9 Tips to Look Like A Pro Blogger (Even If You are a Newbie)

9 Professional Habits You Should Develop Now to Be A Successful Blogger Later!

Looking Like a Pro goes beyond how professional your blog looks!

In Part 3 of How to Start a Successful Blog I want to help you look like a pro blogger! If you are want to develop your blog into a successful one and make money from it all at the same time, you need to take some cues from professional people! You need to treat your blog as your job! As you grow and gain traffic to your blog, brands will start to see you. You want these brands to see you, right?! They may want you to showcase their product on your blog, attend an event they are launching, or they may want to have a meeting with you in person! Maybe there is a successful blogger that wants you to guest post for them or you want to guest post for a successful blogger. These are all very nerve racking. However, develop some form of professional habits starting off. This will save on brands not responding to you or other bloggers not wanting to deal with you in the long run!

Start and Maintain a Digital Address Book
Having contacts mean nothing if you have to scramble all over your yahoo mail or gmail to find it. Having these contacts in a specific folder helps you find contact easier. Starting earlier in the blogging game will save you from the hassle of ciphering through old emails to find them(lesson learned by me). The relationships that you are building with brands and bloggers can be very valuable especially in the future. You never know who you may need, so, staying in touch is essential. If you ever happen to get a business card from someone put that contact into your digital address book as soon as you can.

Build up Your LinkedIn Profile
This is something I need to do myself but brands are looking all over the place for help getting their products out there and LinkedIn is no  different. If you want to do freelance writing this is also essential! Treat your profile like a summary of all your work and if you are just starting off that's ok build on it as you grow. Add your contacts to your LinkedIn to always know what they are up to.

Maintain Relationships
Networking is essential in making your blog grow! You never know the value someone may have in the future. So a simple email to your favorite brand or blogger that you worked with every now and again  gets you back on their radar. Say Hi, ask them about their company and how it's coming along and extending your services to them if they need it. This can also help when you need testimonials to put on your site or media kit for others to see.

Always send out a "Thank You" or Follow Up Email
This is manners 101! This will make brands and bloggers remember you because of your gratefulness and politeness.

Know Your Worth
After you've become familiar with blogging. You know how to write a good quality post, you know how to network, you know how to show mannerisms, your LinkedIn Profile is poppin, and you are gaining the right audience. Now you need to be confident in yourself to go to brands and bloggers and boldly ask for what you want. If you want to guest post on a blog let them know what you can offer. Even having a blog post ready just on hand or a couple sample blog topics will surely peek their interest and are more likely to respond back to you. Same goes for brands. You come to them and you ask with confidence why you would be great to promote their brand. Tell them about your high social media presence, why your readers always come back to your blog! Why they need you to help grow their brand! Give them a reason to ask for your service. Then after you have gained confidence in that, ask for paid sponsorships!

Be Concise and to The Point
When writing an email to a brand or blogger they do not want to hear a bunch of fluff words. They want to know what you want and they want to know why. Don't let them have to dig through a ton of words just to figure out what you are asking. Be polite, tell them why you love their brand or blog, and ask your question. This conveys confidence.  

Respond to Emails in 24hrs or Less!
I have such a hard time doing this but I want to get better at this. A brand may want to hear back from you right away be quick and on your toes to respond back. I'll be honest sometimes when I see a brand's email that I just don't know what to say right away I get nervous..."hello anxiety" so I tend to wait a while before responding maybe too long. Don't miss your opportunity because you are scared. This is where confidence needs to come into play! 

Seek Mentorship
I've had to do this a couple times this past year. Trying to do this all by yourself is hard! If there is a blogger that you admire contact them. Express your admiration for them and how you would like to embody their confidence.Ask genuine questions and BE GENUINE!  Don't give up if one person says no there is so many other bloggers out there wanting to lend a hand without wanting to get your money ;) 

Get and Stay Organized
This is so essential as a blogger! Whether it's having an editorial calendar to write out all of your blog post, events or sponsored post, stay organized! This makes you stay sane, trust me I've learned my lesson!

I truly hope these tips help you. Starting off I was all over the place, I had no idea what I was doing! Now I'm learning that to be successful I have to show myself successful! Whether you are doing this as a hobby or wanting to turn it into your business, professionalism is important to establishing real connections with the right people!


  1. Great post! :) Thank you for your tips!Loved how they are genuine and from experience. :) I even pinned the last poster. ;)
    Wishing you well,

    1. Aww thank you so much!!! I'm so glad you like my tips :)

  2. Fantastis tips! I'm so bad at networking and maintaining relationships though, ugh. If you have more tips on that I'd be happy to learn more in a future blog post! I could use some precious knowledge from a pro, haha :)

    1. Thank you! Networking is very big I'll definitely write a blog post on this!!! I'm no pro but I'm definitely learning :)

  3. Great tips!!! :)

  4. Such great tips! Love sending out Thank you cards when working with brands :)

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  5. Great tips!! I definitely need to make my digital address book. I have my contacts all over the place
    The Color Palette

  6. These are great suggestions. I have stopped building up my personal LinkedIn profile and should get on that. :) Nice meeting you on the blogger chat btw. :)


  7. Love this series you give great tips and have help me feature out how to make my blog better.


  8. Love this post! I'm good at keeping my contacts organised but not so good at knowing my worth. I'd love to monetize my blog, but it's hard to start charging for reviews I've been doing for free. Aargh!

  9. Fab post! I've even meaning to start my digital Rolodex for ages now, this has given me a much needed kick up the butt to finally get round to it :)

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  12. Hi Jasmine! Thank you for this post, it's very helpful :)
    As a starting blogger (almost a year now) I recognise a lot of the thing you mention. I try to maintain a planning tool and advertorial calendar and this working really well for me.

    The comment about Linkedin is a good one! That's something I will do right away ;) And I also would love to get in contact with other bloggers and do some guest blogging.

    Thanks again and good luck with the snow!

    X Gala


  13. I don't even have a linkedin account.. But I always reply all emails less than 24 hours. Thanks for sharing

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  15. These are great tips! Networking and responding to emails is so important! I have a LinkedIn account for my FT job but never thought to set one up for the blog!

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  16. Great tips your posts are always helpful

  17. My dear. I appreciate this post so much. I saaw your image, while I was searching for outfit ideas on google, so I decided to check out your blog. I must say that I'm impressed. You are young, vibrant and go for what you want. I think your blog is my my next "blogcrush" among others. I love the part about mentorship so much. I haven't reached out much..or will I say officially to bloggers that I admire, but I try in my own little way. I also visit their sites often, leave comments as well as follow their social media handles. I'm certain I'll do the same with you because I love what I'm seeing here. I'm more of a minmalist, unlike you that love colors so much...but I love how you run your show. Thumbs up girl!!! Keep it up. My blog is winniesstyle.blogspot.com