A Girls Guide: How to De-stress

Don't let all of your problems way you down! I know it can be difficult but it's time to de-stress. 

We must all find time out of our day to just sit back and breathe. Its that simple! A few long breaths, silencing your mind, and listening to the sounds around you, will help you embrace your day  a little easier and not to mention a lot calmer.

"She took a deep breath and let go"

Bathe in Calmness!
I like to start my week with a long hot bath! Sunday Nights or Monday mornings is the best time because its the start of a new week. Don't look at Mondays as being dreadful. Don't look at Mondays as a sign from "evil forces" lurking around. Look at it as a time to reflect. "How do I want this week to go." You know we can determine how our week will go...how our day will go. It all starts off with a single thought...be it positive or negative.

Bath by candlelight:  I love the smell of lavender. 
This scent is very calming to the soul.
Listen to relaxing music.
Calming music will calm you.
Detoxify your mind, body, and soul by sipping on some tea like chamomile. 
This type of tea relaxes you.

Listen to inspirational and motivational podcast! 
I cant tell you how many times I was having a bad day and then I listened to a podcast and  it completely changed my mood. I've learned to listen to them first thing in the morning. It starts my day off positive and I cant tell you how much happier I have been!

My Fave Podcast is "Life is a Marathon" by Bruce Van Horn here


Go Wireless for an 1 hour! 
This can be very hard for some of us who are constantly on our phone or laptop. But I guarantee you if you put that laptop away, put that phone on airplane mode, your mood will 100% better for it. When we are constantly on social media we see all types of pictures or statuses that can change our mood. I do not know how many times I've seen someone airing their dirty business on social media for no reason at all. If you feel down don't write about it for the whole world to see. Get off of the social media and relax! I promise you the way you feel now will go away if you get off of social media.

My Fave things to do wireless: Read a book, Look at a movie, Play outside, or spend time with family and friends.

Make time to connect with yourself!
Doing things that you love like drawing or painting can really calm you down and allow you to be one with whatever you are doing. I've been really into games lately, if you have too, embrace it for just 30 minutes a day. This will de-clutter your mind and if you like brainy games it will also strengthen your mind...BONUS!

My Fave: I love to get outside and take pictures with my camera. Being one with my scenery is an amazing feeling.

Make time for Alone Time!
Its ok to get away from people, work, school and just find time for yourself. Mediation is a great way to relax. If you are not about the "crossing of the feet" just lay down on your bed or couch. Listen to your surroundings, turn on some relaxing nature music. Put your hand on your heart. Feel your chest as it rises and falls. Feel the air going in and out of your nose. Be thankful for that air. Feel the heat and all the sensations around your body. If you can do this for 1-3 minutes a day you are helping yourself live so much calmer.

Spend time with animals!
If you just sit back and watch your dog or cat you see they have no troubles in the world. They are not worrying about what they will do next. They just do. I used to just lay around with my cat or even my neighbors cat and just be in the moment with them. They close their eyes, I close mine. They walk, so I walk. They lay down, I lay down. Its amazing feeling to just feel one with nature, one with your own self-being.

I hope these tips helped you as much as it has helped me. This year for me could have been a very trying time but by de-stressing, de-cluttering I must say I am a lot more calmer and happier now. If I can do it, you can too! You deserve a life stress free and when stress do come you need to know how to handle it.

"If you just make time for yourself...life will make time for you too."

Tell me some ways you like to de-stress, maybe I can get some new ideas!!!


  1. These ideas are all golden. Baths, animals, tech break. Thanks for the reminder!

    Chowing Down by the Bay

  2. When someone told me to meditate, I scoffed and said No Way. Now, I meditate to maintain my sanity and make sure I stay stress free and with little to no anxiety. It's quite amazing :)


  3. lovely post Jasmine!!! have a great week

  4. great post and some fab ideas,i will definately try these to go with the sertraline tabs that i am on at the moment x