Pro Blogger Tips for Enhancing Your Blog Post for Traffic!

How to Optimize Every Blog Post for More Traffic and Engagement!

WAIT...Don't hit that publish button just yet!

Today I wanted to share a post I sent to my lovely Blog Your Way to Success Subscribers the first week of this month! If you are not already subscribed what are you waiting for click here! Each week I send out challenges and freebies to help them get on track! So I wanted to give you a little taste of what I give them...kinda like giving you a half donut...Mmmm tempting, right?!

So often we write an amazing article, we truly feel proud of it, we feel this one will be the one that gets us the traffic and engagement that we want. However, very often we end up feeling discouraged because we do not get the traffic that we want, that the engagement for that post is little to none. We wonder what we did wrong. To be perfectly honest we shouldn't have hit that publish button so quickly.

I know, I know we get excited about a post and want to get it out quick but we really have to look at our post and see if it's actually optimized for success!

Ask These 3 Questions before you even start writing!

1. Does this blog post help someone else?

People like post that are catered to them, point blank! If your post does not give useful tips that are clear and helpful then 9 times out of 10 your post will not get the engagement it deserves!

2. Will this blog post help me?

What are your goals with your blog post? Do you want to get subscribers, are you trying to sale something, or are you trying to get more engagement from your readers?

3. Ask yourself "Why" this blog post will be successful?

What makes you think this will be a successful post? If you were reading this from an outsider's point of view would you share it, tweet it, comment on it!

Ok so you ask yourself the 3 big questions, GREAT! Ok so you wrote out your blog, Awesome! Ready to hit that publish button....STOP RIGHT THERE!

12 Things You Need to Do Before You Hit Publish!

1.Have a Catchy yet Relevant Headline

2. Make sure your blog post is SEO Approved
  • keywords that  would normally be found on google
  • keywords in headings, subheadings
  • keywords in the beginning of your post and at the end
  • I recommend 5-7 keywords in your blog post
3.Effective Call to Action at end of post
  • Ask a question for engagement, ask them to do something
4.Links to older post
  • You have more blog post for others to see...let them see it!
5.Spelling and Grammar on point!
  • Proofread!
6. Make sure you have Social Media Sharing Icons at bottom of post.
  • Get your blog post shared!
7.Pinterest Image Approved
  • Add Alt text to your image: Write an awesome keyword filled description so that when people pin your image it will show up in the description box...hello click bait!
  • Make sure your image is clean, easy to read, and high quality.
  • Make sure your images are go with your blog
  • Rename your images...SEO Ready!
8.Headings and Subheadings Included

9.Have a read more link or page break 
  • This helps clean up your home page and quick searching for your readers...Goodbye aggravation!
10.Have Follow Me social media icons or links at bottom
  • Add your social media links to the bottom of your post...hey new follower!
11.Edit the Url of your post. 
  • More SEO friendly!
12. Select Categories and tags to your post
  • This helps your readers find different post quicker and keeps your blog articles organized
Ok now that you have all of you can hit publish! Whew it can be  a lot for a newbie but once you do it every single day it becomes easier....which leads me to my weekly challenge!

Challenge #1
Ask yourself those 3 questions before you start writing!
Check off those 12 things before you hit publish!

I have some great printables, workbooks, and pretty stock photos for you to download even this free Checklist! Hit that Button!

Do you have a special checklist for your Blog post!


  1. Good tips!

    Check my new post:

  2. I'm gonna use this when I write my blogs. Thanks

  3. Loving this list! This can be very helpfull. XOXO

  4. This is wonderful advice! I also like to ask myself what my goal or purpose is with writing the post, both before I've written it and again right before I've hit publish. It keeps me from veering away from the purpose, preventing unnecessary blabber! :)

  5. I always forget about SEO but it's supposed to be a really helpful tool for blogging. These are some helpful tips, thank you for sharing :)

  6. I don't have an official checklist yet but it's something I've been working on. I always make sure I have catchy graphics that match my branding and that I schedule out social media after writing a post. There's a few more things I want to add to my list, but that's the start of it!

  7. Great tips! Those first three ones are definitely important! What's the point of writing a post that no one will like, nor will you be interested in?
    I'm not sure if the layout went wonky from my internet, but the social share bar you have on the side was blocking some of the text in your post (maybe just a good thing to look into?) Again, could just be my computer/ internet lol!

    Lindsey Elyse | lindseyginge

  8. My blogs only 2/3 weeks old [a baby in the blogging world] so this little checklist will be going with me in the future. Thanks for that :) A really interesting and eye opening post x x

    Jamie-Leigh |

  9. Simple tips but highly effective. Our blogs should impact on the lives of others on one way or another. Otherwise we are writing for writing's sake.

  10. Good information I sure will be using this when I write my next post.Thank You!!

  11. Your blogging tips are always so super helpful! I've added some of your posts to my bookmarks so I can always find them quickly! I could literally spend forever going over your tips!

  12. Really helpful, thank you.

  13. Really helpful, thank you.

  14. Very great post

  15. I really need help with traffic haha! For some reason I'm just not engaging with people at the minute, not getting comments etc like I used to!

    Vickie |

  16. This could be very helpful to me!!!!!!! Thank you for posting it


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