Single Girl's Guide to Dating...Yourself!

How to Be single

Ladies you know how dating goes...or has it been so long you've forgotten?!? Ahhh well you know that feeling of being in love...or lust(lets be honest)! Going out on dates, getting to know the other person, learning about their likes and dislikes, you do everything together, often time forgetting you had a life outside of that person and then all of sudden BOOM  hit right in the face with the "single" status!  You're moping around like your relationship was the only thing keeping you afloat. You're wondering helplessly trying to find someone else to date, and before long you're back in another relationship...same ole dating situation...same ole slap in the face and then it starts all over again. A freaking love cycle of slaps in the face! That's a lot of hands to the face if I would say!

It's time to come out of that dreadful love cycle! We  do not need someone else to dictate our happiness. Yes it would be great to be cuddled up with the "bae" but we need to first date ourselves in order to truly find a man (not a "bae") worth dating!

The Key Steps to Dating Yourself!

  • Get to know yourself! Learn what you like and what you dislike. When you are in a relationship, especially one that isn't quite good for you, you tend to stay in it and put up with all the things that you dislike! You say he'll change buuuut uh you must not have read my tips on how to Spot a Jerk!  Find out what you want in a guy and what you don't want too!
  • Figure out your goals-what do you want to accomplish by dating yourself! Just like you have goals in a relationship with someone else, you also have to have goals for yourself! Do you want to learn how to love yourself more? Do you need more confidence in yourself? If you lack something essentially you want be able to find someone that will replace that lack! Find out what you are missing and fix it!
  • What are your values and your beliefs?You have morals...OWN UP TO THEM! Don't feel ashamed of them. When you are able to tell yourself what you want for yourself and in a possible relationship then there is no turning back! Own what you believe! If they don't want what you want then tell them "To the left to the left"(yep a Beyonce Reference)! Let's say you want to wait until marriage don't feel ashamed of it let that person know up front! 
  • Take your own personality test! Are you funny, are you introverted, do you love to have a good time figure out your personality  instead of trying to adapt to someone else's version of you! 

Once you learn to date yourself, you will be able to know your strength, weaknesses, what you like to do, where you like to go and not cringe at the thought of telling it to a person of interest...If they don't like them OH WELL, cue  'NSync, BYE BYE, BYE!

Fun Ways to Date Yourself!

1.Treat Yourself to the Perfect Date!
Yes that includes taking yourself out on your own perfect date. Where the perfect date night outfit and pick the perfect makeup look. Where have you been wanting to go? Want to go to that fab restaurant that you've been dying to eat at? Wanna see that movie... How to Be Single *wink wink,* Watch it, go to the theaters! Don't worry about who is looking or why you are sitting alone,  don't worry about all of that.  Have fun you deserve it, or as The Weeknd say YOU EARNED IT!

2.Take Care of Yourself!
Did you know that solitude aids in a healthy relationship! Take some alone time just for yourself. Get a massage, get a mani/pedi, take a nice long bath, read a book while you're at it or throw on your fave Netflix movie. Don't forget to take care of your body by exercising, eating healthy, meditating, not for someone else but for you!

3.Get Creative with Yourself!
Get out that pen and paper and be like a blogger for a day. Write down everything that comes on your mind. Write a poem...heck write a book! Paint, Draw, Sew or take up photography! Your instagram will thank you! You never know what gifts you have hidden inside of you. I know a lot of you have Pinterest well stop pinning and actually do some of those DIY's you've been wanting to try!

4.Take Risk!
Learn something new! Take a Zumba or hot yoga class. Always burning your food, take a cooking class or my ultimate favorite past-time learn how to bake desserts! Get into the risk-taking mode. Face your fears, go zip-lining, volunteer for something, get your hands dirty, and get adventurous! IT'S LIBERATION TIME!

By dating yourself you are determining your own self worth! You learn how to commit to doing things on your own. You learn how to self reflect and learn the beauty of self care! You learn more about who you are, your aspirations, your goals, your belief system!

Drive the seat of your own life and stop letting someone else do it for you! Trust me if you don't they will wind up crashing and you'll be the one hurt and in pain while they walk away bandage free! Embark on your own journey and you will eventually find the right person at your most opportune timing!

how to love yourself

 What are some fun things you would love to do for yourself?


  1. Great post! I just wrote a post on Self Love today. I guess we were thinking along the same lines!! I think knowing yourself is super important for a healthy relationship with someone else later. I did a lot of the things you mentioned when I was single and I still take time to do them now that I'm married. I think they definitely make me a better, happier person in my marriage. :)

    1. Haha we were thinking a like! Its so great that you are able to make time even in your marriage. Yes dating yourself when you are single can aid in a very positive relationship with someone else, You are a Great Example of this!!! Thank You so much for reading :)

  2. I love dating myself! Though like you mentioned I definitely want to take more risks and try more new things. You really do have to have hobbies and things you love when dating in general. That helps to give the other person space and not be so consumed with "them." Great series you're writing, a lot of women would benefit thinking about love the way you do. Keep up the excellent writing!


    1. It's so fun, right!!!! Yes we don't need to be clinging on to a man for satisfaction. I'm so glad you like it I'll be doing more of these I definitely think more women need to understand this concept! Thank you I definitely will and thank you for reading :)

  3. Great read! I'm not single but, single nor not these are some effective Personal Development activities here. Self care is nor selfish and this post clearly expresses this :) love it X

  4. I love the dating your self care tips you made! It is good to know your morals and goals so you when you do date you want compromise them for no one. I think knowing what you want is key to not wasting your time with someone that is not right for you.

  5. Aw, I loved this. I'm definitely all about being able to stand on your own two feet and learning to appreciate yourself (and just learning to live a full, happy life in general) before you run around trying to find a partner. This post was so empowering!