What the Heck Are You Even Blogging About?

Often times as new bloggers and even business owners we ignore one of the most important aspects to branding...finding our niche. When you have too wide of an audience it leaves a lot of room for confusion, unclear intentions, and procrastination. Which leaves your audience confused as well. 

Knowing your audience to the bone will help you make better content and better decisions for your brand in the long run. So, before we can even begin we need to take a deeper looking into what a niche is.

What is a Niche?

A niche is  a small BUT  suitable position in life or employement. It's the area that you specialize in the most. However it may be hard to find a niche that hasn't already been thought of. So how can you create your own niche when every thing has already been created? Well, the easiest thing for you to do is use what you have and run with it! 

There are several key questions I want you to answer so that you can find the right niche for you!

1. What is it that you enjoy?

Now that's not to hard. You got this!!!  Write down several things that you enjoy doing the absolute most! What makes you inspired, happy, peaceful. What is that thing that if you could you would do on an everyday basis. What excites you and you could talk about for hours on end. Write all of it down. 

2. What am I an expert in?

Next take a look at the answer you wrote down from before. Ask yourself what am I really good at here.  Don't overthink it. Don't doubt yourself. Just without a shadow of a doubt say what you are freaking good at and be confident in it. If you aren't sure what do people often compliment you on. Is your epic artistic skills, makeup techniques, fashion ootds, photography style? Write down the talents that you possess that you know without a shadow of a doubt you are good at. 

And don't give me that spill that you aren't good at anything because everyone has a talent, everyone has a gift. You wasn't made in vain girl! 

3. Find the similarities?

Now take a look at both of the answers you wrote down for the last two questions. What do they have in common with one another? Connect the dots between your answers. For example if you are a lover of movies and you are an expert in all things 80's then match those two up. Same can be said for Cooking and cooking healthy meals. Look for the similarities and match them up. 

4. What can you help others with?
What makes any business thrive is being able to give high value to your customers, clients, and audience. You cant just sell something without give a little value! What is it that you can offer people that are struggling in that particular area. Look at the question above this one and then ask yourself what can I give to people based on your interest and talent.

Interest + Talent = business idea

There is a market for almost everything so take your time and figure out what is it that you truly will find enjoyable plus will also be able to offer your talents to. There will always be a need and market for whatever you decide to choose from. If you thought about it chances are someone else has thought about it too. 


  1. These tips are perfect! Your readership has really grown, so happy you're still doing USBloggerChat too!

    Chow Down USA

  2. thanks for these great tips girl. i need to think about who im reaching too and really see why posts work better than others depending on whose reading them!

  3. You are just amazing! I'm short of words this time. From answering the questions, I already have my niche down...but you just made it sink in...hence I'm certain I'm doing the right thing. I just have to make a little changes here and there, and be certain that I am picking one or two tricks from your blog!!! Oh Yes!!!