How To Network as a Blogger & Find Your Blogging Besties!

The Best Formula for Networking with other Bloggers

Networking is so essential as a blogger. As you grow you need a support system a tribe of bloggers that will lend a helping hand, root for your success, and create a life full of lasting memories with girls and boys from all over the world. Networking is one the most fun and rewarding parts of blogging.

How to Network as a Blogger

The Mentality of Networking
Ask yourself these 3 Questions:
1.What are your intentions?
People will know if your intentions are good or bad even if you can fake it. Whether you are here to collaborate, partnership, or just make a friend, make sure that it's a win-win for both of you.
2.Are you a User?
Never manipulate someone. Be transparent in everything that you do. Remember you want a lasting relationship. Don't use people because this will come back to bite you in the butt.
3.Are you willing to help your fellow blogger out?
Once again everyone wants a two sided relationship. This goes for online and offline relationships. If you want to help someone out then be willing to do the same thing for them too.

 Breaking networking down into 7 Steps!

Step 1: Social Media
Social Media is the starting point of all relationships in blogging. Whether it's Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, or Instagram. Find like minded bloggers in your niche that you find inspiring and start chatting with them. Retweet or share their posts and comment on anything they write on their social media. This gets their attention and then they'll start commenting, sharing, and chatting with you!

Step 2: Twitter Chats
This is such a great way to get to know more bloggers. Find your favorite twitter chats and get to chatting. I'm managing #usbloggerchat with 4 other lovely bloggers. So if you would love to chat with us we chat every Thursday at 8pm est! Every time I chat with someone on a twitter chat I end up getting a new follower and a new blogging friend! Remember to always follow back. 

Step 3: Join Facebook Groups
I love sharing my post with facebook groups but sometimes when there is a large following you don't get too much engagement! I like to find smaller facebook groups that I can engage in. I'm even helping to get  a new blogging tribe up and going. Email me at if you would like to join and truly want a support others. In blogging tribes, you help to see the success of others in the group by commenting on their post, sharing and retweeting, and helping them with anything they need help on. 

Step 4:Commenting on Blogs
Speaking of commenting this is another key essential for networking. Commenting on other blogs help gets your face out there. Be genuine in your commenting. Link back to your blog so they can go see what you have going on. If they comment on your post, comment back via twitter answering questions they may have. 

Step 5: Emailing Bloggers
Now that you have a good repertoire with a blogger or two email them. Be short, genuine, and to the point remember this is what Pro Bloggers do. If you want to ask for a favor such as collaborations, don't be afraid to ask them. This is something I'm going to start doing next month as I really want to collaborate and showcase other bloggers on my blog. If they are more influential do not let this intimidate you. Talk to them on your level, do not put them on a pedestal. This will make them feel uncomfortable and almost make them feel like you are just wanting favors and not friendships.

Step 6:Conferences and Events
If you are able to, get to some blogging events and conferences! Although I do know how hard it is to get to when living in smaller towns...that Virginia life though! So don't stress too much over this. However, If there are writing conferences where you live get to those. You are bound to find someone that understands blogging and the art of writing. I'll be going to one this Saturday and I'm so excited! Blogging and Writing Conferences help teach you and helps with the networking process. The same goes for blogging meetups. Keep business cards on hand to give out! I wish there were more bloggers where I lived , however, that's when phone calls and skyping comes in handy! 

Step 7: Phone Calls and Skyping
If you can't meet face to face in person why not call them or skype them. I did that with Isaya from Remember Her. It was amazing the things we had in common and all the topics that we discussed. We are constantly messaging each other on facebook too! Finding that one blogging buddy will make blogging so worthwhile!

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5 Reasons Why You Need Blogging Besties!
1.They love and support you!
2.They share your work.
3.They also give you tough love and real feedback.
4.They inspire you.
5.You work together to better each other.

What to Do When You Don't Feel the Love 
If your blogging buddy is not reciprocating the love then it's time to find a new support system. Do not drop them as a friend just limit the amount of time you put into the relationship as they have. Continue to give your love from afar.

Show your support for your bestie
1.Share and comment on their blog and social media.
2.Check in from time to time to see how they are doing just in general. 
You never know what others are going through!
3.Lend a Helping Hand.

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I hope these tips help  you in gaining worthwhile relationships online. As a part of How To Start A Successful Blog networking is critical. The sooner you learn this the better. Good luck! 

What other Blogging Tips would you like for me to cover?

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