Why You Need Tougher Skin as a Blogger

I'm going to get real right now, this past week has been really tough for me. I have dealt with depression, I thought I was going crazy, my insecurities and jealousy came out and you know why....BLOGGING!

Let's Get Real, I Got Depressed!

I know we as bloggers have felt this so many times. Now I've talked about my depression before but not to great extent but try piling blogging on to depression on top of other things, not a good idea! No not just one time, multiple times.

" You have know idea how many times I just wanted to crawl under my blue comforter and just muster up in a little fetus ball and just stay there."

 What was that going to accomplish though? Was my blog traffic going to get better, was my audience going to come back even though I wasn't producing content, was companies going to come running up from left field to give me a hand out...NOPE NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST!

Although it would be nice to just stay under that comforter it was not going to get me to where I needed to get. I have mentioned to you before in How to Gain More Traffic To Your Blog about not looking at the numbers but at the same time, I WAS LOOKING AT THE NUMBERS, what a hypocrite right! I honestly got so consumed in the numbers  at that point that I forgot to have fun with my blog. Yes I produced great content, yes I LOVED posting articles, yes I tried to engage with other bloggers, but I got to the point where I was obsessed...obsessed with my own blog!

"My blog is my baby, I  just want to see it succeed"

The Sink Hole of Pinterest 

I got in this sink hole of pinterest articles on how to gain traffic, how to get 100,000 views in 3 months, how to keep your readers coming back for more and so on. I would get depressed because I would look at those same articles and say "I'm doing all of this why isn't it working?" Then I would shut my laptop down and go crawl back under my covers and cry...I felt like I wasn't good enough, that my voice wasn't loud enough. Being a shy girl trying to make it in the beauty and fashion profession as blogger can really take a toll on a girl and it did for me this week and I broke down.

Gaining a Tougher Skin and Getting Through tough times

I realized I needed to talk to someone, my brother was the one I went to and he helped bring me out of the slump I was in. The phone call began with me crying, feeling stupid for crying, and crying some more...I'm just being honest you guys. But at the end I was smiling, tears dried, laughing out loud, and feeling overall a lot better. He told me I needed to get back on that unicorn horse and keep paving the way to my own success! Yes I'll have tough days, yes I'll wonder why I'm getting only a few views, yes I'll want to get back under that blue comforter but after that moment I need to get back up. Get out my head, Get out the sink hole that is pinterest, start following the Lord on this crazy journey that is so different from people around me and keep learning but don't obsess over it!

 Tips for getting a Thicker Skin as a Blogger!
These are tips I'm working on right now and things that I hope will help you all as well.

Tip 1: Focus on the Positive Side of Blogging
You can get the most awesome comment that can really change your thinking all together. I got that comment this week that just solidified what my brother was telling me. "You are helping more people than you realize." This brought tears to my eyes and I'm telling you right now this was for you too!

Tip 2: Calm Your Mind
 If you are obsessing over your blog take a break, now that doesn't mean you have to take weeks off not unless you really need it. I love writing so that was out of the question, but I took a couple of hours to rejuvenate. Just yesterday I had to do this, I started obsessing thinking about all the negatives. I had to stop, pray and ask God to give me peace of mind, and then do something else whether that be reading a book or magazine or laughing with your family and friends.

Tip 3: Growth Comes by Learning
Now once you have focused on the positive and rejuvenated your brain now you can go in and start learning new things and finding out what works for you as a blogger. Maybe you need to set up an editorial calendar to get everything out of your mind and on to a calendar or notepad that can help keep your mind from running all over the place. Investigate new methods for your blog. We can't just leave things the way they are and expect change so find out what you think would be a great new addition for your blog and implement it.

 "There is a trial and error in any business or brand, keep throwing stuff out there, something will stick!"

Bloggers, A Word

I wanted to let you know my struggles and I know I'm not the only one that has gone through it. So if  you ever feel alone alone all you have to do is come back to this post and say "ooooh this girl knows me too well!"  One thing that we as bloggers must remember is to remind ourselves just how amazing we are. We need to gain confidence not from others, for validation, but from ourselves. If you keep looking outward for confidence you are not going to ever be happy. LOOK WITHIN! 

As any person striving to do something different and unique it is something that can be very frustrating but don't give up. I've dealt with wanting to give up but I felt ,no scratch that, I feel that this is what I'm suppose to be doing because this is something that I LOVE, something that if I don't do it I don't think  I would be as content without it...its that burning passion from within! God has given me a voice I never thought I could possibly have especially as  labeled "Shy Girl" for many years.  I want more people to hear my voice but I know its going to take time. Not every one can get a big break!  In the future when I look back at this post and see where I have come from I'll know that all those tears, all those calls to my brother, all those lonely days by myself on my laptop under those covers or designing the perfect flat lay...ITS GONNA BE WORTH IT and that's all that matters!

