How to Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

The Comparison Game...yep we all been a part of it. We all have sat there looking through Instagram, Facebook, blogs, Tumblr looking at everything we are "supposedly" not. We've sat there and before we realize it we start to compare ourselves to girls that have it all "together" in terms of there career, the girl behind that fabulous fitness body, that high school couple that is still going strong, that old friend that  has the perfect family!  Then we start to realize all the things we are not, the fact that we are still not where we want to be. Then the comparison game begins. 

When we were younger we never had to worry about these type of things. As children we did anything we wanted, even had dreams of doing great things but along somewhere in our life we begin to be self-conscious. "Why don't you have a man yet?" "When you gonna start popping out babies?" "You are getting a little plump lay off the donuts?" or the worst "What are you doing with your life? " 

 We've had some form of question directed our way that left us having a  "What the heck" moment. Then we get into our feelings. Then we are sitting on the couch eating a tub of ice cream, laptop in hand, facebook opened up scrolling down the news feed fussing at ourselves...OK maybe that's just me hehe! But lets be real comparing ourselves to others suck! Its not good for us but yet we do it why...because we can't help but to play the game...the comparison game! The fact that we are up here scrolling trying to find a way to be insecure is a game and we are good at it! The only prize we reap is insecurity and self-doubt. So how can we overcome it...will we ever be able to just give it up. Probably not we will always have some form of jealousy here and there but there's a difference between sitting on that couch acting like the whole world is better and being able to realize that someone else is better at their accomplishments and not going completely berserk about it! 

1.Clear your thoughts and get real about you!
Don't get bitter get better! We need to realize our strengths. Write down a couple of things that you know you are good at...don't say that you have nothing...LIES! Sit down and figure it out we all have amazing things that we are good at that others are not...recognize that!

"Having a sense of self helps you see other peoples success without getting bitter."

2.Stop seeking recognition!
Why do you need someone to tell you how beautiful you are?! When you spend your life trying to seek recognition for your accomplishments, for your looks, for you work, how will  you ever be happy. As you seek this so-called recognition you begin to look at  other people who are getting that recognition and begin worrying about them getting ahead of you. 

"Focus on your dreams and ambitions and seek meaning more than approval."

3.Know your strength but understand that others have them too
Measuring your talent with  someone else gets you no where. There will always be someone that's doing it a better way but its THEIR WAY NOT YOUR WAY! We have unique gifts and talents focus on how you can make what you do a great thing for yourself!

"Your talent is God's Gift to you, what you do with it is your gift back to God."

4.Find inspiration from Others
Instead of comparing and getting jealous learn from them. If you see that you can incorporate something that they are doing that are giving them success then why not try it for yourself but add your style, your personality, and your talents into it.

"Any body can be a replica of someone else success but it takes guts to stand out and make your own path to success."

5.Filters Aren't just for Instagram
Yes even really life has a filter now it may not have a valencia filter like you see on your fave bloggers IG page but if you look closely its there. We don't want poeple to see what we are going through, although I'm an open book on my blog I keep somethings only for myself and God. 

"Just like others we need to accept that that perfect picture has some grains in it."

6.Let the Game trigger the Right emotions
If all else fails and the comparison game gets to you learn to embrace in a more positive way. As mentioned before learn from others, accept that there will be better people out there, and for goodness sake seek approval from your own self and realize that people's life is not perfect! Understand there strength, see what they are doing to get success and let it trigger you to make a move that is outside of your comfort zone. 

"If you do what you always did, you will always get what you always got!"

The Motivation-List
3 Things for Motivational Positive Vibes for when you need to stop comparing yourself! 

1.From the Archive
The Beauty Comparison Game 
This post talks about my struggles with feeling good about the way I looked.

2. From the Music
Love Myself by Hailee Steinfield 
This song has been on repeat for me its perfect for when you need to feel goo about yourself. 
3.Words to Live by
Each of you must examine your own actions. Then you can be proud of your own accomplishments without comparing yourself to others.  Assume your own responsibility.  
Galatians 6:4-5

In the comments
Have you found yourself comparing, how was you able to get over it? 

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  1. This is all so important to remember. I find myself struggling with this at times.

  2. This is all so important to remember. I find myself struggling with this at times.

  3. I agree, sometimes we just have to let go a bit and say I am me and that's OK!