What the Heck Are You Even Blogging About?

Finding Your Niche and Your Target Audience

If you aren't writing to your target audience, then who the heck are you writing to?
When it comes to increasing page views, gaining readers, and increasing engagement among your readers the first thing you need to work on is being able to describe your blog! When a reader comes to your blog they have a first impression and that first impression often can make or break whether they will come back or not! So whether you want 500, 1.000, 10,000, even 10,000  page views it will not happen until you figure out what your blog is all about and who you want to read it.

What is your blog saying about itself? What personality is it giving off?  In 2015 my blog was barely making 3,000 page views a month and brands were not coming to me at all! However, as I started really getting serious I was able to break that 3,000 streak and surpass my goal for the first month of January 2016. I was also able to get my 1st paid sponsored post and more on the way! As I mentioned in my Blog Traffic Report I was able to increase my blog page views from 3,000 to 11,000 surpassing even the 10,000 milestone. Now I'm able to get 3,000 page views in a day!
What changed you may ask... I'm learning what my readers want and how to help them! 

Before you can even think about increasing your page views, however, you need to first consider this question...."Is My Site Really that Awesome?" What makes it awesome, do you know? Of course we are all going to say yes! But we really have to consider a few factors and how to find the right people for your blog!

2 Factors in Finding Your Blog Niche and Audience

1.Who are my readers and who do I want my readers to be? 

Check your google analytics (If you don't have it, you need it pronto) Figure out who your blog is for and if your reader analytics is different from what you had in mind maybe you should reconsider what you are putting on your blog. Write down your ideal reader and be specific as possible!

2.What is your blog About?

Can people tell right off the bat what your blog is about? People don't like to search around a blog unless it caters to them. I don't mean like "Oh, It's a lifestyle site" no I'm talking in detail. What makes your blog different from the rest. Why is it worth their time! Are you all about beauty products and reviews? Are you that fashionista that knows style really well? Are you a entrepreneur teaching people everything you know about a specific topic? Write down your main purpose for your blog! If you need help check out this posts!

Your reader is asking in the back of their minds: "Is this site for me?"
Your job is to answer that question!

Ask yourself 4 Questions to Determine Your Audience

1.Who is your Targeted reader?

This is something you can create yourself when you first start a blog and even when you have been blogging for a while. I noticed my readership was mostly women bloggers, 18-35, who were still in college or just coming out and entering the workforce world or become their own entrepreneurs. They  mostly are not with child. I wanted to focus in on a certain group that I could relate to hence changing my blog to help creative entrepreneurs! So I decided to find women who are like-minded with an entrepreneurial mindset! These women love helpful tips for everyday life and developing their dreams. This is what I cater too. In every blog post I like to give helpful advice that caters to millennial women with a passion. Think of a person in mind that you want to cater too and work around that.

I've learned this over time and you can too! I'm constantly getting feedback from people about how much they love my in depth and helpful tips. So they know when they come to my blog I'm going to give them high quality, no "BS", fully researched blogging and business tips! 

2.How do you describe your blog in 3 words?

Have you met a blogger that you just absolutely in love with? Can you see their personality in their blog? do you know what they are blogging about?  If you can figure out how to describe your blog in 3 words then you are on the right track! Get your family and friends to look at your blog too because those are the main ones that have no idea what a blog is. If they can figure out what you do in the next 1-3 minutes of entering your site you are on the right track!

3.What topics do you cover?

This should be no more than 5-7 topics for many bloggers. Figure out what you are truly passionate about. Make a list of what you want on your blog and what you don't want on your blog. This can also come in handy when working with brands. If you are a beauty blogger and mainly just a beauty blogger you know a company contacting you for a game review is not something you would do...even if it is for money unless it pertains to beauty! Your readers will see that and will be turned off...HELLO CALLING ALL BEST FIENDS BEAUTY GURUS, HAHA! Start off by seeing what you like, what readers like and what they don't like! I've had to reevaluate some topics when I found it did not get the steam that I thought they would especially certain series I would create....and that's ok! Either take it away or revise it!

4.What does your blog offer?

Is it helpful, is it for  laughs, is it for storytelling? Figure out how you want your blog to be portrayed. For me I found out that I really love doing research for my blog and really helping out my readers. Someone even called me a big sister for helping them out in every blog post!!! I've gotten tons of tweets saying how HELPFUL my blog is! If your writing style can be described in 1 word...what would it be? 

How to Find Your Target Audience!

1. Start checking hashtags that pertain to you!

This is great for twitter! Go into your favorite hashtags because I'm sure you are putting hashtags in your twitter post, right?! If not girl go check out this post about Twitter Marketing! Write down and follow at least 10 people that are your target audience!

2.Check Facebook Groups and Get Involved!

Check Facebook for groups that pertain to your blog niche! I like to go in the business side of Facebook groups that do blogging for business! Get involved, answer questions, ask questions, do polls to ask what people are looking for and then deliver! Find at least 1 Facebook Group that has your target audience!

Once you answer these questions do not think for a second that it will be an easy breakthrough. You'll need to constantly re-evaluate your readership goals...your niche goals! It's essential to create a foundation that you can build upon later.

Make sure your blog reflects what you want! What's your blog personality, how is it portrayed on your blog in relation to your Title, About Page, Menu Bar, Side Bar, Content, Social Media, and so on. Don't worry I'll touch  on all of this later! Don't get overwhelmed :)

Do You Think you have your  blog niche down or are you still defining it?

What to read next!

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  1. These tips are perfect! Your readership has really grown, so happy you're still doing USBloggerChat too!

    Chow Down USA

  2. thanks for these great tips girl. i need to think about who im reaching too and really see why posts work better than others depending on whose reading them!

  3. You are just amazing! I'm short of words this time. From answering the questions, I already have my niche down...but you just made it sink in...hence I'm certain I'm doing the right thing. I just have to make a little changes here and there, and be certain that I am picking one or two tricks from your blog!!! Oh Yes!!!