In the comments
Have you felt this way? Do you feel you need  thick skin for blogging?
Tell me how you have been feeling lately about your blog good or bad?

Sometimes you just gotta let off some steam as a blogger ;)

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  1. Stay positive. Don't worry about the numbers, if you love what you do the numbers will reflect :) BTW - Love your blog!

    Jessica xo
    the way to my Hart

    1. Thank youuu! I'm definitely working on it! I'm not even looking at my google analytics now yayyy :D

  2. Hi Jasmine! I just discovered your blog and started to read this article and you know what? You are not alone feeling like this. Many times, I have deleted my blog and started again because I was never satisfied with the photos because no professional photographer took them. There's just so much pressure because look at these amazing big bloggers making amazing content.. I think you just have to stay true to yourself and eventually everthing will come around! :) Have a nice day and you what? I want to support you so I am subscribing to YOU :)


    1. Awww thank you sooooo much!!! It really is alot of pressure but if we stay focused on knowing our talents and gifts it makes it a lot easier! When it comes to photography my mom takes them hehe and I have to tell her how to do lol but before then I used what I could to make it as creative as I can! Its what you can do with what you got that counts, you got this girl, keep up the great work on your blog too :)

  3. It's easy to get sidetracked when we don't see the numbers. We're fabulous! Can't everyone else see that? ;) But keep on moving forward and the readers will come.

  4. So true! You have to develop a thick skin with readers, other bloggers and even sponsors! Stay positive and know good things will come your way!


  5. Thank you so much for sharing! I go through many of the same emotions with my blog. I work so hard, and sometimes I go insane wishing for more views and interaction. I'm glad you learned how to get out of the slump.. hopefully your advice works for me too!

    Meet Me in Midtown

  6. After 4 years of blogging, I've mostly learned to let go of the numbers... *mostly*. Just the other day I have a conversation with a friend that HATES pinterest and the "perfection syndrome" that it creates for her.

  7. I needed to read this. It seems my numbers have plummeted and I'm struggling to get them up. I do have fun with my blog, and maybe I just need to take a break from the analytics for a while. I think you're doing a great job!

  8. Oh Girl I think everyone feels this way. My numbers are up and down and it is stressful worrying about it! These are great tips though and keep your chin up because your blog looks great!
    -Lee Anne

  9. I feel disappointed of my blog almost every day but I like to think that this is part of the journey and everyone has to start from the bottom, at the same time as you said our blogs are out babies and as a mother you want your kid to be the best!!. You have a beautiful blog jasmine, and I know a lot of people think the same, so don't feel bad!

    ps. I have a one entry only giveaway that ends soon:

    giveaway The Color Palette

  10. I learned that you have to have a thick skin not only with blogging but life in general. I have experienced some bumps in the road to success both in blogging and in my career life. I had very high hopes for both but they seem to keep falling short of my expectations! I had to learn that in life I was going to face disappointments but I should not let it stop me from doing my best and to going. So hang in there girl because we are rooting for you to succeed and we have all been there!

  11. Amazing and touching post just keep pushing and even if your not getting the view you really want know that your still helping a few people out there know that you have an impact on at least ten people and that should make you feel proud don't give up you will come through

  12. Great post & very encouraging (especially to a new blogger like myself). I'm not gonna lie, I was starting to become a bit obsessed with numbers myself & should just put that aside. Six posts into my blog & I still enjoy it - love that feeling when the ideas & words just flow. :)

    Again, thank you for sharing this & look forward to reading more. :)

    Lauren ❤︎

  13. You know what I reeeaaaallllly enjoyed reading this...just to encourage myself so first I want to say thank you for being brave and speaking on a topic that affects many new bloggers, a lot of us just pretend like these feelings don't exist and try to hide them, but some of our toughest times produce great content. I've gone through similar feelings of feeling like I'm doing everything, being consistent, and just feeling like giving up, or feeling like I'm shouting as loud as I can and no one is listening. Or being a reserved person feeling like maybe its because I don't know lots of people in the blogging or Youtube world so my audience grows a lot slower - and it was getting me down. But after deactivating my social media for a while, I re focused on the fact that I am a bad ass designer and blogger, and slow and steady wins the race, society tells us we need to rush, but good things with a good foundation take time to build, so I hope you find this encouraging. You CAN do it! :)

    Shara Designs

  14. Hey Pinks! Your one awesome blogger. I have been reading blogs for the past one year. But your blog was the one I felt close with. Your awesome than you think. Take care.

  15. lately I've been feeling great! but, throwback to some months back, i was so depressed, no comments, views were slow, etc. I talked to my husband and siter about it, of course, they were quite encouraging, but mostly, I spoke to God, and things have really turned around. I still want so much more, but I have peace of mind and there has been a new release of insight and inspiration...i can see it and feel it, and I know its only a matter of time, before things become more visibly on a greater level for me.