of my thoughts in my 20s still are my thoughts today. But boy, do I know better now. :)

  3. I completely agree with this post! My gosh, I spent most of my 20s soul searching and praying. LOL. The best feeling is when you finally let yourself go with the flow and things slowly fall in to place. It takes awhile, but there is a silver lining.

    Great post :)

    Ice // The Fickle Peony

  4. You really just wrote everything I've been thinking about for the past few months! There's not weirder feeling than being in a situation where you need an adult and realizing "Oh shoot! I'm the adult here.."

    Great post overall, can't wait to read more!

  5. Indeed a beautiful post ,it felt like I found my answers,besides i was glad to realise there are many fellas who feel the same !! Thanks so much ! Cheers !

  6. Indeed a beautiful post ,it felt like I found my answers,besides i was glad to realise there are many fellas who feel the same !! Thanks so much ! Cheers !

  7. I'm 25 too, and you literally described everything i feel. Thank you so much for writing this article, it's nice too know i'm not the only one feeling lost and confused.