10 Things I've Learned as a Blogger

It hasn't always been Rainbows and Unicorns....

#1 Learn when to Log off
I've had moments when I just stayed on the computer for hours on end, whether its scheduling post, dealing with social media, or looking at other blogs! Sometimes I forget I have a life outside of blogging and I have to remind myself.

#2 Don't compare yourself to someone higher or lower than you.
All that time being spent on the internet can leave a sista down sometimes especially if I'm already in a big funk! I have to constantly remind myself that my success is not like others success and that's ok.

#3 Respect others and show kindness at all time
There will always be trolls out there. Don't give into them. Show kindness and keep it moving.

#4 It's ok to try things out just to see how you feel about it!
I've written a lot of blog post that worked and some that didn't work for my readers. I don't get too discouraged, I like to educate myself constantly on what my audience wants. Keep learning, keep growing!

#5 Juggling a business, blog, and a busy life can be a bit tough!
But so worth it in the end...I keep telling my self this!

#6 Blogging is great for business!
I love to do photography, writing, styling, and makeup as a side hustle! So being able to show them a portfolio aka my blog is a great way to get my face out there!

#7 An editorial calendar is super useful!
Since I started writing down what I'll be discussing every month its made life so much more easier especially when I'm feeling unmotivated to think of something new!

#8 Don't be afraid to express yourself!
Controversial topics can be daunting for bloggers. We don't want to say the wrong things but still want to get our feelings across! I did that in my post on Nudity and The Body Positive Movement. I had gotten a lot of feedback on this and I'm proud I decided to bite the gun and express how I was feeling.

#9 Blogging should be an enjoyable habit!
I'll be honest I've been a bit down on myself as we all get that way at times. This has caused me not to feel as creative or happy about blogging. So I decided that when I write I want to write when I'm happy and I don't feel the pressure to write(this is usually a mind thing).

#10 The More you write the more ideas you will have!
This is so true! In my first month of blogging in January everyday I had so many ideas. As I've slowed it down a bit these past few months I noticed my creativity has dropped, so I gotta get my mojo back! Which leads me to ask some help from you all...WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE ON COLOR U BOLD (Blog post and videos)! Leave your ideas in the comments below because I want to create more!

As a blogger what have you learned through blogging?


  1. What a lovely post. When I started blogging I found myself trying to fit in and comparing myself to other. That got me down so I decided to be myself. I felt a lot better for it as we are all unique in some way.
    Sharon xx

  2. I love your blog. It is always so inspiring and motivational. The biggest thing I have witnessed with blogging is that you really do need to be yourself. You were one of the first people to reach out to me on social media, and you can expect one long term reader right here! :)

    Ashlee Liz

  3. Hi I found you through The Blogger Hub. Nice to meet you :) The main thing I have learned from blogging or social media in general is that people lurk...

    So don't get caught up in your analytics. There have been more than a few times that someone I know has mentioned something I forgot I posted and I'm like "Why didn't you comment on my BLOG???"

    There has also been times when I have been contacted for work and I have no that people had been checking out my old blogs from 2010.

  4. The first one is so relatable! I used to get back from school at 4PM and till like 11PM I would work on my blog. It was sooo bad...



  5. This is so true. I feel like I hold back on a lot of things that I want to blog about because I'm worried about the feedback that I will get! xx


  6. i need to woek on "logging out". I literally sleep around 2am everyday, either i'm working on my blog or checking out other blogs, or reading up on blog tips, etc. i need to work on that.
    Also, I have also realised that being myself is the ultimate way to go.

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