10 Girl Power Tips to Finding Your Inner Girl Boss and Rocking it!

A Diva is the Definition of a Hustler!-Beyonce

Being a Girl Boss has been mainstream for a while but I realized how important it is for every woman to feel this way, no matter where you live or your career goals and maybe not so much career goals. You don't have to have a business to be your own girl boss. Being a girl boss is everyday life!

1.Get rid of the Excuses!

I'm the worst with excuses especially because I always say "I'm a perfectionist". Truth be told I'm just a freaking procrastinator and chances are you are too! Yes I want it to be perfect but if I don't just try and put it out there I will never get anything done! Doing something will never be perfect. We will have to rework, reevaluate, redo a lot of decisions we make, but, the first part is to get it out there! I work full time at night so I'm sleep half the day, but, I make it a goal to do at least 1 thing that adds value to my dreams and aspiration even if its just writing a post or taking photos!

Remember: Don't keep just putting all of your goals into making someone else's dream a reality, work on yours too!

2.Learn when to say No!

I've always had that this thing about saying yes to everything, even now, I still have that problem a little bit. Sometimes its a good thing but if its starts to get too overwhelming it's time to cut somethings loose and say NO.

Remember: If you say yes to everything the quality of your work will be less!

3.Don't be afraid to Apologize!

We all make mistakes and sometimes its hard to actually tell someone that you made a mistake. Break that habit once and for all. If you know you was unfriendly to someone, then you know an apology should be ideal the next time you meet. Don't sit around beating yourself up and regretting what you did. Make it a habit to call your friend or family member up and apologize.

Remember: Apologize quickly and skip the regret!

4.Sometimes you just need to Keep your Mouth Shut!

Don't always feel the need to talk all the time! If you are suppose to be learning something...just listen. Be curious and always wanting to learn new things. You don't always have to tell others about your amazing experience doing something.

Remember: Keep learning, there is always more to learn!

5.Brace Yourself for failure!

I can't tell you the many times I have failed *cough, cough* nursing school! Don't let your failures be your undoing. You embrace it, cry it out, and then get back up and you keep moving. I know sometimes failures can be catastrophic but if you find a way to look past those set backs then you will be able to come back on top.

Remember: Cultivate relationships that will help you regroup and start again.

6.Inspire People Around You

Encourage people to grow! Instead of getting impatient with others.....listen to them and be patient! Don't just push them aside and do it yourself. This is your opportunity to show 1. kindness and 2.Patience.

Remember: Challenge yourself to be patient and kind enough to teach someone a thing or two.

7.Take a Chill Pill Girl!

Learn how to take a break! Mix business with pleasure and have some fun! We all need that down time to relax and enjoy the company of yourself, family, and friends. 

8.Focus on Yourself!

Sometimes people are negative and try to bring down your dreams. Don't focus on those negative people they only hinder success. Focus on what YOU need to do to succeed.

Remember: When you get rid of the negative people and listen to yourself, you inspire and motivate your dreams into reality.

9.Motivate yourself!

Speaking of Motivation find a way to keep your eyes on the prize! I love doing motivation boards. I have one stored away where I've cut and glues all of my aspirations on a board. Then I have one as my desktop wallpaper on my computer, to see everyday.

Remember: When you start to feel unmotivated pop that inspiration board out and get on with your inner girl boss!

10.Dream Big, even if it SCARES YOU!

I have lots of ambitions that seem impossible to the naked eye, even I sometime think its impossible but what I've found out is that nothing is impossible unless you don't try! If I had never said no to going back to nursing school, if I had not failed not once but twice with nursing school, if I had not had decided to focus on myself and what I really wanted to do, I would have never knew that I could dream and inspire to be so much more! I'm a boss of my own life even if I am still working at a job or still trying to work my way around this crazy and wonderful life I'm making for myself. I'm embracing my own INNER GIRL BOSS, I hope you do too!

How to do you embrace your Inner Boss!


  1. Love these tips! Especially the reminder of when to say "no" - that can be so hard sometimes!

    1. Yes its the hardest!!! Thanks so much for reading!!!

  2. I love all of these. I definitely find it hard to apologize sometimes.

  3. This is a great post - great tips!! I'm great at finding excuses!! Haha

  4. Your posts are always amazing and inspiring

  5. I pride myself on being a girl boss. As loving as my family and friends are, they never really understood what I do, so I have had to keep myself motivated along my journey. Are you still in nursing school?

  6. I think I'm guilty of the "perfectionist" one, but I'm working hard to be my own girl boss! This is such a good post~ thanks for sharing!

    Lizzie Bee // mysticthorn.com

  7. I embrace my girl boss by saying no, not being afraid to apologize( especially first), and not to be afraid of making mistakes!

  8. LOVE this post, it's so true about getting id of negative people. investing in yourself is the best thing you can possibly do!