My Morning Routine: How a Blogger Starts Her Day!

And How to Create Your Own Morning Routine

I have the luxury of most days not having to go to work so on those days I like to take my time in the morning. I call it my Me Time! I like to really enjoy this time. I used to wake up at 10 am, 11am and sometimes even 12pm basically letting half my day go by! Mornings can really make or break your day and if you are waking up in a bad mood then you might as well go back to sleep and restart it all over again ha! Keep scrolling because at the end I'm going to be giving you some questions to ask yourself  when you decide to make your own Morning Routine!

Goodbye Morning Blues!
Morning Routine and How to Develop your own

8-8:30 am
I usually wake up at 6 or 7 on days that I work so on the mornings I'm off I got to get my sleep in! Mornings for me starts with me laying in bed for 30 minutes either looking at the ceiling or checking out Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram! Some days I'll write in my Gratitude Journal or read over my gratitude list for extra motivation...especially to start my week! After scrolling tirelessly through the social media feed it's time for me to get up...cue loud grunts and sighs! I'll open up my blinds to wake me up unless it's raining ha!

8:30-9:00 am
When I finally get up and the grunts and sighs dispense I go straight for the coffee. Some days I remember to drink water beforehand but today wasn't the day! As the coffee brews I have to find something to eat! Usually it's oatmeal as I stated in this post but today I was craving something smaller so yogurt it was! 

9:00-10:30 am
I sit down, eat and drink while watching a little television. When I want to laugh it's all about Kelly and Michael. Now if I want to be an Adult I'll watch CNN....look at me "ADULTING!" 

10:00-10:30 am
Now this is the time I get ready for the day! I usually stay home on my days off so no makeup for me! I'll take a  shower, brush my teeth, and all that mumbo jumbo!

11:00 and after
Time for some writing! I sit down and either write a blog post for the day or do some photography for upcoming articles. Yall know I'm trying to get on my A-game when it comes to photography! So I really like to take my time and perfect everything! If I'm done with all of my photography and writing, I'll check out some other bloggers blog post and comment, tweet, or share. 

3 Questions to help you Develop a Morning Routine

Remember a morning routine is catered to you, so, make the most of your time!
Create a Morning Routine and Keep it

1.How much time do you realistically  have in the morning?
Be honest can you get up a little earlier in the morning to do a little exercise, eat a well balanced meal, or even to just to read a motivational book. Can you commit to 5, 10, 15 minutes of waking up earlier? If you feel like you can't at the moment how about setting a date to when you will start your morning routine!

2. What will energise you in the morning?
What type of things would you like to do in the morning rather than rushing around trying to get ready. What will put a pep in your step? Let's say you wish to meditate for 10-15 minutes well why not carve some time out for that. Is it making a healthy breakfast instead of chugging down coffee? Find out what makes you have tons of energy! Some days I'll wake up and dance around to some happy tunes to get myself in a positive mood, like, Better When I'm Dancing by Meghan Trainor oh Yes!!!

3. What tools/apps can you use to make the most of your morning?

Your Alarm Clock- Set several alarms for different times to get you in the habit of getting up and getting stuff done. Add custom music to your alarm to get you pumped early in the morning! I like to set an alarm for exercising....Break a Sweat by Becky G oh yes! 

Journals or Gratitude Journals- Right down what you are grateful for or write down your task for the day ahead. I also like to write in my One Note app on my Iphone some task I need to get done!

Exercising and Meditation-Download some apps that help you get in the exercising mood! Try the Pact app where you get paid to exercise...hello incentive!

Mood Forming in a Good Morning

What is your favorite thing to do in the morning?

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  1. Love, love, love this post! Your pictures are absolutely stunning! You must have put hours into editing them. Super helpful post! Definitely going to start defining my morning routine. Thanks for sharing! X

  2. I think your photographs are awesome already! :) Great tips!

  3. Loved this post! I really want to make time for having breakfast while watching my favourite vlogs in the morning! I'm moving house soon so maybe that's a good time to start that routine :)
    Great Post! ��☕️

    Naomi xx

  4. Love morning routines on YouTube, so it was great to see a blog post that also helps others to develop one for themselves! Fantastic little read - inspired! :)

  5. Love it! Your bed linen is super-cute by the way. I normally get up at 6:30am weekdays as I take my son to school, but at least I get heaps done since I'm up so early! :)

  6. Great post Jasmine, you have a great morning routine! I usually have about 10-15 minutes on week days before I start my morning routine! I like to make a cup of tea and go through social media during that time.

  7. This was a great post! It's motivated me to get my a** in gear tomorrow haha! Have you any posts on your gratitude journal? I'd love a read :)
    Holly x

  8. Extremely cute post, unfortunately, I don't really have a morning routine or at least it consists of getting ready for bed because I do a lot of night shifts. Hoping to develop one when i am not working

  9. OMG ! love this post ! In the morning whatching youtube videos motivate me a lot ! ♥

  10. I think my mornings usually start out similar to yours - I lay in bed for a good 20 minutes getting caught up on Twitter, emails, Facebook, and all that great stuff, then shower, feed myself, brush my teeth, and get my writing (or recording, or editing - whatever I need to get done next/what I'm in the mood for). And then I get ready for my day job!

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    that is especially designed to help parents with the dreaded morning routine for school.